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Everyone's top tip


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We all come here to get and give support and advice, so I thought it would be fun to have a thread where we all list our top SW tip and why.

(P.S Let's see how many different tips we can get - I bet we can find a fair few!!!)

My top tip:

Step away from the scales!!! Do not weigh self daily/between official WIs.

It does nothing other than make every 1lb loss seem like it takes forever and it can give a false sense of how you are doing (both negatively and positively).
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My top tip is - never give up. It takes time to lose weight and there are ups and downs. Persistence pays!


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mine is make sure that you do not have loads of crisps and chocolate etc in the house, that is easy to grab and eat without thinking, make sure you have loads of syn free or low syns snacks in the house so you can have them instead. xx
Mine is to keep a food diary, because sometimes you think you have overdone it but if you wrote it all done it is never as bad as you thought.


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My tip is - variety! Try not to get stuck in a rut with eating the same things, especially when there are so many fantastic recipes and snacks to try.
I aim to try at least one new recipe a week, and through this have found lots of 'keeper' meals that I'll be making forever! And not ALL of them are cake :D
Have low-syn or free foods to hand (at work, at home, in your handbag, etc) for when you get the munchies, then you don't end up raiding the cupboards or going to the snack machine at work!
Alpen Lights, Fruit, Hi-Fi bars, Ryvita..... there are lots of possibilities!
Definately Meal Plan, it stops those standing in kitchen moments, when you can't decide what to have and are more likely to grab for something naughty. Meal planning also helps if you have a day where you fall off track, as it can be hard to get back in the spirit again sometimes, but knowing what you are having for meals for the next few days will help you stay focused.

Also fill up with free foods at meal times. Thats what free foods are there for. If you don't have enough and find yourself still hungry, you are more likely to raid the snack cupboard.


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Know your enemy! In other words, know what your danger points are and plan now for what you will do when that time comes. If you don't you'll more than likely revert to the bad habits that brought you here in the first place.
Try to save some syns for the evenings if you are an evening snacker, I try to use hardly any syns through the day and then I can have a treat in the evenings like chocolate or wine!
some grreeeeaaaat tips Mine is (what someone on here once said and it has inspired me no end...) that we're all on a journey and even if we take the scenic route, we'll get there if we get back on the wagon. (The original quote was about a bus journey where we might feel like gettiing some fresh air but that's okay, as long as we get back on the bus again) It has really kept me going when i've sts or gained. That's the hardest moment for me, so I guess I'm saying that perserverance is the key


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Some great tips here!

Make up a big tub of fruit salad so you can pick whenever you like. And also I keep a tub of homemade ratatouille in the fridge as it goes with lots of stuff and its there ready to eat. So really, try to have stuff made up in the fridge e.g. the above, couscous rice etc that you can grab and eat!

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