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ex boyfriends :(

Well on msn and my ex boyfriend logged on, now this ex was quite abusive, he pushed me about alot and was verbally abusive, but im the forgiving sort and went to speak to him and say hi.. and he turned round and said what you wanting you fat *****!! :(
So i ignored it laughed it off and asked how he was etc etc and he says hes fine just away to go to bed with a woman!! we have only been split for 2 weeks, and then he said shes nice and slim not like me and better than me anyday!
its really upset me! :( this is the sort of things that i hope i dont come across when on CD as this will just make me want to eat more! :cry:
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well the little prick. forget about him hun.you lose the weight and stick your new slim ass picks on msn and show him what he is missing. dont cry hun hes not worth it xx
just say something like 'so she s not bothered that your knob is so small' then just ignore him, you are worth 100 of him.xxx
its just really hurt me like 3 weeks ago he loved me now he is being like this, i trusted him he even helped me with my issues with my weight! i trusted him with my life then bam he changed, now hes being a sh it he just sent me a msg there saying:

John says:
why dont you go find a fat guy to sleep with you eh! cos i must of desperate to sleep with you.. i don't do fat, and i won't do it again. Forget about what i said about you have nice curves its all lies your a fat bint. I hear you going back on that diet. ull need to do more than starve yourself to sort yourself out luv!
well in that case say 'im not gonna do small dicks again, forget what i said about how big and sexy you were, all lies' honestly block him hes not worth it.xxx
i give up on men :( all men are horrible ppl bar the ones on here excluded obviously as least they understand what weight does to you and makes you feel... but why do ex boyfriends have to be so horrid ive done nothing to deserve this...

what annoys me is that he keeps bringing up im fat, i know i am i know im fat i know im not bonny i know all this just dont need to be reminded of it by him as i look in the mirror every friggin day and see it for myself!
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What a [email protected]!! You're well rid of him hun, you'll lose you weight and look fantastic, find a fella who'll love you for yourself, live your life better without him. And you know what? He'll STILL be a [email protected]!! :mad::rolleyes: Block the stupid [email protected] and don't let him upset you ever again. xxx

i give up
hes now blocked

im so upset with him!
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He's not worth your tears hunny. Dry your eyes and prove him wrong. You've had a lucky escape, just pity the next girl he gets involved with 'cos he'll never learn to respect people and will probably spend his life alone.
i hope he does live his life alone! hes a horrible horrible person! i need a fag now sooo stressed thanks guys! sorry for the rant just annoyed me and upset me so much!


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Jodie pick yourself up girl he aint even worth the energy replying to!! Ive been there and belive me hes a [email protected]!! You will lose the weight and you will meet someone who loves you for you not what you look like!!
Good luck on your weight loss journey keep posting and keep intouch..xx
good idea will keep his e-mail and send him pics didn't think of doing that. will try n pick myself up but he has really put a downer on the night!

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