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G'gay Ladies and Gents, I hope you are all well. Today I start my refeed so as instructed im going to do a refeed diary.

I went to the chemist and went for my final wiegh in and lost 4 lbs so that takes me 1lb less than my target. so im pleased with that!

Not much to say yet on the refeed front so far, except ive had my 2 shakes and looking forward to some chickin later!!!!

Went out on Friday and bought everything i will need for the week so im ready to go. I should stick to it this way as i have with the shakes, because i cant spend money and waste it.

so thats the plan...... ill report back later wen ive eaten. im going swimming too so fun fun

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Well done on your loss this week and good luck for re-feed Rodders. I will be watching your thread as I will be joining you next week or the week after. Really looking forward to it now.


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Go the maccies on ur way home... long as u have a chicken burger ur ok... hahaha

sparkle 63

sparkling:)and hopeful :)
good luck roddy and congrats on all your hard work u must be delighted to have reached your goal... keep us posted on refeed x x


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good luck you have done so well i cant wait to eat lol x
Hey Roddy me and Chelly are refeed this week too :D -its nice to see others on refeed.

good luck with it - its well weird!
good luck mate just stick with it as it can be quite tough with all the temptation

am sure you will be fine
good luck mate just stick with it as it can be quite tough with all the temptation

am sure you will be fine
LOL - i am too scared to gain weight - no such thing as temptation! But then again i still need to lose 6.9kg.


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Good luck with your refeed, I drool just at the word chicken lol


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hey honey!
Well done on your loss this week - bet you feel great!!

Good luck for your refeed - keep us all posted wont ya and dont desert this forum bud! ;)


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Good luck with the refeed x


Here we go again!
Let us know how the chicken was! Well done on your weight loss this week, another amazing loss! You have done really well on this and the refeed should be easy for you. Keep logging on and let us know how you're doing.


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ok i ate....

wat an odd experiance....

i over chewed everything like a squirrel lol took ages to eat and ma house mate was starring at me lol, nice tho ;)

was so full.

then went swimming, dead now.....

erm yeh

thanks for the support everyone :D :D :D :D :D :D


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I bet its well strange eating again!

Im not looking forward to it one bit!!
Congratulations on your whole journey with LT. I kinda think it must be harder for men, you know, being poked fun at by your mates, but the losses are fantastic! I will be looking forward to seeing your diary and the foods you begin to introduce....I'm a bit of a masochist at heart!!!!


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Ok guys all is going well, being doing lots of excersise and sticking to the strict refeed menu lol

its all good


I will be skinny again!!!
Did you have a potato?

Could you do me a favour? Take a picture of your next meal so i can see the portion size?

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