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Ready For Change!
I'm MISSING food! :cry:

I'm not physically hungry, I seem to salivate when I think of food, when I prepare food, when I read FaceBook messages of what ppl are eating for tea...

I'm having mixed emotions....

When watching the T.V I see an advert relating to food and think omg im missing food i cant do this, I should just give up.... then i'll see another advert America's next top model/ Lighter Life/ Weight watchers etc and I think do u know what I can do it!

HELP!!! :gen147:

Is this normal..?

Any tips how to over come this stage "phase"..? (im hoping its a phase anyway!)
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is Magdalicious
Sorry you're feeling like this Hun :(
It's tough especially at the beginning. I promise you it does get better and easier.
It's challenging but it really is essential to go through that process. It's part of your 'healing'.
You've taken away the very reason that got you in 'trouble' in the first place so you're bound to feel uncomfortable about it and 'miss' it.
What you're really missing is not the food but the comfort it gives you and the way it takes away all the worries and issues. Even if it's a temporary comfort we are all very much attached to it.
Think of this as your opportunity to tackle the emotional part of overeating.
It's all there for a reason..

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Playing the Angel
Mags gives brilliant advice - off course it's a focus for you currently, you have just started going without it, it is something you have had all your life - think of it like a drug addict missing his heroin fix, yes you miss it, then you have the first hit of weight loss and boy, that is a much better feeling than anything!! Trust me honey, totally normal stage you are going through and "NOTHING TASTES AS GOOD AS SKINNY FEELS!"


Pinkie :)

Slowly shrinking again!
Aww, I hear ya Lozz! :(

I miss food too hun... even now, 8 weeks in... and like you, it's not coz I'm hungry... it's the sensation of eating, and the comforting feeling I've got in the happit of associating with it, for so long! But... the food will still be there when I'm done... so, can do without it for now... although some days are harder than other, I'll admit...

But... as much as I hate missing the food, I hate being over weight more, and how much it holds me back... so, it overrides, each time... hence not cheating, even once, since starting... and I'm proud of this!

The weird thing is, I can't even remember any more, what it feels like to be full! I don't get it from water, even though I drink lots... still, not feeling full, but feeling elated that I'm losing weight every day, and am finally on the way to getting to my goal, is a great replacement! ;)

You can do it hunny... stick with it... we all sympathise, but it will become easier, as you see the weight drop off... :)



Ready For Change!
Thanks guys!

I really mean it! I looked in the mirror this morning and noticed my face slimming down, when there's noticable change i guess there is no comparison! I felt pretty!

Good point about the "food still being there!"
"Nothing tastes as good as being slim feels"
"Tackle the emotional part of overeating"


Think the next time I feel this way i might just sit with it for a while and remember why im doing it and where im going!!!
Yeah Lozz - good plan or the next time you get those feelings
write it down and the reasons you decided to start LL.
You should also have a chance to discuss it in your group. Some of the others may feel the same.
Excellent advice from Mags.


Ready For Change!
I'm guessing those are your before and after photo's.?
Wooow what a journey you've been on, they have spurred me on! Congratulations, you look completely wonderfull!!!
This is a nice post to read with some very good advice, glad I read it. Only 4 days in but starting to get sad I can't eat..... but think the most important thing for me to remember is it's the way I was eating that got me here in the first place!


Ready For Change!
I'm glad you found it helpful, lot's of ladies on here are full of great advice and encouragement, I love coming on minimins!


starting over
I so agree Lozz - food can be a very close companion. On the up side, I seem to have so much more time these days...
Thanks for your kind comments Lozz - Yes, that's me - or it was!
Only yesterday evening someone came to my house and said to me
" sorry, I don't think we've met before?" H\e came here about 3 years ago.
I'm either completely forgettable or unrecognisable.
I prefer to think the latter !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Pinkie :)

Slowly shrinking again!
Hehe... yup, what Ms Jez said! The girl speaks sense SB... you is HOTTTT!!!! :D



Ready For Change!
Feeling good this week!
Week 3, sort of in sync with it now, lovin the weight loss bring on Monday!!!

I'm hoping if I loose my desired weight a wedding might be on the cards in November...... shhhhh dont tell the other half yet! lol :love047:

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