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  1. slimmingbride2010

    slimmingbride2010 Full Member

    i have asda smart price eggs per 100g
    Fat 10.8g

    i can't have eggs
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  3. sarahG31

    sarahG31 New Mum :)

    yes you can, you just need to ensure the fat percentage of your meal is ideally below 5%. if you read your menu suggestions in your booklet then you'll see eggs are included. One, for example, is a poached or dry fried egg on a slice of bread with a grill tomato - the tomato brings the overall percentage below 5%.

    So just add very low fat foods to go with them.
  4. slimmingbride2010

    slimmingbride2010 Full Member

    thanks hun i thought OMG no eggs lol

    i love my eggs lol
  5. SarahSez

    SarahSez Silver Member

    SarahG31 always offers good advice Jackie and is very knowledgeable on the RC diet.

    egg yolk is more fat than the white so therefore more calories, so to bulk out an omelette use one complete egg and add the egg whites only of an additional egg to bulk it out.

    As Sarah said poached and boiled eggs are also fine as are DRY fried eggs (note dry fried not fried in oil)

  6. slimmingbride2010

    slimmingbride2010 Full Member


    i notice

    how do i dry fry when i don't have a non stick pan i do have a wok but the non stick has worn off
  7. SarahSez

    SarahSez Silver Member

    Best thing to do is buy a non-stick pan. until then, try one squirt of the fry light spray oil

  8. slimmingbride2010

    slimmingbride2010 Full Member

    thanks hun i will do that i have some of that
  9. bustybarmaid

    bustybarmaid Full Member

    was trying to work out if eggs where allowed on RC, used the 'search' option and now i know!
    I am a big fan of poached eggs on toast at weekends, hurray!
  10. charlottegrace1

    charlottegrace1 Gold Member

    Glad your in the know on eggs lol.
  11. metrognome

    metrognome is getting better at it

    this all sounds abit complicated
  12. charlottegrace1

    charlottegrace1 Gold Member

    No it isn't, this is how the 5% rule works.

    You can't control the amount of fat in meat fish eggs so, as long the meat is very lean you can ignore the 5% rule.

    All fresh produce eg fresh fruit and veg is fine as obviously they don't contain any fat.

    Now this is where you have to apply the 5% rule - on manufactured/processed foods. Basicaly if it comes in a packet/box etc it will have the fat content on the nutritional value panel. You need to look at the fat line and if it is 5% or more per 100 grams - not per serving, then trya and avoid it. Look for alternatives in the same line of food eg yogurts as they will all differ. It takes a bit of time doing the shopping to start with because you are reading the packets but once you know which ones to buy and like, its becomes second nature. Hope this helps a little, please don't start thinking its going to complicated, it isn't.:D
  13. *Shanny*

    *Shanny* Gold Member

    so where can i get these eggs from i have tesco eggs and they are 10.6 fat per 100g.!
    can't have them x
  14. charlottegrace1

    charlottegrace1 Gold Member

    You can honey, all eggs are the same when they are laid, there is no difference between tesco eggs, asda or sainsbury, an egg is an egg lol. Just have your egg and enjoy it.

    You could have egg on a slice of toast.
    Egg on wholemeal bread/roll
    Egg salad.
    Egg ommlette.
    Egg boiled.
    Egg dried fried.
    Egg scambled.

    All these are fine to eat, just put something like a salad with the ommlette or on the bread roll etc to make it more filling and healthier.:D

    Hope this helps to stop you fretting:D
  15. SarahSez

    SarahSez Silver Member

    You can eat eggs, lean meat and fish Shanny
  16. *Shanny*

    *Shanny* Gold Member

    Thank you guys will look forward to an eeg sandwich soon.
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