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Energy and Hunger

I'm on week 15 (had my first development group on Thursday - very odd what with there being new faces and bright yellow books!) and over the last few days I've noticed that I seem to have far too much energy! I mean its 11.30am at the moment and I'm up, showered and dressed, just about to start my 3rd litre of water and second pack of the day and I woke up at 7.30 and was up at 8 - this is VERY unusual for me! I normally sleep until gone ten on weekends and stay in bed for half the day - I even seriously considered going swimming at 8.30 this morning (until I realised the pool doesn't open til 9 on weekends and would be full of annoying children getting in my way!).
I've also noticed over the last week that I'm getting hunger pangs (real ones - not emotional) - as an experiment I've stopped the bars this week and gone back to just 1 soup and 3 shakes a day as I have my suspicions that not only are they slowing my weight loss down but may be making me hungry (I detest the old bars and only actually like the 2 new ones so its only in the past few weeks that I've introduced the bars anyway so if I managed the first 11/12 weeks on a liquid only diet I'm sure I can do it again!)
For about the last 6 weeks or so I've been swimming 3 times a week and so think I'm probably a bit fitter than I was (and thinner obviously!).
I've never been an exercise kinda person (hence my weight) but could this combined with the 4 stone I've lost in the last 100 day (well 2lb off 4st but as good as!) be a reason for the sudden increase in energy and hunger??

MM x
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Adding in exercise could definitely contribute to increased energy. If you don't mind me asking, how many calories are you getting per day? It sounds like a very small amount, but I obviously can't say for sure. If you are feeling hunger pangs, a good thing to do is to make sure you are getting adequate fiber and lean protein. Even if you stick with the shakes and soup, maybe you can add a fiber supplement to them (Fibercon is a good one) to help with the hunger. Good luck!
Hi Twopoundsperweek, I'm getting 500 calories a day from my 4 packs which is the same as I've been getting for the last 3 months! You're right, it does sound low but being as its a very low calorie diet (VLCD) I think its fine :eek:)
I think the amount of fibre I get is alright - I drink loads of water flavouring which has fibre in as well so I don't think I need anymore and adding in anything else (ie lean protein) is not an option while I'm doing LL.
Its probably my increased fitness thats responsible - hey ho, I'll live!

MM x
Good for you! What a nice problem to have (the energy bit I mean, not the hunger!)

Please let me know what happens without the bars. I'm thinking of doing the same, as I never seem to get into ketosis properly and sometimes weight loss is not as fast as I'd like. Sounds as if there are several of us who are thinking along the same lines.

Best of luck!

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