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Emmas Diary-found my motivation

tuesday 04may 2010

Right well i thought id start a diary so at those times im slipping i can come on here and know why i want to loose weight. I have always been a yo-yo dieter..half a stone off, 9 pounds back on and so on and so on. I always start off with good intentions then something throws me off. Not this time though!!
I had sophie 6 months ago and at for the first 6 months of my pregnancy i only put a stone on due to working two jobs (local goverment and a waitress) so i was always on my feet and i also used to park 30 mins away from work which included hill walking. then when i finished work i sat with my feet up and gave in to the craving of custard creams, custart donoughts and basically anything sweet. In the end i put on 3 stone. I lost the first stone and a half pretty much straight away. i had good intentions, i would breastfeed and eat fruit (melon, apples, grapes) but it didnt last. Sophie had terrible colic for 12 weeks, she cried from 4-11pm every night and fed throughout the night. Eating proper meals was out of the question so i just ate junk and so im still a stone and a half over my pre-pregnancy weight (and the rest..).
I think my first mini goal is to get to pre-baby weight. I would love to do this by august, however being realistic im not to sure!
I want to loose wieght not just to look good but have some energy, i dont want sophie to suffer becuase i havent got the energy to play with her. I went to next yesterday to get some leggings-its all ive been living in for the past 9 months and im bored but hey, and a size 18 is to tight. Well thats it, i cant go on like this.

Im joining a class tomorrow, so today is my last day of eating crap lol.

Well ive written loads!:wave_cry:

Em x
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Hi Em, welcome to MM's and slimming world, you sounds like you're having a manic time at the moment, hope your little one is better now. This place is brilliant, if you need anything, just ask. Good luck xx
Wednesday 5th may..

Tonight im going to join a class!! Its a local one so when the weather is better im going to attempt to walk there and back (30mins walk each way).

Ive just been to tesco and bought aload of fruit, veg, chicken etc ready for the week and hope i can get some recipe ideas off here.

I had a very bad night with sophie last night, she was up pretty much every hour and in the end she came in our bed but i didnt get much sleep as i was literally on the edge of the bed! Then she was wide awake at 5...so im a very tired mummy today. She doesnt sleep well in the day either so i cant catch up on my sleep then..
not much else to report today really. might add more after class tonight.
em x


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Hi, i know how you feel. My son who is now 11 used to scream(not cry) from 4pm-2am every night then fed all night and dayuntil he was 14 weeks and it was mind numbingly tiring. Everybody told us it was colic but it turned out to be non vomiting reflux (very severe heartburn). Good luck with weigh in and things do get better.
Hi Daisy, thanks for reply. You know other people said to me about reflux but the HV just dismissed. I can honestly say it was the hardest 12 weeks of my life lol and also very lonely. My friends from the nct group all had babies that fed fine, slept well and no colic etc so didnt really understand how i felt.

Well im feeling very positive today, i have planned my day and just had my breakfast and i am so full! The melon was lovely and sweet great for my sweet tooth! Sophie slept better last night so feel abit more human today. Will report back later on how the day went

Em x
Well today my first day of slimming world and I hit a brick wall at costa coffee! I went there for lunch with a friend and nothing sw friendly there lol. I went for what i thought was the best option and smallest portion-a cheese and onion toastie on wholemeal bread. I didnt have any crisps (pipers yummy yum) or cakes so i could have done worst i think! Ive just eaten a lovely tea though so that makes up for it and going to do some housework when i have got sophie to bed. Tomorrow its my turn to host the nct class. Im going with fajitas for lunch and will syn the tortilla wrap but its one of my favourite meals!! Then for tea i cant decided whether to have a omellette with onion, mushrooms and peppers and swchips or chicken breast grilled with herbs with low fat supernoodles?

Em x
Am i just not in the right frame of mind at the moment? Im always so tired and hungry, i thought i could do it this time but something always holds me back. Im thinking of going to the docs to talk about my weight and worries etc maybe they can suggest something. Its like a never ending circle..i eat becuase im sad but im sad becuase im eat!!! God i need to get a grip, anyone want to give me a good shake?

Ive got the green eyed monster to, a friend has lost a stone and 4 pounds in 4 weeks with slimming world..so I know this lifestyle works.



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Hi, if your feeling so down your best talking to your dr, he/she may be able to help, as for your friend she has lost in an unhealthy length of time, the slower it comes off the longer it stays off, yes sw works it just takes everyone different lengths of time, its not a race i also loose slowly x


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hi Emma, A visit to the docs may be agood idea. You may have abit of the baby blues as this can strike at anytime. Don't compare yourself to your friend as we all lose weight at different rates - slowly slowly catchy monkey. Just take one day at a time and if you have a good day say well done to yourself and if a bad day just say I will get there but maybe not today. Good luck.


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Hi Em, Just reading your post takes me back to after I had my first child. I met up with an NCT group too. All of them seemed to lose their weight much quicker than me.. they always seemed more happier than me.. their babies more content. Until one day I was just really honest and said that my baby was always unsettled in the evening and wanting to feed most of the night. I think they were quite relieved and admitted their babies weren’t as content as they made out to be! They were not as happy as I thought either. Two out of the 6 couples have since got divorced!

There are so many demands on you when you are a mother, but one thing I have learnt is that you need to look after yourself. If you are happy and well, then you are able to care for your children and house etc.. The first week of any new eating plan (especially if you are used to eating chocolate and sweet things to give you the energy boost when you are feeling tired) can make you feel tired. Stick with it, and don’t be too hard on yourself!
Well i went to the doctors today, she just told me that diet and exercise is the key to loosing weight..yes i know that but how can i when ive only had about 4 hours sleep a night. I cant afford to join a gym, im really skint at the moment. I dont really know what i was expecting her to say really, theres no miracle for weightloss is there lol. She did ask me a few PND questions but swiftly moved on. So thats that, i dont really feel very supported by either my HV or Doctor so i guess i just have to battle on alone.

Im hoping i can join a class tomorrow, was meant to last week but my OH hurt his hand and needed to go the walkin clinic. This week he is in Bradford for some training, im hoping mum could come and babysit a couple of hours so i can go.

em x
I got to a meeting! And im really pleased, it was a lovely group and i joined on a taster evening to so it was nice to try some different foods! The consultant was really nice and everyone was having a good laugh about things to. She seemed very supportive, said shes available 7 days a week for a chat etc. I said my downfall is snacking when im tired and she said to grab a drink and my favourite fruit or maybe go out for a walk with sophie. In the evenings im going to try and do my christening invitations ( they are handmade) so lots of sticking etc so that should stop me snacking...So now to plan for the week! I bought a ee cookbook to, yumyum! Ive got some strawberrys in so going to have them for brekky with sweetner and a mullerlight i think xx
Morning all, ive been up since 5.30 with my lil girl who doesnt sleep lol. However i had a nice cuppa to start the day..i didnt win the lotto either :-(. Got a good day planned, lots of free foods! my washing is on and will do some housework laters. Going for a walk this afternoon with the pram then trueblood on skyplus to watch this evening. Hopefully a early night...Em x


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Hi Em you are sounding much more chirpier these last few days. Well done for getting to a meeting i'm sure it will help. Enjoy your walk with the baby.
Thankyou, I do feel better. Yes im still tired but chocolate biscuits arent going to make it any better lol. Might be a quick fix but its much better for me to have a substantial breakfast etc. Thankyou for keeping an eye on me, it keeps me motivated! Em x
Hi hun, glad you're feeling a bit brighter. I'm like you, if I'm tired or down I tended to go for a sugary snack to make me feel better. The only tip I can give you (which is boring) is... don't have any high syn food in the house AT all.

If your OH wants snacks etc, tell him to keep them in his car or something. You'll do this hun and for every lb you lose you'll get the most incredible buzz. Lots of love and have a lovely weekend. xx


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hi hun you posted on my food diary and i will now post on yours!
Well done for the last few days. I know for one that its not easy doing this diet and having a baby aswell. I soooooooooo know the whole not sleeping through the night thing as we are going through that too and last week i went off track but only over ate on low syn stuff. I went over my allowance but some how lost 1lb. Not saying do this but as Louise said dont have any high syn stuff in the house.

Also get stuff in that is syn free or low syn so you can bung in the oven or microwave when you are tired.
The best ones i find are asda chick pea dahl LOVE IT and get some boil in the bag rice so you dont have to worry about that. The quorn steaks are nice with a jacket to bung in the microwave for 15 mins or so.
JAcket with beans etc.
Also iceland do their own brand fish cakes which are 2 and a half syns each and i am waiting for an evening when i fancy something naughty and will use them.

Good luck hun,
You still breastfeeding as i am am and i know its tiring.
no im not bfeeding anymore, she wasnt getting enough milk from me. I know that bfed babies dont sleep as much as FF but my sophie seems to be the oddball lol! x Well my partner has got two big bags of chocolate fingers in which are teasing me but i have resisted!!! x
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Hi Emma
Just wanted to pop along and say hi. You are doing so well to try and improve your eating habits when you're adapting to life as a parent- well done!
Must be hard but you will feel so proud when the scales say you have lost. Will be checking in on Thurs to see how you do at weigh in. Keep up the good work xxx
Thankyou Debbie for checking on me, its nice to know people care and want to see you succeed!! Well its the dreaded star week..along with the bloating, pmt and worst of all sweet cravings lol!! It was my little sisters 19th yesterday, we took the dogs to the woods for a nice walk then in the afternoon we went to MIL and FIL for tea! Today i have a doctors appointment- a blood test to test if my thyroid is working properly..im pretty sure it is. Then off to pick my sister up from college then if the weather stays nice go for a walk this afternoon. Tonight im going to make the slimming world lasagna from EE cookbook! I hope its nice.Em x

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