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Emma's Diary - Finally.


Do a little dance!
Hello everyone!

I joined here a few weeks ago when I decided to focus on losing this weight that has made me so unhappy since I can remember.

I am now 3 weeks in, although I was pretty ill the second week go ate crap and no excercise (hhmmmm excuse).

However, the 2 weeks that I have not been ill I have been to the gym all but 2 days, and am eating "healthier." No fish and Chips, no takeaways, ready meal ect. I'm not eating mass amounts of sweets, or chocolate, or fizzy pop like I used to.


Before Work: Swim 30 lengths at the gym 2 times a working week or 1 Body Pump Class early morning.

Breakfast: If been to Gym then 1 slice of toast from work canteen. If not a bowl of Special K/Cheerios with skimmed milk

Lunch: Jacket Potato with tuna and salad.

After Work: 2 hours in Gym, 60-80 mins cardio and then strength/weight.

Dinner: Soup and a large salad. One glass of coke with dinner.

Snack: Bananas, kiwi fruits, apples ect.

Drink: Apple juice, water, coke.

Now, I know coke is still my downfall, as I'm still sometimes having 2 glasses a day - and that's cutting down!!

From now on you I will come on here daily if possible and right down what I'm doing, and how I'm feeling...but for now my progress.

Start - 13stone 8lb
Now - 12st 10lb

And I have just been able to get on a pair of 16 trousers today for work...so maybe I am getting there to go down a size??

I am trying really hard at the moment...but I can't see or feel any difference yet. I'm really trying to keep my motivation but I do need some help, which is where I hope someone on here could fit in.

I want to lose this weight, hell, I deserve to lose this weight .. but I do need help!!
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Slowly Shrinking. Yay!!
Wow!! You Seem like Your Doing Sooo Goood :D
When You Finally Cut Coke out you will be able to lose more weight :D:D
My Main problem was cutting out coke :D
And now i drink water and my skin is so clear and i feel alot better.


Do a little dance!

I had my first set back last night.

They replaced the scales in the Gym - the ones I happened to be using - because they were
Broken and giving completely wrong readings.

So, last night I weighed myself on 4 different sets of scales and tadaaa, I have actually lost no weight as all.

I felt completely and utterly crap last night. I though I have been doing so well. I’ve been working so hard recently – going to the gym at least once a day for the past two weeks – not eating too strictly, but not eating pants either.

I didn’t want to gym it last night – and I tell you it took a lot for me to carry on many times, but I did. I managed to cycle 10km in 21mins on level 6 – which beats my previous time by 4 minutes. I was giving it my all, trying to get my disappointment out in ways that would be constructive with my exercise/healthy eating.

When I got out of the gym, I sat in my car and cried. I could just feel motivation going. I really thought I was doing well, but it all just seems undermined now.

I’ve worked so hard, it’s so easy to go back to my old mentality of not feeling like I deserve to loose weight, that it’s impossible for me. I’m fat and I always will be huh?

Well no, this morning I still got up bright and early and got in a Body Pump class before work – and I am still going to work hard.

I feel like pants at the moment, and part of me really just wants to give right up, but the other part is determined not to be “the fat one” anymore. I have felt better about myself these past two weeks – and I deserve to feel that still.

Oh – and my new rule. No more weighing weekly or daily. I will do it occasionally when I feel there is a difference to it. I will use my jeans and work trousers to gauge if my SHAPE or SIZE is changing. I am not going to be a scales slave!!

I bet your measurements have changed!! If you are doing that much exercise, you are probably gaining muscle, but take your waist, hips and chest measurements so you can guage that when the scales dont show a result.
Best of luck on your journey,
Your food looks really good, keep up the good work.


Do a little dance!
Hi there, thanks for the encouraging words :)

I've had a naughty bank holiday weekend - had a pub lunch yesterday and completely ignored any healthy eating guidlines. But what the hey - I was with a mate I hadn't seen in a while and I'm not going to stop myself enjoying these things I enjoyed - its all about moderation right?

I have got over my disappointment with the scales incident. I went shopping yesterday and managed to get in a Medium t shirt of a brad tshirt which I am usually going for XL for - it seems my waist has shrunk a lot! :)

As for execirse this weekend, I guess I haven't been that bad - I done a "high intensity" session at the gym on saturday morning and have taken my parents dog for two long brisk walks today (about an hour each). I even managed a bit of circuit training at the cricket pitch, using each bench to do tricep dips, squats, lunges, sit ups and press ups. It's actually quite a good way to do some kind of work-out. I may take him for another one after dinner :)

I'm still feeling positive still, so hopefully we can carry this on :)

Thanks again so much for the replies - everything at the moment really helps keeping motivation going, and you never know - by Arpil '09 I may even have a diary in the maintenance section :)


Wannabe Lean!!!
Have you tried switching to Diet Coke or Coke Zero, I had to train my tastebids to prefer them LOL but it helps with the weightloss. And keep going sweetie, I too was a slave to scales so made a friend take them away in the week and I'll only weigh myself once a week maximum from now on. You're doing great to have dropped sizes the way you have even if the stupid scales say no loss in weight. Its all about the measurements. ;) x x
hi just to say keep up the exercise! I made the mistake of not going to the gym for a few weeks and had no weight loss. also I too have decided not to weigh myself it can become an obsession and its easy just to give up.


Do a little dance!
Thanks Georgiestar - it really is easy isn't it. I joined a gym this time last year and went 3 times a week for around a month but got ill and after that didn't go at all and quit it after 3 months.

I'm at the month point now and already had an illness week and carried on so hoepfully it will stick if I'm actually determined this time!


Wannabe Lean!!!
Keep going you can do it! :)


Do a little dance!
Thanks Rela!

Sorry I seemed to ignore your post above - I missed it, bad me!

I am exactly the with the diet coke/coke zero situation. If I know it isn't coke BLURGH I don't like it! But, I am slowly cutting back on the real thing so instead of struggling swapping I think I'm going to work on cutting it out.. if you know what I mean.

I'm more impressed about your giving up smoking! Again, something I manage to cut back on but not quit give up - although on an average work day I'm down from 20 to 3..so again getting there.

Oh, I managed to get out for my third walk with the dog today. So I didn't make it to the gym but at least I was still active.

I've also decided that to give me a goal, something I have always wanted to do is be able to run .. but always being a big girl I've found it hard. I've decided to follow the Cancer Research training and run a 10km by next year. Maybe, just maybe, if I find I'm progressing with the gym/jog training but find my breathing lets me down I can give up the last cigarettes, and maybe even coke (excpet at the pub - I don't drink so at least let me have one thing!!! :) ) once I actually realise it hinders weight loss!!!

Plus if I have a training routine for the 10km, I'll have a long term DATE and reason to get there and not give up!

Thank you for the encouragement..it really does mean a lot!
Hey Em, keep up all your hard work in the gym and good luck with your training for the Cancer Research 10k run, I am sure that having this goal to focus on will surely help you with your motivation and keep you on track.

Take Care


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This week has been a busy one - plus a bit emotional, with me and my other half nearly going our seperate ways.

I guess that's my excuse for maybe being a little naughty food-wise.

I did make the gym Monday, Thursday and Friday this week - but not enough for me to feel good about it.

Thursday I was really happy with myself - on the bike I beat my 8km time (was 18:48 now 16:57) and 10km time (was 21:20 now 20:00). I also managed to run (actually run!) for 3 mins. I normally struggle at around 20 seconds! I was alright to carry on as well, except I hit the emergency stop button and it kind of took the wind out of my sails!!!

Weight day monday - I have a horrible feeling I will be exactly the same. I'm getting so annoyed with this whole weight loss. I get I will probably be toning and building muscle, but how long would it take for the weight to start coming off.

It's so frustating! All in all ... I feel like I should be feeling positive, because I know I am generally doing well, but I just feel completely dejected. :(



Do a little dance!
Sorry.. thank you both for the encouragement...I really am looking forward to seeing my running improve with the 10km training...lets hope I can stick with it.. going and buying some proper running shoes for my sore feet!!


Do a little dance!

Gym this morning:

25 mins on bike - level 6 above 100 RPM.
Beat 8km by 25 secs (now 16mins 22.) 140 cals

20 Mins on Treadclimber, interval at 6km/h and 6.4km/h (max)
250 cals

10 mins on Treadmill, interval at 5.5km/h and 8km/h
Walk 2.5 mins, run 3 mins, walk 4.5 mins.

Other excercise

Hour long walk with dog - pace enough to cause me to puff a bit and sweat!! Niiice


Breakfast - missed - oops, first time this month. Not bad, I refused to eat breakfast my whole life!

Lunch - bowl of special K with skimmed milk.

Dinner - Mum's roast. Had carrots, loads of sweetcorn, brocolli and coauliflower. 1 yorkshire, 2 Roast potatoes, fistful of chicken and some stuffing...lots, but my mum is infamous for her massive platefuls and for the first time in my life I stopped when I was full (left about 2/3rds of the meat, the big potato and half the stuffing.)

Pudding: Banana with healthy living custard (MY FAVE!)

Drinks: About 2-3 litres of water throughout the day.
1 half pint coca cola.

So there is my day. I am going to do this properly for the next couple of days (if I have time to get on at work!!)

I would really appriciate if you could look and see where you think I'm going wrong.... thanks.

Em x


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So far today..

Breakfast: Speacial K with skimmed milk.

Lunch: Jacket Potato with chili and cucumber, small "cup" of tomato soup.

Snack: 1/4 Banana - smooched in my bag.

To go Today:

In 20 mins I have a Step Aerobics class for the hour.
After that I have a 45 minutes Core Stability class.

Dinner: Special K with skimmed milk.

What you think?


Do a little dance!
Weight today - 13st 4lb
Total loss - 4 lb.

Still disappointed with that - it's not that I'm not trying.

Finally decided to cut out coke, well on a week night at least, and if I go out to at least half my pints, and have water as well. I'll get used to it in the end.

Today's Food so Far:

Breakfast: Special K with skimmed milk.

Lunch: Jacket Potato with tuna, cucumber chunks and salad. (With Mayo)

Dinner (to have): Special K with skimmed milk.

Gym tonight:

50 mins light cardio
60 mins Body Combat Class
20 mins strenght work.


Do a little dance!
Sitting at the Gym after my class - feeling achy - going to go home and have an early night, ready for spinning class in the morning.

Special K and bed...here I come.
Hey hun, your choices for eating seem healthy enough and you are doing really well with the exercise.

And 4lb loss is really good so don't feel to disappointed. And as you mentioned, with all the exercise you are doing, at the moment you might be replacing fat with muscle. So keep up the good work in a month or two that muscle will start helping you to burn more fat. ;)

Chin-up, I am sure you are doing really well.



Do a little dance!
Woke up this morning and I was 13 stone 2lb.

I've "fallen off the wagon" though. I'm going to Norfolk on Holiday tomorrow and been looking forward to it I couldn't focus.

So, no gym since Tuesday night - fish and chips wednesday and I just had a chinese.

While I'm away next week we're going for 4-9 mile walks daily, so if I watch what I eat I may just scrap coming back my starting weight! sigh. Also taking my skipping rope, medicine ball, 2x2kg weights and mat so I can carry on with strenth work as well as walking for cardio.

Which me luck ... we're going all stone-age for the week. No phones, no computers, no tv (but videos of corse). Trying to just relax and take a week "off" from everything that's going on...

See you all in a week.

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