Elemis Detox Capsules - anyone tried them?

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Hey everyone,

We were on a cruise last year and these capsules were really pushed/sold hard to everyone. The claims sounded great but we couldn't justify the expense considering we had just paid off the cruise! However, I have found them cheaper on ebay and I am wondering what other people think.

I know they will not allow me to eat anything I want and do no exercise - I will be healthy eating and exercising, but figure they might be the thing that gives me that extra edge. I don't have loads to lose, and they often say that the last stone or so often the hardest so I am looking for something to help me with this! Any thoughts? A google search will tell you all you want to now about them - I haven't quite figured how to post a link on here and don't want to break the minimins rules on adevertising by accident!

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I don't know anything about this particular product but I imagine they would have been giving you the hard sell because the staff are on commission. Really a healthy eating plan with an exercise programme is the only way to go. And I would advise to save your money and use it to get rewards for yourself as the weight comes off. Good luck xx