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exactly 4 months to lose 90lbs.. can it be done??

the next four months are going to be some hardcore TS 100% months.. i'm turning 30 in feb and want to be at goal by then..
do you think this is possible to lose that amount? i know everyone is different but i wondered if anyone has had any similar loss in same amount of time?
or does it seem like an impossible amount..?

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I think you'd be putting a lot of pressure on yourself and your body to lose that much in that amount of time... you'd have to lose just over 22lbs a month to do it, and Exante reckon if you TS 100% you'll lose 1 stone a month, which is still a LOT of weight. The last thing you want to do is set yourself goals that are too tough and then lose your motivation if you don't manage it.

I'm not trying to sound discouraging, i'm just trying to lay it out how i see it... i'm not saying it can't be done it just seems like an awful lot in such a small time x
yes, i guess you are right.. i kind of thought that it was not really possible but needed to hear someone else say it! still, if i can lose 4 stone before my birthday then that will still be amazing and i won't mind having photos taken!
then i suppose it will seem like a smaller goal to shift another 2-3 stone after my birthday, that seems a bit more achievable..
thanks :)
4 stone off and you will look like a different person! You seem to view it as a failure to not loose all your weight before your birthday but it's not at all, that will still be an amazing achievement! Hugs xx
Hi Mai

Hope this helps
I cut my goal from 90lbs into doable goals of 10lbs times 9.
As you reach each one it motivates you and keeps you going.
When you reach
3 that's a third of the way...
4 almost halfway....
5 over halfway.....
6 2/3rds of the way.....
7 two to go eek!!.......
and so on:):):)
I dont think it's helpful to you if the target is not achieveable. Try to give yourself a more realistic timescale and then you can celebrate and feel good if you exceed it.
Like others have said, 4 stone is probably a bit more realistic.
And I agree that a 4 stone loss will make you feel and look like a different person.
I had a girl at work come up to me the other day to apologise because she didn't recognise me !!
Good Luck


Been liberated by Exante!
I agree - at its best its a stone a month which is amazing. And it does slow down as you reach your goal, 90 pounds is unrealistic in my view.

However, four stone is and in my experience that was four sizes - so quite a dramatic change. I think there is a festive break called Christmas in the way too - that might delay things for a week.
But good luck, go for it. It is so worth doing, tough to start but it gets easier.


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