End of day 4 of my restart and still going strong HOORAY


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Hello all,

Well I hope you don't mind me joining this fab site but I really need to let it out I HAVE LOST WAIT FOR IT ........ 5lb HOORAY that brings me to 2stone 12lb so far. I am over the moon. My CDC (who is Linda) seemed just as pleased as me which gave me a great boost.

Can't wait for next week now, let's hope it's another good one.

Thanks for reading.

Love Jacquie
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Hi Jacquie,

Don't forget the 1 1/2 inches off your waist since last week.

Also not only are you just short of 3 stones, you have only been on CD for just over 10 weeks so that a wonderful weight loss for that period.:cool:

Well Done You:D
Thanks Linda, I was actually updating my personal journey that I keep at home and worked out that I have actually been on the diet for 9 weeks and 4 days because although I came to see you on thursday 18th May because of my hubby's birthday bash on Saturday 20th I didn't start the diet untill Sunday 21st so thats even better isn't it WAHOO I have lost a total of 6 1/2 inches of my waist since the beginning too so I think that needs another WAHOO. Sorry about that but I am just a little excited.

Love Jacquie
Only 16lb to go and I will be half way through my journey WAHOO again sorry for the sad message but I just worked it out and got a little bit excited.

callmejacquie said:
Only 16lb to go and I will be half way through my journey WAHOO again sorry for the sad message but I just worked it out and got a little bit excited.

Definitely worth getting excited about mate!! :cool:
Thanks DQ I thought so to but it feels really good to have someone agree with me LOL means I may not be so sad after all LOL

Thanks again
My journey day 71 decisions decisions ??????

Well it's day 71 and I am still SS I am however getting really stressed about my holiday the problem is that I am not sure whether doing AAM for the duration of my holiday is a good idea I definitely know that I should do 1 week but will it be very detrimental to my diet to do 2 weeks. I think the problem is that everyone seems to have an opinion hubby thinks that I should only have 2 shakes a day and have a meal in the evening my Mum thinks that I should have the 2 weeks off completely as she thinks that the diet has changed my personality and makes me moody and as my Mum and Dad are coming on holiday with me she wants me to be my old self?????? My Dad thinks that I should play it by ear and if I want to have a meal then have it. The trouble is I feel a bit stupid but I really need someone in the know to tell me what to do then I can follow it the reason I chose this diet is because it takes away all the decision making and now the blasted holiday is putting the pressure on I know that at 33 I should be able to make the decision
so why can't I ???????

sorry for the long whinge but I really could do with some advice.

Love Jacquie
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What I would suggest Jacquie is you start AAM next week, followed by 790 the following week. Then make a decision to stay on 790 or go on 1000 for your holiday.

It would not be wise to stop completely as your body would not be ready to deal with the food you will be eating.

The suggestion your hubby has made to have 2 packs and a meal, would not be entirely safe from a nutritional point of view as each pack contains one third of your daily requirements of vitamins, nutrients, trace elements, etc. etc. so although you had a meal you could not guarantee it would have in it the nutrition of a pack, in fact that would be very unlikely. So you would still need a third pack.

The 1000 cal programme is much more flexible as you will be able to join in more with the family around food times, you will still lose weight on this programme.

You must make the decision what is right for you all of the programme will still give you weightloss.

We can discuss this fully when we meet on Thursday as there are other variables.

Thanks Linda I think that I will put it to the back of my mind until Thursday I really appreciate all the support you are giving me and I am sorry if I am proving to be a little needy.:(

Thanks for the compliment Isobel I really appreciate it.:D

Love Jacquie
Mo problemo, hun - we all need a bit of support to keep us going! And I'm happy to spread it around (as it were!) lol

Jacquie the weightloss journey is not easy as many on here will testify. You are doing great and we will work our plan best for you to get you through your holiday.

Counsellors are there to help you through this and you are surrounded by excellent ones on this forum:)

That's what I reckon aswell:cool:
Breathes a sigh of relief :D

It does show, but it's always a risky thing asking people ;)

Like asking someone how old you look. Very daring :D
Oh thank the Lord lol - was worried there for a minute - just in case! lol But I knew I was right! LMTO!

Looking good, hun!

Hi Jacquie,

You can copy and post your photos' off photo box onto your thread and have the two photos' side by side.

This will be a good record as you go along.

I am sure you must of lost a good few inches, as you have definition around your waist.

Love Mini xxx