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Enjoying the gym?!

In my pre-diet days I always thought of people who enjoyed going to the gym as a bit well, a few sandwiches short of a picnic shall we say lol. But I'm now in week 8 of my diet and have going to the gym routinely for about 3months now.

I'm ashamed to admit that I love it! I love that feeling you get when you know you've worked really hard and I always feel really proud of myself for going and actually doing something towards losing weight rather that just not eating what I used to.

I was going 4 times a week but I'm working 50hours a week throughout August so I can only fit 3 visits a week in which at first I thought would be fine but I've found that I actually really miss going that extra time! haha whats happened to me?!

Anyone else been won over and converted to being a gym lover?
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I have never found the motivation to go to the gym. I always wished I could be one of those people who got addicted to the gym but it was just never my thing. I was really pleased when I found martial arts and I get the best workout from them. If I tried the gym I would fail after a week or 2


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I would NEVER have set foot into the Dojo when I was at my biggest even though everyone there is really nice and they don't judge but I would have felt so self conscious. Even now I feel like I am the biggest there and like I stick out a little but I just get on with it!

I started karate in March last year cus one of my mates was doing it and she said that it was a great workout so I thought I would give it a go for the exercise side of it but I really got into it and at the beginning of this year I started kickboxing too and I do 5-6 hours a week now. It's great exercise and I also get the feeling that I am acheiving something while I am there other than improved fitness
i sometimes enjoy the gym and sometimes not it dipends what mood im in and if i go with someone or not, but these past few weeks i havent been going to the gym, i found that somedays was just too hot and muggy to go , i like to go when its cooler so i really need to get back into it.


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Hiya All

Just joined Minimins today!!

I started going to the gym 3-5 times a week 4 months ago when I started SW - I've so far lost over 3 stone!

I'm so sure that I wouldn't have had such a great weight loss if it wasn't for going to the gym - excercise is great for toning and great for your mood too!

I too am a convert and if I now don't go for a few days - I really miss it! (Although I couldn't enjoy it as much if I didn't have my ipod with me!!)
I used to think "gym people" were crazy. All gorgeous people lookig in mirrors at how gorgeous they are.

Now i go and LOVE it. (Even tho there are a few posers, lol)
My boyfriend is a great motivator and he pushes me, which is exactly what i need.

We started doing classes instead and i work so much harder and get much better results that at the gym on my own. I def recommend it.


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I love love love the gym. I only go to classes though, I get bored using the equipment.

Haven't been the last couple of days though as feeling a bit poo (think it's the weather)



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I love the gym, especially the classes. Just been to a step class for the first time and it was brilliant!! I sweated buckets and had a really tight chest but it was worth it for the amount of calories burnt.
I always get a bit moody and tetchy when i can't go to the gym. Its def helped me lose the weight

Lesley x
My favourite gym equip = X Trainer
My least favourite gym equip = Rower (It's sooooo hard!!!!)

What's everyone else's fav and least fav gym equip/weight/class??
My favourite is the x trainer cause it burns the most calories and you can get a really good rhythm going. My least favourite is the bike, I'd much rather be cycling outside!
Another gym convert here :D I also never thought I'd love it, but to be honest I'm a complete gym bunny lmao :D
My fave is probably the Xtrainer, as thats the one I see my biggest improvement on, but to be honest I love the bike and the tread mill too lol


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My favourite is the rower but I don't have one! I have an Air Walker which is great as it doesn't impact on my poor knees so I can use it for longer than the stepper
The thought of joining a gym terrifies me to be honest, but I would love to use gym equipment. I'm still in that self-concious phase but once (if) that improves then i will consider giving it a try.
found it a real struggle goin to the gym so took a diffrent route and started doing diffrent classes until i found some i liked now i dont see them as a chore because i really enjoy them and if im feeling a bit bored i change to diffrent classed .
I must admit I am a gym junkie too. I just love the adrenal rush after a class – spin and body pump being my favourite.
I had an op on the 8th July and have to wait until I see the consultant before I can go back (next Thurs) ……and then I can only do gentle exercises and cannot lift any weights.
Its £28.00 well spent every month.

Aislinn x
I'm now addicted to the gym - but have been thinking about trying a class - now I feel as if it won't be too embarrassing and I shouldn't have to stop and take a break every 5 mins!

Can anyone recommend a class for that common prob area of stomach/bum/legs?

Does pilates help that area?
The thought of joining a gym terrifies me to be honest, but I would love to use gym equipment. I'm still in that self-concious phase but once (if) that improves then i will consider giving it a try.

Just going and giving it a try will make you feel so much more confident. I hated getting into my gym kit at first and felt even bigger but you'll be amazed at how quickly you start to shape up and how much better you feel for going! about 90% of the other people there will feel exactly the same if not worse x

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