Emski is Stooopid


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Guess what... I have today ...and probably also over the weekend

Eaten My Own Weight In Biscuits and Crisps

Boredom eating.. no excuse.. line drawn..

Fruit and veg for me for the rest of the week!!!!!!!!! PAH :mad:

Off to asda tomorrow and so I will buy ready prepared salad and fruit ..

Have to get back to it or I will be putting my weight loss back on!!! And I got the big party soon !! :cool:
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:whoopass: draw a line under it and start again from now we all slip from time to time. Well done for confessing :) but dont do it again.

:cry: I dont like telling people off.


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oh emski! glad it's not just me. Kept it together for my birthday but then had a staff do and everyone bought food...I ate my own weight in nachos, cheesecake and crisps. Not surprising I put on 4 lbs and havent been able to shift it for 10 days

pah! soups and shakes for me til chrimble


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Me too!! I've been bad. Trying so hard but always bad... Just draw that line and sort it out tomorrow. Don't fret. Well done for acknowledging what you eaten.


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must be the time of year ..we just want to hibernate really !
sounds like you have given yourself a good talking to Em and ready to go tomorrow ..just keep smiling girl your doing brilliant !
Its my WI tomorrow bit late for me to undo all my naughty days lol
gilly xxx


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I had a gig Saturday night and it was outside Bristol so I didn't make it home until late Sunday afternoon. I was busy getting ready for the gig during the day and so didn't eat much but was hungry whilst waiting to go on and so ordered a ham sandwich from the bar (reckoning that I could call it a red day, with the granary bread being my HexB). It came out stuffed FULL of thick cut gammon ham, and freshly sliced bread (i.e. fat slices), salad and curly fries which I totally wasn't expecting. And though I did share my curly fries, I ate some too. But then played rock music and sang for almost three hours so didn't feel too guilty about it. Then the next day about lunchtime we were all starving, and so someone made a run to Miss Millies. (you know where this is going, don't you...) I decided I would just have a couple pieces of chicken but would pull the skin off, and then it could be a red day again. But couldn't resist eating some of the crispy outside, which I managed to break free from the skin, and oh I'll just have A FEW fries... Well, I managed to leave about 6 fries in the bag just so I could convince myself I hadn't eaten the whole bag! LOL!! Anyway, I did try not to eat TOO much, but I was sort of off plan at the weekend. It seems that rock music and SW aren't comfortable bed-fellows. I didn't drink though!! I have my weigh in on Wednesday so we shall see if I've gotten away with it! I went to the gym last night and again tonight. I'm running scared! :eek:

I guess what I'm saying is... we all stray now again, for various reasons. Nothing to get too hung up about! C'est la vie!


Don't worry Emski - i'm in the same boat!!!

I'm at home now though and Mum is on SW so the house is full of muller lights and pasta. Wahoo.

It's my boyfriend...I think I associate him with chocolate or something. GAH!


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I've slipped up as well recently, they ordered in lots of dimino's pizzas at work to thank us for our hard work (as we've just moved offices) I was just going to have one slice, but ended up having 4. BUT I still had a loss that week, I usually compensate for my over-synning by doing a bit of extra exercise. One thing I've learnt is that I find it VERY hard to resist free food!