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Emotional eating

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i am a dreadful emotional eater with little control at times, there is a thread on here, in the bring your head the body will follow section it is all about using the HALT method, have a read i have found it helps.
really sorry i don't know how to do a link thing xxxx
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Hey, i have this problem too, every emotion i eat, sorry i can't give you any advice on how to overcome it as im still trying to figure it out myself, no matter what i try it doesn't work, i think im destined to be overweight. sorry im not any help xxx

I'm an emotional eater as well, and I find I struggle more when I take my comfort foods away, as I then have to deal with the reasons why I eat. When things get too much, I inadvertently revert back to comfort foods, whether to celebrate, alleviate boredom or cheer myself up.. but I do think one of the main reasons, is that I actually like the taste and the feel (crunchy/smooth/soft/hard) of foods.. It is very comforting, although I am dreading trying to deal with my emotions rather than food in my weight loss process.

Good luck in finding the right answer for you,

Rabbit food is good. x


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I have this problem and feel i am making some progress with it. On one of the posts above it talks about dealing with the things making you upset etc. It is daunting, but tbh until you realise/accept/deal with why its happening, it wont change. I know a lot of my emotional over eating centres around work and my feelings about it. So im making changes around this to deal with it. Also dealing with the underlying issue is a huge relief, and does give me the confidence to tackle my weight too.

I have also recently stopped the pill and since then I have found I am a lot more rational around food. I dont feel as hungry generally, and I dont seem to be as emotionally drawn to food if that makes sense! Im not suggesting this to anayone by any means, but do consider the underlying cause could be hormone related.


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I'm an emotional eater, a boredom eater, an eater of all the things basically, but I've been dealing with a lot of that this year - and I am getting better. It can be done.

I started journalling when I caught myself doing the emotional eating thing, or nearly doing the emotional eating thing (I'm getting much better at catching myself before I actually put something in my mouth now). And STOPPING as soon as I was conciously aware I was doing it. I've basically been trying to retrain myself into different habits, so if I'm upset I'll do X, not eat, if I'm bored I'll do Y not eat, if I'm happy I'll do Z not eat...

It's not the easiest thing I've ever done, I'm not going to lie about that, but it's one of the most worthwhile.


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I used to be an emotional eater, I'd mainly eat (rubbish) when I was bored or really upset/low. SW has actually cured that for me, I know there's foods I can eat that are just as tasty & within my syn allowance.

If you don't realise you're doing I'd suggest having nothing in the house that will tempt you & maybe only keep low syn goodies in the cupboards x
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Yep. Me too.

I find that if I write down EVERYTHING I eat that it helps me stay in control. It also keeps me motivated so I see good results on the scales and that in turn keeps me going. A positive cycle rather than a negative eat - binge - guilt - binge one.

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