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Emma's diary

hey all, :):)
thought i would join the bandwagon and start a diary of my own. it gives such inspiration to read everyone else's. so here goes......

well day 1 today for me and am completely new to this. am on the SS stage. started my day with water and then for my breakfast i had the origonal porridge. i really enjoyed this and although its prob psychological it felt like i wasnt depriving myself as felt like i was eating a normal meal (if that makes sense?)

did really good with my water all day and still doing so. not finding this bit hard at all other than nearly peeing my pants every half hour lol :D:D

at lunchtime i had the mint choc shake. was quite refreshing altough think i would prefer this as a hot drink so will do that next time.

just had dinner there which was the leek and potato soup. again felt like i was eating a proper meal and the soup was very palatable along with a sprinkle of ground pepper.:)

will continue to sip on water throughout the evening and have left out my choice of sachets ready for 2moro.

so all in all not a bad start for me. one day nearly over. i anticipate fully that the next few days will be a tad more difficult but knowing that ive completed a day means that if i take each one as it comes i'll be on CD a week before i know it.:D:D

Emz xx
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Glad you got through the 1st day so well. You def seem to have a great attitude towards the diet. I'm on day 8, and in my experience, although it does get harder, that only lasts a few days and then its fine.

Good luck. xx :)
thanks spolly,

yeah feel good that i have got thru the day without a hiccup. and i know that once i get thru my first week and hopefully a loss at the scales it will all seem so so worth it and my 2nd week will be that bit easier. (here's hoping anyway!) xx :):)


skinny jeans-im on my way
well done,im on day 3 now,hoping ketosis happens soon,im feeling fine though just a bit tired.still.twill all be worth it in the end.
ok so day 2 nearly over

had another good day today, had butterscotch shake for brekkie. a tad too sweet for me but palatable nevertheless.

lunchtime was toffee and walnut shake. LOVELY!!!! yum yum..

din dins i had the veggie soup and that was nice too.

cravings for crap are getting to me a bit today but i'm just trying to keep myself busy and drink plenty water.
and when i had a sweet craving today i made a cup of tea with a wee sweetener in it and the craving passed...phew!!

still running to the loo but not just as much so hopefully that means that the diet is really starting to work.

so at the end of day 2 i am still in great form and still very motivated. hope it lasts lol :):):)

Emz xx
hey everyone

so day 3 and i am feelin great. :D:D:D

had apple and cinnamon porridge for brekkie. was really nice but personal pref would be the origonal.

lunch was veggie soup...yummy!!!

and when i got home from work at 8.30 i had a choc mint shake as a hot drink....again yummmmmy!!!

still drinkin the water and no cravings today and really not feeling hungry anymore.

furry tongue and bad breath starting to kick in now though.

soooo positive as thought i would have buckled and caved in by now:D:D:D

Emz xx
okay so day 4 and i am still getting through this okay. the cravings seem to have completely left me now which is great.

day 5 2moro so i'll have to do a wee test strip to see if i'm near ketosis.

oh and by the way the 'fruits of the forest' shake is absolutely lovely.... :D:D
okay so day 6..............i'm nearly there!!

had another good day yesterday and today also. we had the ulster rally races here yesterday and my house is on the circuit so my neighbour decided to bbq. she knows im on the diet so she asked me what she could put on the barbie for me that i could eat.

so i had my shake in the morning and then at the bbq i had a very small piece of chicken with a little lettuce and cucumber and then just had my soup in the evening. i stuck to the allowed foods from the SS+ diet so as this wouldnt affect ketosis.

that little piece of food felt like such a treat though and i savoured every last bit of it and was so proud of myself for not tucking into a big fat burger.:D:D:D

i feel like i've come so far now and i dont want to ruin it.

hope everyones doin good

Emz xx
woo hoo everyone 6lb off at my first weigh in.

so so happy :D:D:D

here's to the next week.
well just a quick update on the diary.
complete f**k up of a day in the end.....as stated in my thread 'MAJOR MAJOR BLUNDER'.

still a bit pissed off with myself but 2moro is a new day and i'm gonna try and put today behind me. onwards and thinwards....

Emz xx

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