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emotional hunger

Hi Guys,

Just thought I would share my experience from friday. It was a really bad day and I had a little accident in my car on the way to work. Ended up on the grass verge of a busy road avoiding a swerving cyclist. Anyway no one was hurt but it really freaked me out and I was a bit of a mess.
I got home after sorting the car out etc it was about lunchtime. I was on my own and automatically went to the fridge and started picking out things to eat without even thinking. Suddenly I was starving hungry, just wanted to eat everything in sight.....but I didn't, I stopped because Im on the diet and knew I would ruin everything. So I sat down with a cup of tea and realised I wasn't hungry at all, it was just all the emotion of the morning coming out. All I really wanted was a hug.

I guess Im just saying that athough I know I'm an emotional eater I didn't really understand it as clearly as I did on Friday. I would swear blind when I was in that fridge that I was really hungry but actually I wasn't. I just hope I can keep that control in the future when Im back on real food.

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Louise, thanks for sharing such an honest (and scary!) story - and well done for stepping back from your automatic response and not dealing with your emotions by eating. So difficult to do - but you've done it! Will really stand you in good stead when you get to RTM.

Hope you're feeling ok and a bit less shaken up now.:hug99: x
Well done Louise,
What a horrid experience - and scary. Thank goodness you are ok and the cyclist too by the sound of it.
Isn't it amazing how we automatically want to cover our emotions with food? We've been doing it for years (well, I have!) so the instinct isn't going to suddenly disappear.
You hit the nail on the head "you wanted a hug" and that's the fleeting feeling food gives us, but it doesn't last long.
Great self control resisting the items from the fridge. xx

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