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I found the first shake (chocolate velvet tetra brik) taste really weird and metallic (I think it's the vitamins) but since then I haven't noticed it. It's now my favourite.

My least favourite is choc mint. It's vile. Broccoli/cheese soup was a bit weird too. The thing is I've seen people on here declare that those are their favourites - it's such a matter of taste.

My favourite soups are the spicy tomato and oriental spice.
yes try until you find the ones you like , or make things out of the shakes , there are posts on here to make things out of bars , tetra , and shakes ... that will keep you busy... find the posts


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As others have said, its all down to personal taste, and you will find that your tastes will change over the weeks!!! First shake I had was cappucino, and same as you I absolutely hated it! However 10 weeks down the line and this week I have had nothing but cappucino shakes! Similarly I liked the banana tetra's early on, but now can't stand them! Ditto the toffee and walnut shakes. The chocolate/choc mint/choc orange have remained consistant favourites though!

I have found the absolute best way to have the shakes (in my opinion of course!) is to mix them in a blender with a few ice cubes - makes a yummy thick ice cold milkshake...mmmmmmm. Personally can't abide the shakes hot - usually because I end up making them lumpy!


nearly there!! :)
i could neva stomach strawberry or vanilla...thought they were rotten!! always used choc ha i think the choc tetra is the best xx ya feeling ok on it?


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i really don't like the choc mint hot, ha. my fave is the chocolate. i would really recommend it. and you'll find that ones you hate now will probably become your faves in a few weeks. it's really strange how it works. there will be something that you like though. i found most of the soups vile and i thought i'd love them so i spent the first few days feeling rank too, ha. but i loved all the shakes :)

good luck hon. let us know when you find one you like. i also love vanilla and if you have it hot it tastes like custard :D

abz xx


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I love the choc mint! But, I don't like the chocolate one. Strange isn't it.
I always make my shakes with iced water. I fill up a small bottle with water, put it in the fast freeze compartment of my freezer, and then after aroudn 30 minutes it is freezing cold and slushy, perfect for making shakes as I like them.
Also, I ALWAYS drink them with a straw. I can't stomach drinking them from a glass, makes me wanna chuck.
I have really gone off all the shakes (sachets), I just find them so hard to stomach - I still have one week of having one of them a day, but after that I have ordered just tetras and bars. I don't know what it is with the shakes, they just seem to have this horrid taste to them. But, everyone's taste is different and hopefully you will find some you like x


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liquidised cardboard with cardboard and grit flavouring. I cannot say that I like any except cappaccino mousse. However, I will do anything to shift these boobs, jelly belly, thighs that would look better on a baby elephant, chunkles, bingo wings, a bum that a hippo would be ashamed of etc. I would drink/eat almost anything to put all that behind me forever.
I always liked the toffee and walnut - in fact i still miss it. i used to mix it with just a little water and eat it with a spoon. it was like eating cake batter :)
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my fav is butterscotch, but i drink it with a bit more water then they say in fact i also have been enjoying vanilla and choc mint all the best x

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