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Electric Lilac's diary


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So, today is the first day of the rest of my life. I have turned 30 this year and have been putting on weight steadily since my teens. I am currently 18st 4lbs (to my horror) and have decided to stop hiding my head in the sand and take positive action. I started lipotrim this morning and am hoping that this diary will help to remind me of the reasons why i need to keep going even when it seems too hard.

Goals :

To get back into my uniform.
To wear a size 12.
To get my cheekbones back.
To be able to run up the stairs to my flat.
To not be embarrassed by myself in photos.
To get into and look great in THAT wiggle dress.
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Day 3

Well, i can confirm for anyone who was wondering that working on a t.v food show where you can smell cooking all day and then are continually offered surplus tarts, cakes and bread rolls is absolute torture when trying desperately to be 100%.

I have however survived three days and i am proud although absolutely shattered.
Wow that must be so tough!! It will become easier when you're fully in ketosis. So keep at it, you're doing great :D


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Week 1 WI

wooooo hoooo ! 13lbs gone ! don't get me wrong day 3 and day 6 have been very hard this week for me, but wow so glad i have stuck it out so far, roll on week 2.:bliss:
Congratulations that's a great loss :D


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Thank you very much kind sir, i am chuffed to bits !


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bet your chuffed!!!! 13lbs is fantastic! well done and gl for wk 2 x
13 pounds in one week is impressive, 13 pounds in one week while working on a food show is unbelievable, take a bow!

My wife told me about smokers and the “3-days, 3-weeks, 3-months” rule, which to be honest I poo-poo a little, thinking I’m different I’m dieting. But I have to admit I did find the third week really hard, everything just seamed a little harder. At the moment I'm really feeling the cold and having cravings.

So be prepared, the thing that kept me going and keeps me going now is how much I changed. I try to take the same picture of myself every week, when you compare them the difference is amazing. If things get tough the pictures remind my why I’m doing it. The best place to keep them is on the fridge! LOL


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Thank you all your kind words and tips they have really helped to spur me on... today is day 11 of 100% and i have just been for my 2nd weigh in ( my weigh in days are a little random due to work commitments) and i have lost another 3 lbs, Good times !

As a treat i have bought myself a dress that i have been coveting for some time now but that is only made to a size 16 at its biggest (4 sizes too small at the moment) i am going to hang it up in my bedroom as inspiration . This is mostly how i spend my time now, looking at dresses i will look brilliant in when i have reached my goal, writing lists of the many reasons why i want to loose this weight, cutting out inspirational pictures to keep me on the straight and narrow, i fear i am becoming a diet bore lol but its working at the moment, have just got through biscuit week at work, this week however is going to be my toughest challenge so far PIES ! I blooming love pies must remember that i love my new dress more ......


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So, i survived the pies, pastries, cakes and bread and have got to the end of filming without trying a single morsel... Day 30 today and have been weighed in and lost 29 lbs Hurrah ! My long lost cheek bones and collar bone are starting to make a long awaited return. Went into the office today for the first time in three weeks and my colleagues are all amazed and very complementary, chuffed to bits i tell you!

Anyway, next week i am working at Glastonbury festival. After much ummming and ahhhhing i have decided that i probably won't be able to do twelve days at glasto without having a drink. This week therefore, despite the fact that i feel terribly guilty like i am cheating, i am doing a stint at re-feed so i don't kill my self if i succumb to a bottle of brothers cider... this is not the way i plan to leave this earth! At glastonbury its self i am going to take my maintenance bars and be as good as i can be, then straight back on when i get back.... I am scared to death that i am going to put on weight and undo all this good work, me thinks i am going to be hitting the gym/pool hard this week! Fingers crossed this isn't a really stupid mistake...


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So, re feed week done and 2lbs lost ! Eating again has been very strange, felt bloated and guilty for the first half of the week, been to the gym 5 times just so the guilty feelings become a little less. Tuna has never tasted so good but weirdly i can not wait to get back from glasto and go back onto TFR.

On a very pleasing note i went shopping today (as my size 24 trousers, which i used to squeeze myself into no longer stay up) and i can comfortably get into a size 18 ! A size 18 i tell you ! blooming brilliant ! With this success fresh in my mind i thought i would try and buy new waterproof trousers (it is looking a bit like its going to be a very muddy festival season) and jacket. Previously i have always had to shop in the men's section for a jacket big enough and in years of trying have never been able to find a pair of waterproof trousers big enough in the ladies or mens (why do these people think that people over a size 16/18 don't go outside?) Anyway, i am now the proud owner of a very flattering fitted ladies jacket and a pair of ladies waterproof trousers, granted the trousers are a bit tight but fingers crossed it won't be too long before they are a better fit and hopefully by winter i will be able to get hundreds of layers on under them, perfect !
wow lilac, you must be feeling so proud of yourself, its a fantastic feeling when you drop dress sizes, i was a 22 now 18, cant wait to get into a size 16 .... bring it on lol, i feel a little deflated tht no one has notice :-( though few people said i look really well, Its still early days for me maybe in a couple of weeks people will notice...
Do you feel the weeks go quick, I get weighed tuesday's I'm nearly there for my 2nd week ... i will be happy for a 3lb loss as i had such a big one on my first so i dont expect too much this time ...
Good luck and keep up the good effort, love reading your diary xx


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Burlesque ....I have found that people i see on a daily bases only started to notice when they could see that my clothes where nearly falling off and that people i haven't seen for months haven't notice at all (yet), the people that have noticed are the ones i haven't seen for a couple of weeks at a time. You must remember some people don't like to ask if you have lost weight incase you perceive that as being some kind of slight like they are saying that you needed to Lol, i bet when people have said you look really well, they really mean bloom'in hell she has lost weight but are too polite to say that in case you take it the wrong way! Give it time and the complements will come flooding in i am sure....x


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So i have started to pack for my trip to a field in Somerset I have packed my maintenance bars and shakes but having all sorts of worries about being away from this forum for 12 days and indeed being away from my scales... it is at this point that i must confess, for I am one of those naughty types that weigh themselves every morning. I know i shouldn't but i just can't help myself, i find it encouraging to see the numbers staying the same or better still going down and feel that if they were to start going up again at least i would catch it early. I can't get the scales in my rucksack, i have tried, so it looks like i am going to have to wait until i get back ummmmm bad times, but hey maybe it will good for me.


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So, I am back from Glastonbury and had prepared myself for the weight gain due to festival food and vast quantities of alcohol consumed and to my delight thanks to all the walking in wellie high mud ( it was like constant resistance training) I have lost another 2lbs !! I could not be happier! Getting back on the TFR wagon however, wow thats been hard, so easy to just say "well I'll start again properly tomorrow". To help, last night i printed a4 pictures of me 'before' and have stuck them all over the kitchen... a bit extreme granted and hopefully i won't have any unexpected visitors lol, but it has worked and today I am back (only three days later than planned :ashamed0005:) and will be proud to be joining the "Honking" a bit later.


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Note to self, must stop starting posts with So...


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BOOM! 3 stone gone .... could not be happier


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FYI...Went to give blood today, and was a bit worried that a) i wouldn't be able to because my blood sugar levels would be two low, b) that they would make me eat biscuits and drink squash before they let me leave and that c) i would faint... it turns out i was worried about nothing, and everything was fine apart from a little light headedness which i have never had before when giving blood but soon subsided. Happy days indeed!


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It was my better halves 30th birthday this weekend and i took him away as a surprise for a touch of glamping in the Brecon beacons and a Slap up dinner at an award winning restaurant on saturday night. Now I knew i was going to eat, as i couldn't let him sit on his own while i had a shake and i rightly or wrongly decided that i wouldn't do the re-feed this time and just face whatever consequences came my way on my return. My theory was that any weight that i put on would be relatively easy to get off again as it would mostly be water weight. Well after three days I'm back on TFR i weighed myself as soon as i got back and despite hiking up and down mountains, through waterfalls and streams etc for a total of 15 hrs in two days i and have put on the 3 pounds i lost the week before. I am not surprised or sad actually as i had the most wonderful weekend but i am back on TFR and have no plans to come off it again until October when i go on my hols. Fingers crossed it doesn't take too long to loose what i have put on, i will keep you updated as i know many people on this forum have events and situations where they feel that they want to / have to eat like a normal person.


Determined to succeed ...
Just wanted to say how inspiration I've found your weight loss diary. Not sure how many of us get to say Thank-You and if this helps you in any way.

I seem to have the ability to loose weight [50 - 60 lbs twice with WW] but have never been able to maintain the weight.

First time with Lipotrim and 1st weigh in tomorrow. I'm hopeful that if I get to a healthy weight quickly enough I'll still have the energy to work sucessfully through a maintenance / relearning process [which I never have before - I think I've just got bored and wanted to eat tasty food again - I just never stopped!]

Hope you get into that dress soon - I did the same last WW journey and it felt SO GOOD when I got into it for Chelsea last year! I hope you have somplace special to go to celebrate your success.

Good luck and thank you again....


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