End of week 3 - refeed

Discussion in 'Lipotrim Forum' started by DiscPete, 14 July 2009 Social URL.

  1. DiscPete

    DiscPete Motivated by you lot!

    Hi all,

    Just finished my refeed week before my trip, and I am happy to say that I still managed to lose another 6lbs! I'm very happy with this. Now it's just damage limitation for the next 2 weeks!

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  3. killercurls

    killercurls I *will* be skinny again!

    woohoo! congrats! that's awesome! good luck for the next 2 weeks! :) xxx
  4. DiscPete

    DiscPete Motivated by you lot!

    Thanks killercurls, very nice of you to say so.

    I just realised, I am no longer obese! WooHoo!! What a bonus! I know it's only just under and it's just a word, but it's another little bit of encouragement and motivation. :D :D :D
  5. killercurls

    killercurls I *will* be skinny again!

    anytime discpete! :D

    congrats again! that's amazing!! you've gone down a bmi group! hey words are great encouragement! :D xxx
  6. Aoife

    Aoife Silver Member

    Well done and good luck.
  7. Scotsmist

    Scotsmist Life is not a Rehersal!

    Hi Pete

    Well done..that is so good and on re-feed as well! You are certainly motivated!

    Have a great holiday and no doubt see you when you are back, and you can tell us all about your amazing trip!

    Just try and have things in moderation and I am sure you will be ok whilst you are out there......just remember the buzz you have at the minute and hopefully it will continue with you on your journey.

    Take care

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