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Ellem's eat less and move around more diary


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Hey everyone, I'm Ellem and I decided to start my diary today as I finally have something to post! I lost 5lbs in my first week of calorie counting :) I want to lose 93lbs in total so only another 88 to go :eek:

Basically I'm trying to stick to a 1500 calorie diet, do a workout at least 3 times per week, go swimming once or twice a week and to just walk around more in general. I'm going to use the diary to post food logs and any exercise I do too.

Wish me luck!
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Good luck! Congratulations on your weight loss that's great! :D I don't have a diary (not dedicated enough:eek:) but I find the others on the forum useful so I also pop in to have a nose at what everyone else is eating...very inspirational and I've found some really good meal ideas too. Calorie counting is the best way to lose weight...and good luck again! ;)


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Congratulations on that first week's weight loss, looking forward to reading your diary on here :)


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Hi good luck and well done on your weight loss, I have been calorie counting since Jan and really enjoying it x


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thanks for the welcome and luck folks :)

So this is what I ate today:

B: toasted morning roll, thin flora buttery and banana sliced on top - 323 cals

L: morrisons eat smart chicken and broccoli pie - 325 cals

S: royal gala apple - 70 cals

D: salad with a spot of balsamic vinegar on top and then a baked potato with a small can of heinz beans on top - 419 cals

S: white magnum - 260 cals

Total cals: 1401

Exercise: 20 mins on exercise bike, hand weight routine, push ups, stretches


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Well I didn't post yesterday as I spent the day writing my last piece of uni work ever! (well, probably not ever but for the time being :) )

Had a bit of a weird food day yesterday as a result.

B: Del monte smoothie ice lolly - 97 cals (not my normal breakfast but I woke up craving it after seeing them in the freezer the night before)
L: 1 slice toast, thin flora, 2 slices quorn turkey - 187 cals
D: wholewheat pasta, red pesto, quorn chicken fillet, mixed salad - 471 cals
S: Fat free strawberry yoghurt - 100 cals
S: Maltesters ice lolly - 221 cals (celebrating last bit of uni work being handed in!)
S: 1 walnut - 7 cals

Total cals: 987cals - not enough but I was busy!


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I had initially made Monday my weigh day but I'm not always home on a Monday morning so changed it to Wednesday as I'm always home then.

So weighed in today and another pound off Mondays result which is good :) 6lbs lost in total


size 14 here I come
well done, sounds like your doing great keep up the good work :)
Good for you. :) I too would love to go swimming someday. I'm too nervous about being seen in just a swimming cosy, or bumping into someone I know there.


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just wanted to say to everyone that is too self conscious to go swimming, try to just go for it! I'd been putting it off for years because I was worried about being seen in my costume but no one batted an eye at me. The worst of it is a short walk to and from the changing room, once you're in the water you're just a head sticking out of the water.

I could see into the gym from the swimming pool and it felt so much nicer swimming in the pool than being all sweaty on the exercise machines :) I'm so glad I went. Going again on Monday or Tuesday next week.

Todays food diary:

B: 2 weetabix with semi skimmed milk and a sliced banana
L: vegetable and lentil soup, 2 slices white bread, 1 golden delicious apple
D: five bean chilli with rice and tortilla chips from Wetherspoons, 1 small glass of white wine
around 1330 calories in total


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I've been toying with the idea of going swimming, I really am going to have to get round to it one of these days :)


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I love swimming & go twice a week when my littlest is at preschool.. I couldn't give a toss what people think as I walk in, as I feel I'm doing something about it & I don't really notice what anyone else looks like so why would they look at me. And it is SO lush once yr in there weightless!! :D
This is exactly how I feel, I used to go swimming four days a week when I was young...now I go once a week. I love the water way to much to care what anyone is thinking about my body...I don't even think anyone is even looking to be honest and where I go to swim is always busy in the day and evening. Perhaps if you feel really nervous about it go with someone else the first few times...

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