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Ex slimfast user...now just plain old diet and exercise!!

Hey everyone! Haven't been on this forum for a long time....used to do slimfast but suffered a chronic leg problem so had to eat normal for the skin to heal!

So, id lost 11lb using slimfast but results were short lived, my body fat percentage had actually increased so i must have just lost all my muscle!! When i came off it, all the weight and more went back on so here i am again....medically fit but not actually fit...more fat! :p

Ive decided to try and lose weight the old fashioned way....diet and exercise!! Go to the gym 3-4 times a week now after taking the plunge and becoming a member but i must say after only going for 2 weeks, i feel so much better in myself!!!

Will be catching up on here for all your weight loss celebrations....hope we can all do well!! :)

Claire x
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hiya, i've used slimfast before too, and cambridge, and herbalife....now on low carb, soo much better, real food, plenty of it and success!

wishing you seccess in your new programme!
Same to you Taz.....I find i stick to a diet much easier if i have people around encouraging me like on here cause unfortunately most of my friends are those horrible people who eat and drink for England but are still stick thin!!! Grrrr!!

Good Luck! :D
Know just what you mean, I love my little sister dearly, would do anything for her, however when I saw her getting a can of squirty cream out of the fridge and literally squirt it down her throat I did think of pushing the can down with the cream.

She's 5ft and a size UK 6-8. It's just not fair, we come from the same genes for Gods sake. How is that fair!! LOL
Haha, im lucky cuz my sister is a little bit bigger than me but we're both trying to lose weight ready for her wedding next May (Im bridesmaid and reeeeeally want to fit into a size 12 dress!!!)

My work collegues are the worst though....constantly talking about food, constantly eating food (biscuits, cakes, fried stuff) and yet they're all size 10 and below!! But of course they're forever telling me....ohhhh you dont need to lose weight.....and then go on about how fat they are when theyre smaller than me!! Really annoys me....lol....rant over!! :)
this time i have company, my OH is type 2 diabetic and a bit heavy too, so we're doing it together, what a difference that makes!

soo much easier only shopping and planning for one way of eating.

he's doing well, has lost half a stone and blood sugar readings are down,
i really feel that this time we are going to be able to do it, together.

thin people that eat rubbish all day should live on their own planet :p
Ahh yeah that really helps if you've got somebody doing it with you!! Means you can just rid the house full of all the junk and get the healthy stuff in! That good if his BM has come down though....it can only get better with a bit of weight loss!!

Yeah wish all the thin people would sod off...lol!! Im hoping they'll get fat when they got older...im sure it will catch up with them eventually (well here's hoping!) x

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