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Emigrating to Australia.


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I just wondered if anyone out there has done this or has ever thought about doing it and wanted to know what peoples thoughts were.

Anyway I'm 26 and got married a couple of months ago to my boyfriend of 11 years and were looking to start a family in the next few years. The problem is is that we don't want to bring our children up in England. We are seriously thinking of moving to Australia to start a new life but it is so daunting leaving everything here.

I have no doubts that we would make it work but I wouldn't even know where to start with it all. Any tips.

Hubby works in computing and I am training in law so I'm pretty sure on his job we could get a working visa and once I have children I would be looking to work less to spend time with them so I'm not too fussed what I work as.

The other problem is that we have a mortgage on our house here and hubby was saying we could rent it out and keep it, but I'm not sure it's the best idea cause we would be worrying about renting it out and we would have to pay 2 mortgages/rent. Does anyone let their property? Is the buy to let a better rate ?

Lots to think about but I'm excited too. We have always said we want to
Live in different places just wondered if anyone else has been through it, thought about it or had any tips/opinions x
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not much help at all but didnt want to read and run, a friend of ours moved with work to sydney about 5 years ago. They had a four year old and went on to have twins. They believe that its the best decision they have ever made especially for the kids there is so much to do and they dont regret it one bit. My sons best friend at school have just had their medical and have to acivate their visa before next june. Again they have children and are doing it as they believe there are ore opportunities for them there. They have lived there themselves for many years previously and regret moving back to the uk


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You should have a chat to aus-bound - this is a link to her food diary http://www.minimins.com/slimming-world-weight-loss-diary/214005-first-day-slimming-world.html

I haven't emigrated (at least... I didn't think I have?!), but I've lived in Japan for the past 6 years and don't want to leave for some time yet. I let my flat out, and rent here. Over the years, with maintenance, mortagage and rent etc the UK flat has broken even. No profit, but only another 10 years left on the mortgage now. You say you want to live in different places so maybe don't think of it as emigrating then it won't be so daunting! When I came here, I said it was for one or two years...:D


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Thanks guys for your comments. If it was just the 2 of u's I would have no problems just doing it and making it work. The only thing I worry about is that my children wont have any family. My dad won't travel . But I still think it would be better for them growing up over there.

As we don't speak any languages it would be difficult to live anywhere else but when we retire we would Want to live in Cyprus/France/Italy or Spain. I think lifes too short and the worlds too big not to travel around.

So much to think about :) xxx


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It is a big decision. But one that only you can make, that is you in conjunction with your OH.

Australia IS a long way but today's' air travel and reasonable prices makes keeping in touch with is its so much more achievable.

I came to Spain 31 years ago and do not regret it. I did not have the language but am now quite fluent, in fact I dream in Spanish, weird !!

Having said that I would not recommend any one tries to start a new life here or in any other European country unless your opportunities are rock solid. The financial and political situation here is no different than in the UK. in fact life here is more expensive with less possibilities of advancement There is little or no state help here. We see so may people going back to the U.K. broke and disillusioned.

Australia, New Zealand etc would be my choice right now and if I was starting out like I did all those years ago.

Also, for what it is worth, if you do not need the money from the sale of your house to start up anew in another country, I would say, put you house with a reputable agency and prepare for your later life.

Good luck in whatever you do.
Please let us know.
hugs xxx


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That makes so much sense and I totally agree. We would look for jobs before we went although don't know how that would work. I'm not a very homely girl so it sounds cold hearted but I wouldn't miss my family much and therefore unless we really had no money or jobs would be the only reason to return.

Thanks for all your advice I really appreciate it x
Me & hubby have talked about moving to
Oz, the only thing that has put us off us the distance. Frankly i would see it as a bonus that my mum was a 24 hour flight away, but hubby likes his parents :)

We have just had a guy move from Sydney to work for us & he says that the cost of living there is extremely high compared to London ( he thinks that £2500 a month in rent is not that high!). Though i have no idea what salaries are like there.

We have also considered Canada, a little bit nearer, still english speaking, and not america!
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I would say if you are going to move doing so before you have the commitment of kids is a good idea. I believe some companies will help sponsor people the emigrate if they are a needed profession (no idea about computing).
I would also go for keeping your house and renting. If you ever need to come back at least you'll have somewhere to live! Plus there are now so many agencies that will do everything for you so no need to worry about renting.

I'd love to move to Canada later in life (Oz has too many poisonous things for me) but sadly don't think I'll ever have the chance.

Good luck with your decision whatever it is.
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I would love to go to New Zealand - my children are now late teens and off to Uni so they won't be home to live much more but my mother is in her late 70s and my OH is an insulin dependant diabetic so New Zealand won't let him :( I'll have to keep him, he's been around for over 20 years now so I'll just have to settle for a visit to NZ ;)

Seriously, if you have no ties - go for it. Keep the property here and you'll have something to fall back on. You are bound to get enough rent to cover the mortgage, but you could always factor that into your budget. Lots of luck to you :D
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I've recently looked into moving to Oz however it is now incredibly expensive compared to a few years ago, particularly housing costs both renting and buying
Unless the Pound gains in value and the Oz Dollar weakens significantly then we really can't afford it :-(


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Best of Luck!


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Thanks guys all comments are really positive. We have decided to take the plunge but going to start seriously in the next couple of years. Were both cramming training and exams in that our works are paying for so we have all the qualifications under our belt. I have looked into property prices and although they are more expensive the wages that hubby would be looking at are far more then here. A friend of his doing the same moved out and got a job within weeks and earns loads more then here doing the same job.

I just know if I dong do it I will always be thinking what if. And we have thought about the worse case. We have no money no jobs and come home, at least we have tried it and it will be another experience.

Like I said not for a few years but I will keep you posted x

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