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Hi guys,

As a therapist, I often work with people with low self esteem. Yes, this is coming from someone with 0 self esteem but there you go.
Any how, was just thinking me could do an exercise to really boost our egos and big ourselves up!!
With low self esteem, we often focus on the negatives, often overlooking the postives.
I think you should all post all the positive, good things about yourself and also, any compliments you have received lately.

I hope you don't find this cheesier than a multipack of wotsits, i just think we all need a boost from time to time :) xxxx
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Good idea - could do with a boost of self-esteem :)

1) I just did a whole week of LT! Never thought i would, but i have been strong and done it :D

2) I was complimented for creative thinking

3) I was told i would be a good union rep


On a mission
1. I was told by my manager I have intellectual horsepower
2. I too have managed a whole week on LT (second time round is harder for sure)


One last chance
1. I've been noticed about my weight loss by my friends and people who I don't even know LOL
2. I can finally fit into size 16 jeans.
hey this is a really good excercise!!

well.. no1 complimented me recently but i tried an old pair of jeans the other day...and they fell off!! heehee :D


One last chance
Awesome! Isn't it great when a pair of trousers get too big for you?
definitely! and its also awesome when u get to a size 16 cos then u can shop in most shops! (especially primark heehee) :) well done


One last chance
Hellz yeah! I can't wait to start shopping when I'm slim, then I'll actually start to love shopping.
nothing wrong with buying a thing or two now too u know!! celebrate every size on ur way down!!! heehee :D nothing like a bit of retail therapy! x


One last chance
LOL well, I do have to buy some 16's since I can't carry my 18's anymore LOL
hey this is a really good excercise!!

well.. no1 complimented me recently but i tried an old pair of jeans the other day...and they fell off!! heehee :D
EXCUSE ME! i complimented you !! when i saw you at tani's house I said your stomach looks so small! you poo!

no one said anything nice about me :p and i have put on 5lbs...

my best compliment has to be the look on OHs face when he saw me after 3 months. he looked at me like as if I was on a catwalk :)
1. Everyone at work , keeps saying I look amazing - one manager actually told me I look like a completely different person and he did not recognise me.
2. I have gone from a size 20 in trousers to a size 14 :D
3. When my daughter came home at Christmas from University , she said WOW !! and said my jeans looked great.
u dont count cos u always say summat positive whether i agree with it or not :p

i wonder when guys will start staring at me... :D heheh jk x
oh come on .. we both know you have never had trouble in that department!!!... monkey. jaadu said that you have lost lots of weight. he kept on talking about it later as well.
Brilliant thread!

1) I managed to lose the weight for my wedding and fit into my size 12 wedding dress and felt like a princess!
2) My husband finds me irresistible!!
3) I am totally in control
4) I am forever getting asked how I managed to lose so much weight which i always take as a compliment!!
ooo really??? he never said anything to me tho! tell him i said thanks :D then again i haveee since i last saw him! that was ages agooo
My neice told me this evening not to lose too much cause there would be less of me to love......awwww and she is only 7

The fella says he can't wait to we get married as he fancies the pants off me (bridget jones eat your heart out), man hes in for one hell of a shock on the wedding nite...rumpey pumpey, whee hayee