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Em's weightloss journey 2013 - Here we go again!!


Onwards and downwards!
New diary fresh start! Woohoo!

I have been doing Slimming World on and off for the last 18+ months, but have now decided I need a break from it. I got completely stuck in a rut and just wasn't losing any weight and it was really starting to have a negative effect on me.

A couple of weeks ago I tried a LCD (All about W8) for just over a week. It was tougher than I was expecting and I just felt awful ALL the time. The energy boost never kicked in for me even though I was in ketosis and following the diet 100%. I did manage to lose 7lbs in the one week, which was a fantastic confidence boost for me, but I decided that 1 week of torture was enough!! These LCDs are now no longer an unknown though, so as much as the fast weight loss is tempting, I now know it is definitely not for me.

So here I am on day 3 of my new 'diet'. This one is just me myself and I. No slimming clubs or strict diet plans, just plan and simple healthy eating and exercise! I am calorie counting, eating lots of fruit and veg, reducing carbs, drinking lots of water and exercising every day. And 2011 WILL be the year I reach my goal weight. :D

I am also working my way through the Beck book, which is going well so far. Trying to fast track through the first 2 pre diet weeks at the moment, as obviously I have already started my diet. Hopefully this will help me to change my psychological attitude towards food.

HUGE ramble, but I am feeling extremely positive and focused at the moment. I really feel like this is the way I'm going to be able to lose weight properly and keep it off for good. Just going back to basics and doing it the healthy way. Oh, and not fixating on what the scales say every week! :D
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I love your attitude! Sounds like a very good plan. It's the same I am trying to do. Going pretty well I'm aiming for 1-2 weigh loss per week. Don't want all of it coming back when I'm done dieting!
Good luck! Definitely will be keeping an eye on your success! x


Onwards and downwards!
Thank you so much for your post liisa :) Looks like you are doing really well so far! We can do this :D


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Seems like you've got your head on straight! I'm cal counting too and when I stick to it it works really well. I've got an ap on my phone called 'my fitness pal' and i can just enter in what I eat and it keeps track of the calories for me. There's a website for it too.

Hope that everything goes well :)
Best wishes.


Onwards and downwards!
Liisa - that would be great, we can support each other and help each other stay on track :D I find it really helps having a diet buddy.

Pink! - Thank you so much for your post :D I think I've heard of myfitnesspal before. Had a look at it today because the phone app sounds really good, but they dont have one for my Blackberry yet which is a shame. I am signed up to a website called Nutracheck which I find really helpful. I record everything I eat on there and my exercise too. Just seen that you have lost 40lbs which is brilliant!! Any tips? All the best for your weightloss journey :)


Onwards and downwards!
Fri 11th Mar - Day 5

Have had quite a busy few days, working lots and feeling quite tired.

Our new treadmill was delivered yesterday, so I'm very excited. Was a bit shocked to actually see the size of it, and it does rather take over the living room, lol. Didn't have a chance to get on it today, but will definitely give it a go tomorrow. Really hope it will help aid my weight loss and get me fitter.

Also went out for a meal yesterday evening. I wasn't too keen as I've only just started my new diet, but hubby really wanted to to celebrate him passing a course he just passed. We went to TGI Fridays and I knew that nothing there would be particularly good for me, but was a one off and we hardly ever go out so I decided to enjoy myself and not worry too much. I managed to resist having a starter, which I would have normally had in the past. For my mains I had chicken and shrimp with mash potato and veg. And for pud I had a chocolate brownie sundae thing. It was HUGE and probably meant for two people, but I fancied it and wanted to test myself to see if I would be able to stop when I was full rather than feeling like I had to eat the whole thing. And I was successful, I ate probably less than half and wasn't overly full when we left.

So that was last night and then today I've got straight back on track again. I've been 100% all week so far (except for the TGI Fridays meal) so I'm really pleased with myself, would love to see a good result when I weigh myself for the first time on Monday :D


Onwards and downwards!
Mon 14th Mar - Day 8

First week done, all 100% (except for my dinner at TGI Fridays on Thursday night.) So I weighed myself this morning and Ive lost 2lbs!! Woohoooo!!!! So pleased because my losses were super super slow before when I was on Slimming World (0.5lbs a week if I was lucky!). Plus, I hardly feel like I've even been on a diet this last week which is grrrrreat!

Had a really good weekend, and the weather was lovely for most of it. Not looking forward to this week so much because I have to work all day every day (I usually only work Mon-Weds), but the extra money will come in very handy.

Feeling very positive at the moment, and feel like I could do this forever.

I'm on to week 2 of the Beck book now which is going well. I find that some of the things it teaches you to do I am actually doing already which is good.

Just need to work on uping the exercise this week, which might be a bit tricky with work, but I'm going to try :)


Onwards and downwards!
Weds 16th Mar - Day 10

Yesterday was a bad day for me. I was really struggling for the first time since starting this diet. Work was really stressful and by the time 5pm came I had a banging headache, I was super tired and feeling a bit hungry. I just wanted to go home lie down on the sofa and pig out.

But the evening didn't turn out to be as bad as it would have been pre diet. When I got home I made myself a nice big cup of tea and collected a bunch of different low calorie snacks and plonked myself on the sofa. Only ended up eating 2 pink & whites, one bag of Walkers baked crisps (multipack bag), and a tin of Weight watchers tuna. When hubby got home from work he said that he really wanted a Chinese takeaway, and I was sooooo tempted. Got the menu out and everything! But managed to talk myself out of it and had a lazy weight watchers ready meal instead, which I know isn't as healthy as good old freshly cooked food, but it did the job and filled me up :). Oh, was a but naughty and had 3 slices of my hubbys garlic bread. It was 50% less fat and I weighed it and counted the calories and was quite pleased I managed to only have 3 pieces, which was enough. (Hubby by the way ate the whole of the rest of the 2 baguettes!!)

So all in all I was about 113 calories over for the day, but still under 1400, so I was pleased :) Definitely would have had a complete blow out in the past!!

well done on your 2lb loss, that's great and has got the ball rolling. ;)

You are showing good self control, even at TGI's ;). Your mind is in the right place, you can't fail to win :)

It's soooo hard to resist takeaways, that was my downfall and helped me get to the size I am now :cry: Well done, resisting the temptation

I too am doing the me, myself I, diet ;)

Good luck, I look forward to reading your progress :)


Onwards and downwards!
Thurs 17th Mar

Thank you for your post RR :) Although I'm afraid my self control which seemed to be holding up well on Wednesday night has now well and truly crumbled, lol. I've not been feeling too great the last few days, don't know whether I'm just tired from working so much or what.

Yesterday was a major blip. Was doing ok during the day while at work but then developed a nasty migraine (again! 2 days in a row now :( ) and was just feeling awful. There was only two of us in the office and it was just non stop. When I got home I was ready to just flake out on the sofa with my cup of tea and collection of low cal snacks again, but then hubby rang and said that his cousin was coming over in about an hour. Now, as much as I love his cousin (he is more like a brother to my hubby) it just really was rubbish timing. But we havent seen him for about 2.5 years as he has been in Canada so I wasn't going to object.

Anyway, I then had to do a quick tidy of the house before he came which didnt help my head. He was also coming for something to eat as well, and we only really have enough food in the house for the two of us. So we ended up with that bloomin Chinese takeaway that I had managed to resist the night before!! I just wasn't feeling up to even trying to think of an alternative so I just went along with it. Didn't eat as much as I would have in the past but I still feel that I have let myself down a bit and I will be gutted if it means I dont lose anything this week :(

Anyway I am back on track today. Still feeling pretty rubbish and really cant face being in work all day today and tomorrow, not much choice though really. Its so hard to stick to good healthy eating when you are feeling so pants, but I guess that is the emotional eating that I need to tackle.


Onwards and downwards!
Fri 18th Mar

Oh dear I'm really not doing very well the last couple of days. Well actually, the days have been fine, but then I keep messing up in the evenings. I'm so frustrated with myself. I want to lose weight so so badly but then it all goes a bit pear shaped in the evening. I know I've only got myself to blame, but this week has been really hard because I've been feeling under the weather and have been working full time all week.

And also my hubby really doesn't help :( He never really sticks to diets properly, he just eats biscuits and crisps and takeaways and things and doesn't care, but still seems to manage to not gain weight. He just keeps suggesting takeaways and bad things and my willpower is so rubbish it doesn't take much for me to give in. I'm fine if the temptation isn't there but as soon as the carrot is dangled infront of me I really really struggle to say no. He's like 'Oh go on, you've been so good you deserve it'. Grrrrrr! Really need to work on my ability to say NO, lol. So after having that Chinese on Weds night I then ended up having kebab meat and salad last night :(

Oh well, its a new day and I'm not going to let this continue. Just going to accept it and move on. Hopefully I can repair some of the damage if I'm super good the rest of the week. Definitely not expecting a loss on Monday now which is frustrating, but a STS would be ok.


Onwards and downwards!
Mon 21st Mar

Its the start of a new week and I'm feeling positive. Weighed myself this morning and its a STS, but I'm not too dissapointed because I know I wasn't 100% last week and I'd much rather have a STS than a gain!!

Was away at my parents at the weekend and I usually go back to my old eating habits and just graze the whole weekend. But I was really good and managed to control myslef :D

Going to do the weekly food shop later after work (hopefully wont be hungry!) so can stock up on some nice low calorie food. Need some more ideas for lunches as I feel I might start to get bored with just salads all the time.

Goal for this week is to be 100% all week! :cross:


Onwards and downwards!
Tues 22nd Mar

Successful day yesterday. Had a 100% day. Still no exercise, but did spend over an hour walking round the supermarket doing the weekly shop! We ended up eating really late and I have to admit I couldn't be bothered chopping veg and preparing meat etc. So just had a Weight Watchers ready meal, all within my calories though. :)

Hubby is back on night shift tomorrow, which I actually quite like, lol. Get the tv and the bed all to myself, and I can huff and puff as much as I like while I'm on the treadmill without him commenting. Also got Thursday off this week too and the weather is lurvely. :D Oh and I get paid on Friday, woohoo!

Just got to try and get through today now. Tuesday is payroll day and its always a looooong busy day. Got a salad from Asda for my lunch, looked at the calories and saw 266 calories, so thought thats great! Just looked at it this morning, and its 266 for HALF of it!! Oh well, will just have to try and control myself and only eat half, unless I think I can spare the extra 266 calories. Will have a look at my food plan for the day and see what I think.
Well done on STS :)

You sound really motivated now, so go for it!!!!

lunches....homemade or low cal soup, crackers and low fat cheese or cheese spread, tuna and sweetcorn sandwich, or wholemeal roll, wholemeal pasta and low cal tomato sauce, or any low cal sauce, wholemeal roll and banana,
If your workplace has a microwave, a baked potato with a low cal filling?

Have a good day :)
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Onwards and downwards!
OMG OMG OMG!!!!!! Last night I was 1 number away from winning £260,835 on the EuroMillions!!!!!!! Sooooo gutted!!!!


Onwards and downwards!
Mon 28th Mar

Another week done and I have lost 2lbs :D Quite pleased with that following my STS last week. Im not too hopeful for next weeks weigh in though because I'm going to have to be VERY strong willed at the weekend.

On Saturday we are going to my Mum's friends 50th birthday. She is having a lunch picnic on the beach and they are providing all the food so I have no idea what will be there, and I LOVE picnic/party food!! Then in the evening we are going to a pub on the sea front, so pub grub. Eek its going to be a real test of my will power and I'm not sure how likely I am to succeed.

Just need to keep thinking about how well I am doing so far, and how I want to look fab for my birthday in June. I can enjoy the food, but in moderation. A little bit of whatever I like. In preparation I am going to try and be super good all this week in the run up to it and then super super good on Sunday so as to minimise any damage ready for weigh in on Monday.

Dreading work this week because it is financial year end which is always a nightmare! But I've not been asked to do any overtime this week so it will be lovely to have a nice long weekend. :D


Onwards and downwards!
The weekend is here!! Uh oh, lol. Must maintain willpower. I'm thinking to maybe not go for the pub dinner in the evening and just stick with the picnic. I didn't have the best day yesterday diet wise either so I've not got good feelings about Mondays weigh in. Oh well, I'm going to enjoy myself anyway :D


Onwards and downwards!
Mon 4th April

Cant believe we are now in April! There seems to be sooo much going on over the next few weeks/months.

Had a lovely weekend, really enjoyed cathing up with old friends on Saturday and then chilling on Sunday, wish I didn't have to come back to work today though! And it looks like another 4 day weekend this weekend as well as no overtime booked yet, woohoo!!

I weighed in this morning and I have gained 1lb this week, but to be honest I'm not too bothered because I had a really good time and I did manage to control myself. I think my body is just not used to eating carbs like bread etc so I am a bit bloated still. And I did have a sneaky McDonalds yesterday :eek:

Fresh week now, would love to shift some more weight before the family get together at Easter. I think half a stone is a bit ambitious but I will give it my best shot with 3 weeks to go. Then I need to work my butt off for 8 weeks to lose as much as possible before my birthday in June. Seems like an impossible task, lol. I definitely wont reach my goal weight, but I would love to drop a dress size or two.

Need to start keeping more of a diary on here I think, to try and help keep me on track.


Onwards and downwards!
Mon 4th April

Breakfast - Allbran (40g) with Skimmed milk (140g) and Strawberries (80g)
(174 kcals)

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