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Discussion in 'Cambridge Weight Plan' started by misspinkkat, 26 November 2009 Social URL.

  1. misspinkkat

    misspinkkat Can hug her knees :)

    I need size 15 jeans lol
    my favourte jeans were/are a size 16 skinny bootleg jeans and I have lived in them since I could get back in them, but now they are too big and really don't look nice :( I bought a some of dottyP's 2 for £25 one in a 16 and one in a 14 16 falls down 14 doesn't look attractive, think I am destined for leggings and big jumpers for the next god knows how many months :(
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  3. misspinkkat

    misspinkkat Can hug her knees :)

    Funny I just thought the size 14's probably fit like my 20's did at the start of my journey and I had no worries about fitting myself in them lol xx
  4. Hoping2LoseBig!!

    Hoping2LoseBig!! Silver Member

    Im the same hun 16s to tight and 18 fall down! Sucks!!
  5. onlyme!

    onlyme! is a naughty girl...

    why dont you try a different store? I found that some places give that little bit extra! ;)
  6. MinnieMel

    MinnieMel Why Be Normal?

    Hi Ladies,

    Megan is right -- I pick out things from the rack, usually taking one in two sizes. In some items the larger size fits, in others the smaller does -- and in some neither works. So, I do not buy it.

    The cut is very important to how something fits. We are not all shaped the same. I have very chunky legs (even when I am thin) -- so, often I can get the jeans up over the bum and fastened at the waist, but my thighs look as if they are in sausage casings. Certain brands and styles look and fit better (much better) than others. So, shop around -- good luck.

  7. misspinkkat

    misspinkkat Can hug her knees :)

    sadly I work all the hours god sends in the week and im not sure my boys would bee too happy with being dragged round clothes shops while i try stuff on :( will book a day off work in the new year and so some serious shopping hopefully i will be slightly closer to goal by then too, in the meantime legging or jeans with belts it will have to be :( xx
  8. MinnieMel

    MinnieMel Why Be Normal?

    Hi Kerena -- It's all back in fahion now, so that works!

  9. sumayyah

    sumayyah please try again

    asda have some lovely long line jumpers
  10. AlyB

    AlyB Full Member

    Belts are the best idea! im purposefully not buying too many pairs of jeans as before long they become too big! having said that, when theyre 2 sizes too big then its time for new ones!
  11. miss jelly tot

    miss jelly tot CWP Consultant

    Asda also do inbetween sizes in some of their stores so you can get 11,13,15 e.c.t jeans
  12. emmapetty

    emmapetty Going for Goal!

    Hi Kerena, Im so pleased Im not the only one!!! My size 16 trousers are too big, so I went along and get a size 14 (didn't bother trying them on...) Got home put them on and although they fasten they show every lump n bump and look vile!!!!!! To the back of the wardrobe they stay until I loose another few lbs methinks! I remember how devestated I was back in March when I went to find some going out things for my Birthday - I ended up cancelling the whole night out because no size 24's would fit me :( And I refused to buy a 26. If it wasn't for that, god knows where I would be now. How good is it to be slightly smaller than a size 16?!!! I feel great about it, hope you do too!!! :):):) Hugs x x x
  13. parisbeach

    parisbeach Silver Member

    I so glad i not the only one that has the problem all my 20's have a huge gap at back of them, without a belt , but 18's are still alittle snug unless they the little stretchy style from new look. I just got a pair of sz 16 evie's jeans off ebay and i can get them on but not do them up yet. so they my next challenge.
  14. onlyme!

    onlyme! is a naughty girl...

    Good luck Paris beach! It wont take long....I had a pair I was waiting to get in to and I forgot about them, when I found them they were too big :D xx
  15. lancslass53

    lancslass53 Silver Member

    new look i find are pretty generous in sizes, most places im a size 16 but their "hula" jeans i can get in a 14, the 16s just hang off me and i need a belt, i know they have changed names of their jeans now but they are just the bootcut ones :)
  16. JimmyShoo

    JimmyShoo Silver Member

    How about some Jeggings nexct have some lovely ones in real denim fabric i am gonna get some in a few weeks.

  17. misspinkkat

    misspinkkat Can hug her knees :)

    Emma we are pratically clones lol whay with our hight weight and now silly jeans :)
    hmmm Jeggins could be the answer :)

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