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  1. Mrs*S

    Mrs*S Full Member

    I seem to lose the plot, I start a diet and lose 27lbs every time, then by the end of the three months I just eat and then leave which ever class I am at at the time then pile the weight back on. This has happened to me for the past 16 years give or take 2 pregnancies lol. I am 16 stone exactly and I really want to be 11 stone. I did have a list of things to do this year, and here they are.

    1. Get to 11 stone - not happened yet
    2. Get my music played on the radio -kristensweet.com (not happened yet but still trying)
    3. Go see my dad in America (not seen him for 13 years, not gonna happen this year)
    4. Meet David Tennant (That will be December at the Doctor Who convention in Brum)

    Now If only I can get 1 and 4 sorted then the other stuff can happen next year, need some motivational tips if anyone has them please.

    signing out for now

    Kristen x
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  3. chiligal

    chiligal Full Member

    The first thing I did was break my whole weight loss into little steps. I have a lot to lose and it's daunting looking at how much I need to lose in total, so I am just looking at each 1/2 stone, each stone bracket etc...

    I have also taken a photo of myself once a month and measurements so if the scales don't show it I can see results elsewhere.

    I have stopped beating myself up and feeling guilty if I go off plan, instead I treat the next day as a new day and start afresh - free of guilt (Usually this would lead me into a cycle of binge eating and feeling depressed).

    I haven't told anyone except my husband and my mum that I am on Slimming World so the only pressure comes from myself, I hate failing at anything yet not telling anyone about my weight loss has made me less likely to fail as I don't feel the pressure of other peoples expectations.

    Keep a food diary, fill it in and don't leave anything out. If you go over your syns don't worry, you are only human and tomorrow is another day.

    Wishing you all the best x
  4. Dolly Rocker

    Dolly Rocker Gold Member

    Great advice chiligal.

    Good luck Mrs*S

  5. Letresta

    Letresta Full Member

    I agree with chiligal and good luck. :)
  6. Mrs*S

    Mrs*S Full Member

    Well managed one of the four and that was meeting David Tennant Woogoo, weightloss this year

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