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Emilie's Diary

Hi, guys. Well i started yesterday and did really well, distracting myself last night so i wouldnt eat but i got up this morning and i hadnt lost anything! That upset me, as well as my baby wouldnt go back to sleep even though he was tired, i have been ill all this week so i feel like crap and my partner had gone back to bed so wasnt here to support me, I caved. I had breakfast - marmite on toast with a cup of tea and the rest of the packet of cheddar biscuits :sigh:. I thought about it for ages but i feel so crap being ill at the same time so i figured i would leave it a couple days and start again when i am feeling a bit better. Obviously i feel really bad about it, im not looking forward to telling the pharmacy.

Any thoughts guys, i struggled so badly yesterday but got through it but i just couldnt face it this morning. Any encouragement or thoughts guys? what helped you get throught it?
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Hi Emilie,

Try not to beat yourself up about it, it's done now so move on and forget it. I can't really offer any advice as I'm in a totally different situation, I live on my own so there's no temptation and I've gotten rid of all the food in the house so unless I squeeze ketchup and mustard down my throat there's really nothing to eat. It must be horrible to start when you're not feeling well but the only thing I would say is that there is always something that can stop you from having a successful start, you have to push past all those excuses and just go for it. The first few days might be really really hard but then it'll get so much easier and you'll start to feel so much better. I have been very hungry first thing in the morning too but after the shake the hunger goes and so does all thoughts of food. Try again Emilie, maybe try tomorrow, just decide that you are going to be successful and nothing will stand in your way. You are strong enough to do it, you just need to believe it and not give in to that voice in your head that whispers devilish thoughts.

Good luck with it, there are people logge don here at all times of the day so at any point when you feel low just log on for support, xxx
I'd say Emilie, that everybody here has had false starts on many, many occasions. I know I certainly have. I have often wondered what makes some efforts fruitful and at other times I fail miserably? I'm just hoping that this time is one of my successful times. My wish for you is that next time you try, you'll hit the jackpot! One thing . . . often when I fail I say to myself: Might as well be hung for a sheep as a lamb and go all out and stuff myself. Why not decide that this morning was a blip and you are not going to waste the rest of the day by eating more? Maybe start today. What you ate is nothing really. Start right now. You'll feel a lot better. If not, you're going to beat yourself up for the rest of the day. It's lunch time now. Prepare that shake. The pharmacy need never know as by the time you go for first weigh-in you'll still have lost plenty. Yes, I know, you're feeling crap . . . but did eating make you feel any better? On LT you'll be getting all the nutrients your body needs. Try it. Go for it. And every good wish in your efforts. x.
Emilie, I'm with Slaney on this one as her post makes perfect sense. TBH I had two failed attempts before I stuck with it, on both days I had shakes for breakfast and lunch and then caved in and ate dinner. I still lost 8lbs that first week though so all was not lost.....
If you're going to carry on eating today or for a couple more days before starting again why not switch to protein and cut out the carbs? you'll find it much easier to cope when you do start properly .....
You can do it hun - try mixing the chocolate shake with peppermint tea and a sweetener - it really isnt that bad!! im only on day 2 but gagged all the way through yesterday though im fine today - PUSH IT
How's it going Emilie? have you stuck with it? x
I havnt re-started yet as last week was hard enough with being ill and having a baby to look after who wa also ill, and carry on with my degree but i am definatley going to start again. Would like to start again tomorrow really. Will let you know how it is going. Thanks for all the advice guys.
Day 1 starts today!!! So far i have had breakfast of chocolate shake with coffee so it is a mocha. Much encouragement needed for tonight guys! Any more tips guys?
Water, water and more water!! lol

Good luck with it hun and log on here when it gets tough. x x x
Good luck Emilie, we're here if and when you need us x
Well day one has gone really well, much better than last time. I am so much more determined and in the right mindset, not struggled as much. Had three shakes and nearly finished my 4th pint of water. I found it was a lot easier adding coffee to my shakes so i wasnt trying to cut caffeine out at the same time. I am so proud of myself to have gotten through day one, bring on day two!
well day 2 is going well but i am feeling sickly and weak, struggling but am determined to stay on track. i hope i dont feel like this the whole time. need to distract myself somehow...
well i just spilt the second meal today, all over the kitchen floor. this morning i spilt it all over my work. arrghhh i feel like quitting right now. the chicken soup was disgusting, gagged with every mouthful and threw a bit away. the pharmacy wouldnt swap the soup for shakes so im stuck with them. i want to eat sooo bad!
Come on Emilie.. You can do this!!!

Go for a walk, run yourself a nice bath, read a book.. do anything hun to distract you.. Try and bear with it, this feeling will pass....

I know LT don't agree, but have you tried putting pepper or curry powder in your soup?.. I know others have tried and some people like it... Have you got many soups left? If your pharmacy won't swap them could you not ring Lipotrim and see if they can suggest anything? (I think it's a bit mean of your chemist though!)

You will not feel better if you eat, even if you think you will.... POSITIVE THINKING hun!!

Good luck x x x
Well done on sticking with it. .. hopefully it'll all be downhill from here for you x
Hey Emilie,

Dont beat yourself up about it. I went through 2 attempts, The first attempt I got weighed in lost 7lb and went to the shop and bought and ice cream bounty..gave in. I started the next day and well that didnt last long I gave in and well couldnt get enough in to my mouth.
I left it for a few months and well went bk to the chemist again for them to see my face, not only did i fail the first time I had out on and extra 13 pounds. :( The mindset I was in was im a failture im always going to be like this I cant even do this myself. The second time i failed once again and didnt get past day 5!!. :(
As I had a surplus of shakes left over I decided to try it a few times at home again I failed. Why? because I wasnt in the right mindset. Like you I kept beating myself up and felt worse off.
So this time I went onto this forum and read the diaries. Emma diary really stood out amongst others and well I read it from start to finish and though if she can do it then so can I.
I have promised that I wont look ahead weeks or months because its too far ahead for me and I will take one day at a time, maybe hour by hour which I have.
This seems to be working for me and I no you can do it too.
Good luck on your first week you can do it. :)


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