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End of first week on rtm tomorrow

Hi. I'm finding it weird to eat.... Salad! I cheated my way through abstinence with protein galore but never had salad etc. Very weird to feel a bit guilty about a lettuce leaf! I'm sure I'll get used to it! Weigh in tomorrow. Hopefully will still have lost a lb or 2. I walked 12 miles yesterday and 4 the day before. Hopefully that'll count for something.
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i start rtm on mon... how you finding it really??? xx
Hi Carrie, RTM is fine for me, but I've not really changed my habits too much anyway. As you may know due to me never making it even one day abstinent for weeks! 0/7 is me! I have always preferred to have ham, chicken or shellfish instead of a pack for most of the way through, so basically I've followed the plan for the 1st three days of RTM all along, today I thought I'd add salad leaves too. I had it with salmon, which I've just looked at, I'm not meant to have that yet!oops. I find as long as I stay away from carbs and my wine, I can get away with protein and still loose. I generally have a day off after weigh in and start afresh the day after. This way I am not feeling so hard done by food wise. I plan to keep this up when I'm eating full time- one to two days with carbs and the rest of the week pretty carb free. If I eat crisp etc I just keep on going until there are no crisps left, so I'm hoping my willpower will recognise that crisps once a week is fine, but I must stay away from them, bread, pots, pasta etc the rest of the week. I'm totally fed up yoyo-ing. Hope you do well and keep in touch on the rtm link. Doesn't seem that there are many active users here. I'm going to pop back and forth for support and to hopefully give it too! x
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You both seem to have started RTM before you have reached your goal. Are these goals you have set yourself and will you continue to loose in RTM. I know, I suppose it's down to you and how much you do or don't eat. I am pretty much at goal and not sure where to start to maintain. I have decided to count carbs to maintain and I have set myself an amount each day. I love being this small and I don't care if I never eat a carb again if it means going back. I am so worried, my body is just going to hang on to all the carbs, and leaving ketosis means I wont have any control......Ahhhh...so confused...:cry:


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Hiya yes I started RTM at about the size I wanted to be, after speaking to my gp, I said I was not sure how much I should aim for as a goal weight, charts show between 8th 4 lbs and 11 st for my height. He advised go for a dress size I feel comfortable in, so I said I would stop then as I am between an 8-12 depending on shop, and wanted to be around 10-12. So started the nxt week, took the books and stuff home but did not start till following week so I could plan.
It's gone ok, ups and downs, some challenges, but remember, be kind to yourself and dont put too much pressure on you. It took a long time to get to the weight we started LL, so it's a learning curve which will take time to adjust too.
I did the first couple of weeks according to the plan then ended up deviating and finding my own levels, I struggled for weeks to eat the volume.
Now settled into my own flow, have not eaten potatoes, rice etc yet. Have been for couple of Christmas do's, one no problem, second over ate, ended up bloated, chilled and did lite the next day and it settled.
I'm allowing myself 7lbs either way, but do weigh myself every couple of days.
Did struggle with not buying all the clothes in the world that fit!!! So now have managed to control that, I'm settling into my own flow.
Sugar free jelly was a god send I forget which week you are allowed them, but still have several a week. Asda do weight watchers packet ones for about 30p, which is good.
Good luck with your journey, chill is the best advice, think about your Christmas do, it's one night, don't blow it, but if you do over eat etc, be strict next couple of days and you will get back in the flow.

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