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Emma's Diary


On the advice of Laura I am going to start a diary as I seem to be going wrong somewhere and I just can't fail at another diet!!!

I have been on a diet since 12 thanks to my Mother!! I have so many issues with food its unreal I have tried every diet under the sun and even suffered badly with Bulimia for 2 years, however none of this has ever lead to a long lasting weight loss even thogh I have lost 4 stone twice!! I weigh everyday and my mood that day is dictated by what the scales say which I know is wrong but I can't help it.

I started slimming world back in July this year after having my 4th baby Fred in April,and lost a stone but it was very very slow and I craved chocolate all the time. My Dad has been on Atkins for a few years and now maintains his weight so I thought I would give it a go. However I lost 4lb the first week and since have lost 3 more but its very slow and hopefully a diary may help me figure out why (or someone may see where i am going wrong) So now you all know I am completely mental I please help haha

21st October 2009

Breakfast - 3 Boiled Eggs

Snack - 2 small packs pork scratchings

Lunch - Omlette - 6 Eggs, 2oz Cheese, 1 cup mushrooms, 1 Tomato, 2 Slices Bacon (Cooked in Butter)

Tea - Chicken, 1/2 cup Brocolli, 1/2 cup Cauliflower, 1/2 cup Brussels with a bit of butter on

Snack - 6 small sausages

Mushrooms - 2.4
Tomato - 2.2
Broccoli - 1.6
Cauliflower - 1.0
Brussels - 4.8

Pork Scratchings - 0.6
Sausage - 0.6
Cream and Sweetner - 1
Cheese - 0.5

Total 14.7
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Hi Emma not sure if this would make a difference...

I know the Atkins book says that eggs are like meat and have trace carbs, however if you do a search on the internet I believe that eggs have about 0.5gs of carbs each...So having 9 eggs would be almost 5 grammes of carbs...

I tend to count this amount of carbs for my eggs...does anyone else have an opinion on this?

Sorry to sound as though I am questioning you Emma, but it is easy to make a mistake, are you sausages definitely only 0.1grammes each?

Your omelette is quite large, but apart from that I don't think you are overeating....so if everything I have said is incorrect then I don't know where you are going wrong hun....

Have you got the Atkins book, there is a chapter in there about those who are metabolically resistant, perhaps it may be worth a read...

I am sure if you continue to post everything that you are eating others who are more experienced with Atkins than myself might be able to see something....

Hi Jane
My sausages are like chipolata's and 0.6 per 100 grams which is actaully about 4 so i was sligtly over what I said. I will get the book out and have a read. I just wonder if after years of dieting I have completely messed my system up!!

Will keep posting and see how I go Laura has suggested stopping cheese but not sure I can its my only pleasure at the minute

I am drinking loads of water but always have even before the diet. As Jane suggested I am going to have a read of the book tonight to see if there could be any other reasons. Will update what I have eaten today too. Thanks for your help

22nd Oct 2009

Breakfast - 4 x Sausage, 4 slices bacon, 2 eggs and 1 cup of mushrooms

Lunch - 3 x pork loins, 1 cup of cabbage and 50 ml mayo

Tea - 1 tin Tuna, 2 eggs, 1oz cheese, 1and half cups of Lettuce, 1/2 Cup cucumber, 1 tomato

Snacks - Pork Scratchings, Sausage, 3oz cheese and an atkins bar


Mushrooms - 2.4
Cabbage - 4
Lettuce - 0.3
Cucumber - 1
Tomato - 4.2

Pork Scratchings - 0.6
Sausage - 1.2
Cream and sugar - 1
Mayo - 1
Atkins bar - 2

Total 17.7
Just been looking at eggs at you are right Jane depending on how they are cooked they are 0.4 or 0.6 carbs!! So why does he not tell us to count them? Mind even that would only be about 4.5 so still in carb count but will bear that in mind in future.

Thanks xx
Emma, Tomato's were not allowed on induction in the original '72 book. I know that changed later but I think they are quite high carb for induction.
Thanks for that Jimthey are 4.2 but I don't eat many just to make my salad look more colourful! am not having any cheese today (am sooo going to miss it) but if it works I really don't mind. Fingers crossed, you are all great would have probably given up without your help and advice.

Will update my diary later for today weigh in tomorrow and don't think it will be good but fingers crossed a week off cheese may make a difference for next week

Hi Emma, I have a very similar dieting history to you including the bulemia. I find my full/satisfied cues a little crap to be honest so I eat every three hours and I dont eat a big amount, if Im genuinely not satisfied I eat something else but if Im just peckish I try to think ill be eating again in 3 hours - I found this has helped me to stop eating all day and to better realise when Im full, just thought Id add it in here in case it helps in any way. Congrats on your baby boy - my son was born in April too - rascal still not sleeping the night!.
Bless you Annie - I do a routine called Gina Ford its fab all mine slept through from 12 weeks!! Well worth a read if you get chance.
Just sat down to write my food diary for the last 2 days but Just had my first big binge!!! Feel sick and crap but just had coffee and biscuitsabout 5 and about 4 chocolate bars not proper big ones just kids pack up stuff!! Feel awful cos I am so determined but 2 days of no cheese seems to have tipped me over the edge.

Might take it easy tomorrow - stick to diet but might have cheese then get back on it monday no cheese and see how thing go

Hi Peeps

Well yesterday went well was pretty tough as I am presuming I came out of Ketosis not sure though cos don't have any sticks. I did crave sugar on and off but I got through it. Managed no cheese at all and went to bed pretty pleased with myself.

On saturady our car broke down and we can't afford to get it fixed as the head gasket has gone so we are now walking (dreading next week its a 5 mile round trip to school!) but I am sure it will help. Mind after walking all that way with 4 kids i will probably be starving haha.

So menu for yesterday was as follows

Breakfast - 4 Eggs Scarmbled with a bit of cream and butter, 1 Cup Mushrooms

Lunch - Prawns, Lettuce, Cabbage, 1/2 Tomato, Cucumber, Mayonnaise

Tea - Pork, Broccoli, Brussel sprouts and bacon

Snacks - 2 small bags pork cratchings, also 2 decaf coffee with cream and sweetner

Total Carbs for the day - 18.4

Today is going well so far will update later thankyou for your thinking of me

WOW, sorry about the car, but the walking will surely help on Atkins Em
Well done for getting back on track Emma!!
Hi folks

Today has been really really hard have been tempted so many times to eat biscuits its unreal but just had a coffee and feel much better now.

So yesterday menu was

B - 3 Eggs, 5Slices Bacon, 1/2 Cup Mushrooms
L - 2 x Chicken Breast wrapped in Bacon and 2 cups cabbage with mayo
T - Steak, Fried Onion, 2 Fried Eggs

Snacks - 4 small bags pork scratchings, 2 coffee's with cream and sweetener

Total Carbs - 16

Having looked at other people's menu's I seem to be eating a lot more than everyone else?

Thats fab Jim - maybe I am not eating too much mind I am sure thats in maintenance. Going to try thi sweek with no cheese and see how I go then don't know what to do! So wanted this diet to work and feel like I must be doing something wrong as it isn't.

To be fair Em, I don't eat that much at every meal, just my sunday breakfast. :D

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