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Elbe thinner, I know it!

S: 19st4lb C: 18st2lb BMI: 39.8 Loss: 1st2lb(5.93%)
p { margin-bottom: 0.08in; } Today is the first day of my Diary, but the 12th day on Dukan. At this point, I have lost 13 pounds, I am kind of thinking it would be more if I could just get things moving (if you know what I mean). Dr. Dukan recommended for me to do 7 days of Attack, but I did ten instead. After reading all of the posts on this forum, I now know that was probably not the smartest idea. I did it for a couple of reasons. 1St, I was losing so well on the Attack phase that I was scared to switch and 2nd, it was the same day as my totm so I did not want the added weight gain of that to discourage me. Still waiting on that visit, think the diet shocked my system in more ways than one. So, lets get into the trials and tribulations of my week.
Last Thursday I had to do the Heimlich on my son. On Friday, my daughter broke her finger at school. The weekend was uneventful thankfully. Today my daughter had her arm casted up to the elbow, because of the type of break, she can have no movement or rotation in the fingers. What did all this add up to for me?!?!?! A very emotional weekend. Did I stray? NO!!! I was very good this weekend, actually I have to give myself a pat on the back for doing so well thus far.
DH tried to sabotage me tonight. I asked him to pick up some dressing he and the kids like for their chicken and he brought home cupcakes, CUPCAKES!!! Yes, I know he was not really trying to sabotage me, but I really wish he would also start looking after his health. I guess I have a lot more weight to lose before it is really noticeable. Maybe when he sees how much of an improvement I have made, he will join.

I would apologise for the long first post, but I know they are only going to get longer.
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S: 141kg C: 49.9kg G: 36.3kg BMI: 17.7 Loss: 91.1kg(64.62%)
Crikey Elbe - life really did throw you some awkward moments this week, and you did well to body swerve them!

Now that you're on Cruise, and not a moment too soon (but we won't dwell on that), I hope your "transit" issues will resolve themselves with the introduction of some much welcomed veg and salad.

Good luck!


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S: 10st0lb C: 8st12lb G: 9st0lb BMI: 21.3 Loss: 1st2lb(11.43%)
Welcome and well done for enduring what you did and still staying with the diet. That will hold you in good stead for some wavering moments that I am sure will come. Cupcakes, what was he thinking! Men eh, can't do right for doing wrong. This is me, 9 years of marriage today and still got hubby in training :)
S: 19st4lb C: 18st2lb BMI: 39.8 Loss: 1st2lb(5.93%)
Thank you Maintainer! Transit issues are normalizing. Before starting on this journey, the thought of having vegetables any way other than smothered and covered, did not occur to me (welcome to 19 stone, 4 lbs). I hope you all do not mind someone from across the pond using your measuring methods, I find that so much easier to stomach. I can say that I have lost 1 stone since starting Dukan and my next goal is another stone.
Poppy - Thank you! I know what you mean about training. My in October we will be celebrating 13 years, but it can be exhausting.

Today is Wednesday a PP day for me. I find these days so much easier than PV...yes I am still doing PV days correctly (I think), but PP days require less thinking and prep prior to work. Have I said how much I love Dukan?!?!?! Right now I am sitting in my auto while the kids are at swim practice and today, for the first time, I can fit the computer on my lap between my stomach and the steering wheel. Now I will admit that the seat is all the way back and the computer is a smaller net book, but still. I am excited! No more turning sideways and being uncomfortable trying to type. This and only down 1 stone 1 lbs. I will update my ticker when I get back to my home computer. OK, with that said, I have to admit that I am still stepping on the scale every day. I can not help it. I am one that needs constant reminder that I am losing or that I have gained. This gets me happy or it tells me to set myself straight.
On to DH - He told me today that he is almost down to 240, WHAT!?!?!?! How is that possible? He eats nothing but junk, and lots of it. I could not get a vegetable down his throat unless I hid it somewhere in the dish, even then he digs them out. I think I am going to sneak a peek while he is on the scale tomorrow because I think is vision is going.

Today for my family, I made my yummy chili. What I will not tell them is everything is with no salt added and meet is buffalo. I would like to see DH try and dig out all of those tomatoes. :)


** Chief WITCH **
S: 141kg C: 49.9kg G: 36.3kg BMI: 17.7 Loss: 91.1kg(64.62%)
I love your writing style ;) (and making me smile at this unearthly hour of the morning is a feat!!).

I used to weigh 310lbs myself so I can well remember moments such as you describe with the steering wheel. I still marvel that I can tie my shoe laces without contorting, and as for sitting on a seat on public transport, I love that there's space between me and the next person still... little things that motivate us. Trust me, your life will be so different... it's so exciting!

As for your DH, unfortunately men really do lose weight quickly with this diet - far quicker than us. A friend of mine was so disheartened by her DH's loss that he didn't tell her until she got to target that he'd also been having a Mars bar each day ;) GRRRR... (but you're right to check his weight out!).

As for daily weighing, Dukan advocates it (it helps us appreciate the ups and downs...) and you should be seeing some steady losses.

What are you eating? Are you finding it easy to find the fat free produce in the U.S. (whereabouts are you?).

Good luck
S: 19st4lb C: 18st2lb BMI: 39.8 Loss: 1st2lb(5.93%)
Maintainer - Thank you! I am eating chicken, bison, hamburger, and sometimes steak. I am also drinking fat free milk. Fat free items are not hard to find at all here. I just walk into my neighbourhood Publix and there they are. I live in the North part of Florida.

Ok, here it goes...

I found out yesterday that I am pregnant. This is something of a shock to me because I have had such a difficult time conceiving. I have an 11 yo dd and a 7 yo ds. My husband and I have wanted one more, but I had 1 miscarriage between dd and ds at 17 weeks. I had another miscarriage after ds at 12 weeks. My husband and I are the only ones who know about the pregnancy (minus the hundreds/thousands who read this forum). I am worried about having another miscarriage, but I am also resigned to the fact that it may happen. I am not at the weight I wanted to be, but that can not be helped now. Couple of things I have decided and I will probably be kicked out of here for saying it. I am going to increase the exercise and keep doing Dukan (maybe a little modified). Before anyone blasts me, let me explain a few things. I worked for my OB for two years. I often asked him about weight gain and weight loss during pregnancy as I was the one weighing all the patients. He told me that for patients that are well away from their ideal weight, weight loss is not a big deal as long as they are doing it through eating healthier and not through restricting calories. It is not at all unusual for obese patients to lose weight during pregnancy because they have cleaned up their eating habits. When pregnant, the baby takes what it needs first and all else remains for mom. So, I am eating healthier and I am not restricting my calories. I have increased the amount of milk I am drinking and I am also taking a multivitamin along with B12 and folic acid. I am eating healthier now then I ever did with my two other children. With them, if I craved it, I ate it. As for having PV day and PP day, not having veggies every other day is not the end of the world. I could pick out whole weeks were the only vegs I got were those on my cheese burger. Too many off balanced meals for me is another way I got to my weight. As I said before, I am eating a more balanced diet than I have in a very long time. ok, enough said about that.

Next subject. I got my hair cut yesterday. I wanted to donate it all to Locks of Love (donated hair is used to make wigs for those with cancer). I went from having hair almost to my backside to just below my ears. Oh how I am loving the freedom. Thought for sure that I would have lost at least 4 pounds with the loss of hair, but only .25 down.


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S: 10st0lb C: 8st12lb G: 9st0lb BMI: 21.3 Loss: 1st2lb(11.43%)
Congratulations on your pregnancy. I am crossing my fingers that you hold onto this little one as I too know the pain of miscarriage. I can give you no advice on the Dukan diet and pregnancy but I am a firm believer in eating healthy when pregnant and I think there is some advise somewhere about still doing Dukan whilst pregnant.

Update your stats lady, so we can see your full weight loss so far. Only shows 9lbs.


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Congrats on you fab news! Only you can decide what is a healthy way for you to eat and perhaps Dukan with a few tweaks is just what you need. Follow your heart. Best wishes :)Xx
S: 19st4lb C: 18st2lb BMI: 39.8 Loss: 1st2lb(5.93%)
Thank you Poppy and Lausanne.

Poppy, I updated my stats and have lost a total of 16 pounds. Now that I know I am pregnant and will be tweaking the diet a bit, i.e. more dairy, upping the ratio of veggies on PV days, moving to 3 tbsp of oat bran a day. The loss will be slowing down and maybe even stopping. My goal is to not gain excess weight.

I wanted to be smaller for my next attempt at pregnancy so I could actually shop at the maternity stores and buy something cute. Instead of wearing the clothes I fit into and hating them so much that I threw them in the fire after my last pregnancy.

This really should not be a shocker to me...yes, I do know how babies are made, but I did not get any of the signs. Having just started Dukan, I thought my monthly was off because of the radical change in my diet. I also thought my ladies were so sore because of the extended time before my monthly. What should have clued it in for me as the fact that I have lost 16 pounds, my cups still runith over. That is always the first place I lose my weight. Looking back at the signs now, I think, I am such and idiot.

Things I am promising myself now...if I miscarry, I will not turn to food to console me. I will walk every day. I will get in the water at least twice a week to swim. I will not let my witch of a mother-in-law's attitude have me running straight for the wrong kind of food.
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S: 16st0lb C: 12st13lb G: 10st3lb BMI: 30.1 Loss: 3st1lb(19.2%)
Ive been trying for anouther baby for years with no luck.... my other child is 18 now. Its painfull enough when that TOTM comes round but i cannot imagine the pain of losing a baby I wish you good luck as you seem to have determination to eat healthily during your pregnancy :)
S: 19st4lb C: 18st2lb BMI: 39.8 Loss: 1st2lb(5.93%)
So I was reading in the Dukan book and he wrote that women who are significantly over weight can do the cruise phase while pregnant, they can even do the attack phase, but need to talk it over with their M.D. first. That makes me happy.

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