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Emma's journey so far... one month in!

Hi everyone, I'm starting a new job in a fish and chip shop tonight and I'm really scared! Lol. It's just a temporary job for 3 weeks until I go back to university, because I'm desperate for some money, but I'm just so worried that I'll not be able to help myself from snacking on chips and eating junky food.

Has anybody got any advice on how to avoid temptation? I'm pretty desperate! Lol x
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easy :) as soon as you feel tempted pop outside and sniff your self!! trust me you will stink!!!! it will put you off eating anything but take food with you coz if they ask you if you want anything it will be easier to resist if you have a lunchbox with you

good luck though and what are you studying??
I'm studying Psychology in Swansea, I love it! :) I'm at home in Newcastle at the minute though, working temporarily in the local chippy.

I was only there for 3 hours tonight so it wasn't too bad, I managed to resist eating anything even though my brother came in and bought two pizzas and fish and chips for the family, and I was given three bags of chips at the end of my shift cause they would have been binned otherwise.

I'm sitting here now watching my family stuff their faces while I'm browsing the forum, munching on an apple! I don't even feel tempted to pinch a slice of pizza, it's great! :D x


gunna be a fatty for ever
:bliss:waaahaaaay well done you!!

Im not really a chip fan give me a chinese any day lol!!

I was being good last weekend when i went to my nans and the whole family had chippy and i had weight watchers pasta and garlic ciabatta (a must try) and the smell of greasy chips was awful!!

The smell of grease is definitely off-putting like! I'm more of an indian curry girl than a fish and chips girl, but I like the chips now and again lol.

I've not really tried the Weight Watchers range yet. My mam's doing all the shopping at the minute with me being back at home, so I don't get much say in what she buys, but when I move into my new flat in 3 weeks time I'll be doing my own shopping again. I don't really like ready meals, even though I'm a rubbish cook! Haha. I like meals that are quick and easy, like pasta or salads, but I just don't like the taste of ready meals. I'll give the garlic ciabatta a try though, that sounds delicious! :D x


gunna be a fatty for ever
have you seen the sausage casserole recipe on my thread? takes an hour and you just throw it all in a oven dish and cook easy peasy!

I haven't looked at many recipes yet as my mam does all the cooking, but when I get into my own flat, I'll probably be the one doing all the cooking because I'm moving in with three guys! Lol, so I'll definitely be looking for meal ideas then, as I'm rubbish at cooking and not very creative with my meals. I'll check it out and give it a try when I move in :) x


gunna be a fatty for ever
ooooh 3 guys!! Did u watch embarrasing bodies tonite? lol

no i didn't watch it all but i saw a bit of the end before big brother started, the bit where the guy had been scratching his bum then scratching his head! that was hilarious! i loved how the doctor guy said 'basically you're smearing poo in your hair' haha.

yeah i'm moving in with 3 guys, all just good mates though, no boyfriend unfortunately! lol and they're all proper gym buffs who work out every day and drink protein shakes and stuff, so i'm hoping they'll keep me on the straight and narrow with the exercise and healthy eating! lol x


gunna be a fatty for ever
lol oooh sounds like a dream come true!!

Well it was just saying that boys smell basically! But these guys sound lush!! so you wont need to worry lol

lol they're in the gym almost every day so if they don't shower often then they will be smelly! haha. i reckon looking at their fit bodies will keep me motivated to get myself into shape too :D x


gunna be a fatty for ever
:D:D:Di like it!! i like it a lot!!
:worthy: :character00115:
Emma wanna trade lol
Emma wanna trade lol
Haha no thanks! I know how lucky I am! :D They're my best mates, I'm more like one of the guys than a girly girl, so I don't fancy them, but they are pretty fit lol x


hoping for a good loss
Sounds like my idea of heaven.


gunna be a fatty for ever
hiya emma hows your weekend been?

Hope work hasnt been to punishing!!!

love katie
hey katie, sorry i haven't been on here much, i've been pretty busy this weekend. glad to say i've lost another 2lbs this week so i've lost half a stone altogether in my first month of taking xenical! yay :) i've also said goodbye to the 16s, and i'm now 15st 13lbs! :D

i'm really happy about that, but i've been feeling kinda off today. i dunno what's wrong with me, i'm just really tired and can't be bothered to do anything. i guess i'll just have a day off from the wii to relax and recuperate, and hopefully i'll be fighting fit tomorrow :)

how was your weekend? did you drink much? lol x


gunna be a fatty for ever
Hey hun!! Well done you for getting into the 15's woooooooooooop Good by and good riddence i say!!

HAd a good weekend thanks!! Had a couple of vodkas and a chineese but being extra good this week!! lol

Im off swimming when kids are in bed!

Hope your feeling better soon! Get some orange juice down ya neck lol

Love katiexxx
Oooh Chinese! I haven't had a chinese in months lol. I usually prefer indian food, but now you mention it, I'd love one! Haha. I've been mostly good today, although I did have a sneaky doughnut from Greggs lol. It was a one off treat to celebrate losing half a stone, and it didn't lead to a binge, so I'm happy. I've had a quorn burger with salad and new potatoes for tea, and I'll probably have a bowl of cereal later on because I got up late and didn't have breakfast, so I'm still pretty hungry lol.

Good luck with the swimming! x

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