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evilpenguins munchings

Hi all

Thought I would join in and get myself a minimins food diary thread going. I keep a diary at home & a spreadsheet at work so another can't hurt :) I really wanted to be halfway to target by the end of the year (21stone wanting to get to about 12stone!) but it's coming off slowly.. losing motivation & then comfort eating doesn't help. But I feel really positive thanks to this site and am hoping a food diary that everyone can see will motivate me some more. Maybe some newbies can steal my dinner ideas too :D

Just going to start with yesterday which was my first 100% day since about November.....

Weds 10th - extra easy

breakfast: coffee (milk part HEA) & sweetener (not exactly brekkie but wasn't hungry)
lunch: chicken pasta salad with extra light mayo (1 syn), shape yoghurt, satsuma, banana
dinner: risotto with courgette, leek, spring onion & 14g parmesan (3 syns)
snacks: weetabix (HEB) + milk (rest of HEA), wotsits (5 syns)

Total syns: 9 / 15
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Thurs 11th - extra easy

breakfast: coffee (HEA) + magic porridge HEB (28g porridge oats with banana + custard muller light)
lunch: chicken pasta salad (mayo 1 syn), wotsits (5 syns), shape yoghurt
dinner: cannelloni with reduced fat cheese (3.5 syns)
snacks: syn free pancake, yoghurt, satsuma

Total syns: 9.5 / 15

(Used up my HEA with coffees throughout the day)
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Don't think I ate enough yesterday. Dinner was packed with veg, so was lunch, so it should be cool.

Fri 12th - extra easy

breakfast: magic porridge with orange choc muller light + 28g porridge oats (HEB), coffees through out day (HEA)
lunch: chicken pasta salad (1 syn for mayo), wotsits (5 syns), satsuma
dinner: SW chicken curry (1 syn for corn flour), SW chips, salad
snacks: single twix biscuit (guess 5 syns), vlf natural yog, grapes, banana

Total syns: 12 / 15
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Saturday 13th - extra easy

breakfast: beans on toast (HEB)
lunch: leftover pasta salad (0.5 syns)
dinner: marshalls macaroni cheese in a box (1 syn for the marge, milk HEA)
snacks: single twix (5 syns), jaffa cake bar (6.5 syns), curly wurly (5 syns), VLF yoghurt with fruit

Total syns: 18 / 15 .. so too many but figured I had enough "saved" from the past few days to have the jaffa cake bar which was unforeseen + my mum's fault lol.

Also this is the first day I had some green tea so we'll see if it helps me lose more.
Sunday 14th - extra easy

Valentines Day today so going out for a meal. Using flexi syns and limiting myself to 60 syns! Is that too many??

brunch: SW pancakes (5.5 syns), lean bacon, quorn sausages, green tea
dinner: 6 course meal - guessing 40 syns*
snacks: green tea, half pack of fun size cadbury buttons (3 syns?)

* Valentines Dinner @ Khublai Khans Mongolian BBQ restaurant
1st course: kangaroo enchiladas = 1 tortilla wrap, kangaroo meat, a sprinkle of cheddar + some very yummy full fat mayo
2nd course: buffet meal using 2tbsp BBQ sauce
3rd course: buffet meal using 2tbsp BBQ sauce, 2tbsp olive oil
4th course: buffet meal using 2tbsp sweet + sour sauce, 2tbsp garlic oil
5th course: buffet meal using 2tbsp oil - did not finish this course
6th course: homemade banoffee pie (small portion) + a mocha (milk is HEA?)

Hoping the above only used around 40 syns, probably a lot more but the only synful things were what I've listed, without asking the staff about every single thing I was eating. I limited myself to 60 syns so that should pick up any extra syns I haven't counted.

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Monday 15th - extra easy

breakfast: magic porridge (HEB - 28g porridge with Onken free strawb yoghurt), coffee (milk part HEA)
lunch: green tea, roast chicken sandwiches (bread HEB, mayo 1 syn), satsuma, shape yoghurt, wotsits (5 syns)
dinner: pork chops, mashed potato (marge 2 syns, milk rest of HEA)
snacks: 2 curly wurlys (10 syns)

Total syns: 18 / 15. One curly wurly too many. I was starving :(
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Tues 16th - Red

breakfast: coffee (milk part HEA), magic porridge (HEB), more green tea..!
lunch: roast chicken sandwiches (HEB) with extra light mayo (0.5 syn), shape yoghurt, satsuma
dinner: another roast chicken sandwich (bread 6 syns), extra light mayo (0.5 syn), SW pancakes (5 syns + rest of HEA), syrup (guess 3 syns?)
snacks: took one bite out a curly wurly (1 syn?)

Today was rubbish, I was too tired to make dinner so we had pancakes + a sandwich instead of the stroganoff I'd planned. Should've had a lot more veg + a proper dinner :(

Syns: 14 / 15 (guessing tho)
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Weds 17th - extra easy

Today was WI + I lost 5lbs this week!!

breakfast: coffee throughout the day (milk HEA), banana
lunch: roast chicken sandwiches (bread HEB), extra light mayo (0.5 syn), marge (1 syn), activia yoghurt (free?), satsumas, banana
dinner: SW beef stroganoff, rice
snacks: nibbled on some pasta salad I was making for Thursday's lunch.. syn count 0 I would say. oh and I had another activia yoghurt

Total syns: 1.5 / 15 ... not enough!

Felt absolutely horrible today like I'm getting the cold or flu, didn't eat much because of this.
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Thursday 18th - extra easy

breakfast: magic porridge (HEB), with onken free strawberry yoghurt + chopped up strawberries, coffee (milk 0.5 syns*), green tea
lunch: pasta salad (1 syn), shape yoghurt, satsumas
dinner: Marshalls cheesy macaroni in a box (milk 1.5 syns)
snacks: cheese toastie (HEA + 6 syns), single twix (5 syns), funsize buttons (5 syns?), cherry muller (2 syns)

Today was pretty much a write off after dinner, I was so hungry I kept eating. Mostly because I didn't have a proper dinner!

*just found out 2tbsp SS milk is only 1/2 a syn!
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Fri 19th - extra easy

breakfast: magic porridge (HEB) with free onken strawberry yog + chopped strawberries
lunch: chicken sandwiches (HEB, mayo 0.5 syns), marge (1 syn), quavers (5 syns), shape yoghurt, satsuma
dinner: homemade chilli
snacks: twix (5 syns), chilli toastie (6 syns)

Syns: 17.5 .. too many again
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Sat 20th & Sun 21st - extra easy

breakfast: nothing:(
lunch: shape yoghurt

OK, so I didn't fill this out on Saturday night and have now forgotten everything I ate. I went over my syns by a lot though. Then on Sunday I kept eating, I stayed good for the first half of the day but then the evening came and I lost it. So the weekend was pretty bad, new start on Monday - definitely.
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Mon 22nd - extra easy

magic porridge (HEB) with onken strawb yoghurt
lunch: leftover cottage pie from yest. (free)
dinner: honey glazed pork chops, mash, roast veg (1 syn)
snacks: 1/2 a scan bran cake (4.5 syns), satsuma, munched a nibble of tomorrow's pasta salad (0.5 syns?), cheese & chicken toastie (HEA + 1 slice bread 3 syns), single twix (5 syns)


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Tues 23rd - extra easy

breakfast: magic porridge (HEB) with choco sprinkles vanilla muller
lunch: chicken pasta salad (mayo 1 syn)
dinner: macaroni cheese (milk 1.5 syns)
snacks: choco orange muller light, wotsits (5 syns), 2 slices wholemeal bread (6 syns) with cheese (HEA), vlf yoghurt with banana, grapes, satsumas

Syns: 13.5 / 15

Was really hungry today but filled up on low syn (ish) snacks and fruit! :)
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Weds 24th - extra easy

This morning was WI and I've gained 1.5lbs. Just read through this diary and no wonder! Been about a week since I ate properly. Keep going over syns, one day I didn't even have any syns, and it just shows you what damage 2 or 3 extra syns a day can do! Imagine if I was still having 20 syns a day every day...

breakfast: magic porridge (HEB) with banana & custard muller, green tea, coffee (milk part HEA)
lunch: chicken pasta salad (mayo 1 syn), shape yoghurt, green tea
dinner: marshalls macaroni (milk HEA)
snacks: wotsits (5 syns), small pack of buttons (3 syns?), satsuma, shape yoghurt

Total syns: 9 / 15
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Thurs 25th - extra easy

breakfast: magic porridge (HEB) with choco orange muller, coffee (milk part HEA)
lunch: chicken pasta salad (1 syn), shape yoghurt, satsuma, banana
dinner: marshalls boxed mac + cheese (milk rest of HEA)
snacks: half a scan bran cake (4.5syns) with syrup (2 syns), half a small pack of buttons (1.5 syns), wotsits (5 syns), 1 slice bread (3 syns)

Syns: 17 / 15 (the slice of bread's fault - it was really late and I was really tired and had no idea I'd had all my syns!!)

Also today I done 30mins exercise at the gym :)
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Friday 27th - extra easy

breakfast: green tea, coffee (milk part HEA), magic porridge (HEB) with strawb onken (free! :D)
lunch: roast chicken sandwiches (bread 6 syns, mayo 0.5 syns), wotsits (5 syns), shape yoghurt
dinner: macaroni cheese in a box (rest of HEA)
snacks: wotsits (5 syns) half pack of funsize buttons (2 syns)

Syns: 12.5 / 15

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Sat 28th - extra easy

breakfast/lunch: half of kitkat duo chunky (8 syns)
dinner: macaroni cheese (milk HEA)
snacks: sorbet 50g (3 syns), toast (HEB)

Syns: 11

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Not evil at all
Monday 1st - extra easy

breakfast: coffee (milk part HEA), green tea, banana
lunch: roast chicken sandwiches (HEB + 1 syn for mayo), quavers (4.5 syns), cherry muller (2 syns), satsumas
dinner: SW cottage pie
snacks: quavers (4.5)

Ok so I missed out Sunday's food diary. I had an OK day up until going to my mum's. Cake, sandwiches, ice cream etc.. it all went wrong.

Total syns: 12 / 15
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Not evil at all
Tues 2nd - extra easy

Today was my bf's birthday, so we went a little off plan.

brunch: pancakes (5.5 syns), bacon, eggs
dinner: steak, corn on the cob (1 syn for marge), SW chips, prawn kebabs, cheesecake (...lots of syns?)
snacks: pom bears (5 syns), happy hippo (5 or 6 syns I think?)

Syns: way too many!

Everything was OK apart from the cheesecake...!


Not evil at all
Weds 3rd - extra easy

This morning was WI and I lost 1lbs.

Today at work I went to a meeting at another site, lunch was provided so the lunch I planned to have is still sitting in the fridge! I had no idea it would be provided and I didn’t even get to choose my own food. So this is how it looks now.

Breakfast: banana, coffee (milk 1 syn)
Lunch: potato + leek soup (not even sure how much of it I had so 3 syns I’m guessing) then I had 1 sandwich (bread HEB) one triangle made up of full fat mayo (5 syns!!) and prawns + smoked salmon, the other half was mayo (5 syns again) and chicken + onion. And I ordered a diet pepsi but I’m convinced I got a full fat pepsi! Not even sure of the syn value..
Dinner: will be risotto
Snacks: coffee with real sugar (1 syn), Mikados – not sure of syn value but I had about 5 of them!

So pretty much a ruined day, thanks to my lovely work providing a lunch that was not diet friendly at all!!!
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