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Emergency chicken was horrid!


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Hi all-
Stupidly, I managed to leave myself with only soups on my last day before WI and restock, and this caused a problem today: I have been out all day long, which is tricky when you only have soups.
Also stupidly, I only realised this as I was leaving, late, this morning and had no time to put some sort of strategy together.

As an emergency measure, I bought some cold, plain chicken from sainsbury's to see me through the day. I didn't want to, as I have been 100% for two weeks, and I was actually really nervous about putting food in my mouth and stomach, but I knew I had a really busy day, on my feet a lot, and would struggle without anything.

I could only manage a few bits of the chicken, and it was ok, but now I feel rather icky- obviously my tummy wasn't ready. :(

I find myself looking forward to a shake later (bizarre!) and have learned some valuable lessons about being prepared! I really, really hope that bit of chicken hasn't knocked me out of ketosis/slowed down my weight loss- but even if not, i won't be having any more in a hurry!
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Hi! ok first of all relax!:D the chicken will not have knocked you out of ketosis, it has minimal calories.....and you have learnt a valuable lesson...as you won't do that again:rolleyes: Your body probably feels a bit icky as it is not used to 'food' as such.

Well done for choosing the best option in have protein, but some more advanced planning is in order! I have a stock of 2 weeks at least as just in case I can't see my CDC one week (I work away from home quite a bit) and I always keep a extra bar in my car, and in my handbag for those unexpected emergencies!

Good luck with your weighin.


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Thanks, that's a good tip, and thanks for the reassurance! I am seeing my CDC about it today, so will tell her about it and see if I can stock a bit extra.
Glad I managed to avoid disaster!

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