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end of day - my feelings (sorry long)

This is more of a thought expulsion than anything else. I am at the end of day one and started the day with water, then chicken soup (leaving a quarter in the botton of the bowl), then water and some oriental chilli soup and finishing with some veryy lumpy hot chocolate.

I have to say that I am struggling to get the soups down me, quantity wise they are too much. I am not sure if i am not enjoying the soups because my mouth just feels SO weird: furry, fuzzy, sticky, raw, metallic - just weird. I hope this passes as it is disgusting but makes me wanna drink more water.

My mind is doing battle with me at the moment and I keep askingmyself why I am doing this, and how my life got to a point where this was a solution. I know I want to do this but my brain keeps telling me to stop. Funnily, i have not been very hungry today, just very headachy and very depressed. I have read numerous posts about these first few days so know what to expect, but it is so unpleasant. I leep asking myself whether I can stcik another hour/day/week/month. I have put so much on this diet that failure would take me lower than before i started. i am praying that the soups taste better tomorrow, and that the headaches subside.

i also tell myself that i can always go back to my CDC and swap the soups for other flavours or for porrige, and if all esle fails I can add one meal a day. anything to keep going. I would be devastated to stop and KNOW i can do this, so why does that little voice in my head keep asking me if it is worth it and telling me to go to the gym. I am so full of self doubt and have convinced myself that i cannot do this and this is not the diet for me - but then what do i go back to? I know I was desperate and that is what led me here so why go back now????

My mind also plays little tricks on me like telling me to have some chicken or omelette as that is low carb, but again I do not want to give in. Its not only the money i have spent on the packs, its the emotional investment i have made. I want to be here next saturday posting my loss and hurraying, not feeling crap.

After all, isn't it better to feel depressed doing this than be depressed having eaten crap. I want to lose 2 stone - that would take me a weight I would be happy with. One small number, and one HUGE mountain for me to climb.

Will I get through this and why has giving up food made me so introspective and made me think about myself and why I eat??

thanks for reading, and you don't have to reply (I have posted 3 times today so may have done your head in already today!)

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Aw I'm sorry you're having a rough start, but I couldn't stomach the soups at all. I started on SS+ which included a small meal, and find the shakes and bars are lovely - try swap the soups for a variety of shakes and if mixed in a blender with ice cold water, they're just like milk shakes - the vanilla is just like cold melted ice cream and the chocolate is yum too.....once you get on the bars the peanut and the cranberry ones are really nice.

The first week is the hardest, but you should try a variety of CD meals before you decide if this is for you or not. I'm sure your CDC would swap soups you didn't like for something else, she/he wants you to stick with it, so I'm sure will be happy to oblige.

Let us know how you get on - you're not alone in this and we're here to help/support/listen....whatever is needed.

Good luck x


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seriosuly i know how u feel. i get weepy and really down. strange. personally i can not go near any soups. no powder shakes. cant do it.
i have all tetra, but few months ago realsied that banana tertra made me wanna spew as well.

just find ur 'drink' and ull be set, there will be one u like... keep trying

first few days are rough, and im haivng me restart first day tomro, so get ready to pass me a tissue
hi - i did think the choc (made hot) was ok but am struggling to finish anything. will this affect my weightloss as don't want to end up starving my body.
Stick with it its early days, I admire anyone that can do this diet and think you all deserve a medal for following it you need such will power and determination. It will soon be day two and then day three etc and before you know it you will be posting your weight loss, dont give in hun.....Linda x
I think the first three days are the worst. if you can get through that you can do it!!! this is one of the hardest yet easiest diet to do (for me) I think... it hard because it's so strict and restricting no normal food unless you add the 200kcal meal which I did and it defo made a difference to me I looked forward to that meal every night like it was a treat!! it's also easy because you dont have to spend ages thinking about what to have for your next meal no real planning, calorie counting or adding up points to see if you can have a meal or not... it's already been done for you... which will leave you with more free time to post on here!!!!!!!! :)
aw hun
sorry your feeling this way, i think that it maye your mind and not your stomach, that is battling against you at the moment.

I actually like the soups, shakes and the porridge

i now have the shakes hot, plus i don't mind them a bit lumpy, i must be a bit strange.

soups again i don't mind them, like the chicken and mushroom, only one i don't like is oriental chicken.

somewhere on this forum is a list of what you can do with your shakes, i made muffin with one of mine, it was yummy, you do have to drink more water though when you do it this way.

I'll try and find the link.

I don't know how you started the day with soup though, i couldn't

i try plenty of water, as much as i can, a hot vanilla or banana shake.

tea is a soup

then about 8-10 i have another hot shake, i'm not to over keen on the chocolate though, butterscotch is lovely

Stick with it, honest it will be worth it.

And you can come on here anytime, we all understand how hard it is.

Look forward to seeing your loss next week.


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sorry you have had such a bad day, but if your mouth is tasting all metallic etc already then it looks like you are heading into ketosis pretty fast. so hopefully your transition won't be too bad!! keep it up!! i agree with the others that you need to try things that you wouldn't usually. i was hoping to stick mainly to soups, but have ended up mainly on shakes. the spicy tomato soup is my fave. just like a cupasoup. i also have my soup in a big mug as i find it easier to get down that way :)

abz xx
thanks everyone. day 2 and i must say i have woken up feeling pretty good - v weird. and i am on my second large pint glass of water. I actually woke up thirsty.

i willl keep you posted but thankyou for your kind words - and wicked chris i will try and mix things up a bit.
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If you are finding the shakes too much in one go try mixing half a pack at a time. You don't have to make them thick, just try to consume each shake made within 20mins or you lose the goodness.


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Hi I didnt like anyof the soups so lived on choc vanilla strawberry shakes for 6 months .I was lucky and was introduced to cd by a friend who showed me how to make them with ice cubes and cold water mix really altered the taste a texture there is a sticky with this info .I later discovered psyllium husks which I add to warm shakes to make a porridge ish mix(I got these from herbmoon.com .These are just fibre so are allowed and keep you regular .The tetra s are nice warmed in micro or frozen take them out at least 30 mins before you want to eat I used to get them out 1 hour before . The taste of the shakes does grow on you give them a couple of days and after a week or so go back and retry some flavours you get used to the sweetener and vitimins so give them a second go xx Good luck on your journey x
Mandy's advice on retrying stuff after a while is a good one as you do get used to the taste and what you hated one week, might be nice a few weeks later.....


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i promise by day 3 you will wake up like a new person ketosis is the best thing in the world.i too had extreme difficulty with soups shakes and dont like bars so ,i have porridge 3 times a day,it is watever works for you,all the self doubt will disappear tomorrow and you will start to feel the weight fall off,i have just got weighed on my wii fit i do it every day and as of this morning i have lost 1 stone in 10 days,that is what keeps me going hope you can too,just think in a few weeks you can get back to your life with all the weight gone and you will smile at your posts and think was that me .hugs keep going angie x


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Sorry you were feeling so rough yesterday. But the good thing is you're not on your own in feeling like this. The arguments I had in my own head in the first few days were horrendous, but it does get easier. That craving for food hasn't really gone away for me, but I find it much easier to ignore now.
I also cannot stomach the soups, so don't feel bad for that. They are vile to me. I started with strawberry, vanilla, & choc sachets. I now cannot stand the vanilla ones, so am just on straw & choc.
If you get an ice cube crusher off ebay & crush lots of ice, then make your shake & add it to the ice, drink it through a straw & it tastes lovely. Honest... I also plan my day with my "food" & it makes me feel like I'm doing something, if you know what I mean....
I have first shake @ 11am, then water until about 3pm, then a savory drink (bouillon), then a shake @ about 5.30, then if I'm really hungry I have 200cal meal, (don't do this everyday, just depends how I'm feeling) then another shake at 8ish to combat the evening cravings. I drink as much water as I can inbetween & set myself little goals, like I must drink x amount of water before I make the tea... I find it really helps me get it down.

also, buy some goldspot breath freshener for your breath, it will help refresh you mouth.

Good luck, day three was the worst for me & on day four I felt much better..... x
Just wanted to add my support to all the good advise already give :0)Must admit i cant stand the soups and just live on the shakes, think the first week before your weigh in the worst but once you see the scales drop it will all click into place hun. Keep going and keep strong and definatly keep posting XxX


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Hi there,

You are going to feel like you have more energy in a few days than ever before! So stick with it.

You were talking about the gym in your first post, at about 10 days in I started going to the gym and I'm loving it so there isn't anything stopping you from doing that too.

I'm now finishing off my forth week and don't feel hungry at all, don't even want my shakes/soups but force them down anyway.

It's a really good feeling being in control over what your eating and I think you will come to really love this diet x