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energy levels?


Back on the diet train...
Hey im in the same boat asked the same question a few days ago. Everyone said its after about your 2nd or 3rd week. your body must adjust to having only a small amount of carbs and sugar which most of us lived on before this. Im on my 11th day and i have to say i had my worst day on my 9th but yesterday i started to feel a little more normal. I think for some people its a boost of energy like your mam and a gradual one for some people. Just keep drinking water and it will come.
yes i am getting worried too started on friday and feel really low today got work tomorrow and got an active job so a bit nervous about tomorrow i hope i got enough energy to get me through the day and the week.
I am like a Christmas Elf on speed. I can not sit still for one minute. Literally bouncing off the walls. If I don't have something to do I have to find something! I get frustrated and angry if I'm not busy or doing something for someone. My new nickname is 'The Machine' A big difference from 'CC' (Chubbychops' I really do think I have problems though! It's like an addiction to movement!

I found my energy after the first week and the more weight I lost the more energy I got. Hopefully you will all be the same but do what your body tells you to do - If you feel tired and weak, rest. Don't over exert yourself.
;) HI Betsybotox,
Love your 3rd goal, made me chuckle. I'd like to sit up in the bath without causing a Tsunami at one end! Your weight losses are absolutely amazing :D My first weigh in is on Wednesday and I'm hoping for great things.
;) HI Betsybotox,
Love your 3rd goal, made me chuckle. I'd like to sit up in the bath without causing a Tsunami at one end! Your weight losses are absolutely amazing :D My first weigh in is on Wednesday and I'm hoping for great things.
Hahaha Winky! I feel your pain! The bath thing for me is getting slightly better. I'm not touching the sides anymore but I still don't have an equal amount at both ends.

We'll both get there and be fabulous! In fact we may even have to buy a smaller bath as it may become too big, you know a safety issue, don't want to drown!

Thank you. I've been shocked at my losses. 2 stone 8lb in 4 weeks, I could never have dreamed that amount.

You'll be fantastic! If you stick to the rules the weight will melt from you and it will make you so determined for the next week. Looking forward to you posting your weigh in on Wednesday!
Yeah...I was tired and lethargic for almost two weeks!! Then it felt like something clicked. I've never felt better. I mean I am quite cold but in terms of energy I think your body gets used to having to burn the fat to keep it going...and that maybe differs from person to person in terms of how long it takes.

I'm like a rabid dog at the moment- cleaning, tidying, dancing to Britney Spear's 'Stronger' on my bed (don't ask) and having fashion parades in the clothes that I can (currently) only just shoe-horn myself into. All very bizarre....but a lot happier and energetic than last week. Third WI on Tues so I'm just keeping everything crossed that my buzz is going to pay off!

It WILL get better....in a week or so you'll be filled with FIREEEEEEEE!

had a hard day today i am very tired and feel so weak hope this does not last long as don't think i can cope with felling like this all the time but held tight and did not break and have food when i got home which is very good for me just hope it lasts.
How long have you been on LT BigWelshBoy?
you can do it welshie.
hang in there
it's so worth the first week or 2 of feeling like that.
your first weigh in will be great and motivate you for next week x


Positivity is the key
hope the energy thing happens for you, unfortunately it didn't for me. I suppose we are all different. However it didn't stop me losing weight and if you asked me would I do it all again, YES, even with the tiredness this has to be the best diet ever. Hopefully you will get the energy you want soon but either way stick with it, it will be worth it in the end no matter what.
thank you all i have been on LT for 4 day's now i think if i can get the week done i will feel a lot better:) well i hope so?
It's early days yet. You wait and see after the first week (maybe two) you will feel great and completely forget about the initial yuckness. Stick to the plan 100% and make sure you drink plenty of water. Rest when your body tells you to rest. You owe it to yourself to be happy and healthy and LT is a surefire way to do that.

Well done at not giving into the food demons. You're strong and determined. Determination and focus are the main ingredients to succeed and you've got plenty.

Looking forward to your first weigh in. You'll lose soooooo much and that will spur you on and make you even more determined. If you're ever feeling down pop on here and someone will always be here to reassure you and tell you that you're not alone in how you're feeling. We're all in the same boat.
Hi bigwelshboy
I am a day or two behind you: started Tuesday, so today is day 3 and I feel very tired, hungry and head achey. Is there a board or thread for men anywhere? I'm finding timing the 2 shakes difficult - when do you have yours? I tried 10.30 and 6.30 on day 1 (OK) and day 2 (really uncomfortably hungry in the afternoon), then today I held off until 1.30 for the first and will have the next about 7ish.
Great to hear from someone else doing the same thing.

welcome aboard.
why don't you try having 1 shake and 2 flapjacks as you will kinda have 3 meals then to break it up.
i know the bars aren't to everyones taste but it may be worth a go.

are you drinking enough water?
could you maybe only make up half a packet of your shake so you'd have 4 smaller shakes a day?
first week though you are likely to feel hungry anyway until ketosis kicks in.after that you may be fine having the 2 shakes a day.

good luck and i think that there's a mens group you can join.all on different diets though but i'm sure supportive.

mind you i'm sure the ladies here will help you out just as much x
Thanks tafflass - I'll take a look
It says I don't have permission to look at that page. Huh?
oh think you may need to have posted on here at least 50 times before getting access to certain things.

you'll soon get there though x

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