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Everything just went wrong tonight!

Grrr i just need to vent for a little so i am sorry everyone.

I am soooo excited to be starting CD and i cant wait to lose this weight. My first meeting is tomorrow night where i get all my packs so i can start SS on Thursday:). I had a doctors appointment tonight to get my doctors form signed. It was hard enough getting the appointment because my nanna wanted an appointment the same time that i wanted to go because we live 15mins away from the doctors and could kill two birds with one stone and go together.

First problem was the form that needed to be signed by the doctor, it had not come through the post ( the postman is behind because of all the snow we have had in our area) so i called my CDC last night and she said she would email it to me so i could print it off from work.
So today at work i tried to print it off from every computer from work but it would not print! I didnt know what i was going to do because i had my doctors appointment tonight. I phoned my CDC and she told me not to panic just get a detailed letter from the doctor.
Then i was put on a school run at the end of the day which ment i was going to finish work later than i normally would so that ment i would be pushing it to get to my doctors appointment on time :sigh:.
So i went on the school run and because of the ice a few roads where closed which ment we had to drive the LONG way around. 30mph all the way there!! I then had to drop off a woman from work at her home before i drove back to the office to pick up my car and go to pick my nanna up then travel the 15mins to the doctors. How come its typical that everything goes wrong on the day you dont want it to :mad:.
So i got to the doctors and they said i had missed my appointment i felt so upset after trying sooo hard to get there the woman must have seen how gutted i was and said ok sit down and he will see you soon. :p

So in the end i got my letter but just feel like i have had a stressfull day :( Cant wait to go tomorrow night and get my food packs and have a chat to my CDC.
Roll on Thursday!!

Hope u all have had a better day than me :) xxx
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hoping for a good loss
glad you ahve got your letter and you can start tomorrow. After the day you have had that just shows your determination to lose weight.

Hope you have a restful evening xx


Still fighting
Blimey your day seems like the day from hell :eek:

But result in the end :) Bet my doc would of charged if I asked for a letter.

Hope all goes well with your CDC and look forward to seeing u around soon x
Good luck xx You will see great results in 1 week.
What an awful day! So glad you got the letter - best of luck with your start tomorrow :)


This will be my year
Good luck Tasha, hope the meeting with your CDC goes well - from what you've described she sounds like a good 'un :D

What a fabulous relief you got your letter, it must have been very clear at the surgery how much you want to succeed with this diet. Motivation and determination - great attributes for doing CD, so you will do very well! Good Luck, hope Wednesday is a fair bit calmer x
Hi Tasha!! Just wanted to say good luck! I have my first weigh in with my CDC tomorrow and I cant wait! The first week will be hard but now I'm finding it ok, even easy (ish)! :)

Kylie xx


Silver Member
blimey youve had 1 hell of a day havnt, you, you wait till your first weigh in:D
omg murphy law really shone through glad you sorted everything out this is a brill diet looking forward to seeing your weighlosses best of luck :D
Aw thank you everyone hehe! Yes i start CD 2morrow so really looking forward to just gettin on with it and getting through that first week. With all the lovely comments from everyone i dont see how i could not... i am in the right mind set and the support from this site is just amazing.

Your all so lovely ty <3
Hey Tasha -- I am glad that you go the letter and things seem to be sorted. Hopefully these roadblocks you had to getting started will the only "outside" issues you encounter in doing this diet. It does work -- and it can be very difficult at times -- but the experience crew on this forum are here to support you through your journey.

Here's wishing you a fab first day!


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