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  1. shazzy_shaz

    shazzy_shaz Silver Member

    Well with under two stone to go and my motivation waning my CDC suggested pitting up some before and after pics to keep me on plan especially after having been slightly naughty these past few weeks!!



    I never thought I'd be able to last this long but the amazing support on here has got me through it!!! If I can do it honestly anyone can!

    Good luck to everyone on plan at the minute! :D
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  3. SocialButterfly80

    SocialButterfly80 Full Member

    Wow!!! Wow!! Wow!! You look amazing!! X
  4. rachylou

    rachylou Member

    Absolutely sensational :) Congratulations lovely x
  5. shazzy_shaz

    shazzy_shaz Silver Member

    Thank you both!

    When I started this journey it seemed impossible that one day I would be able to post up an after pic like the many incredible people who inspired me on my way did! It's still strange to think I can look in a mirror and not hate what's staring back at me!
  6. ED.

    ED. Champion Weight Gainer. Repeat offender.

    WOW! Congratualtions you look absolutely amazing! Well done!!! xx
  7. Elb

    Elb Full Member

    You look fab! Keep up the great work. It's really worth it when u look at pics like this:)
  8. rachylou

    rachylou Member

    I genuinely can't wait to post a before and after pic :) x
  9. GigiD

    GigiD Full Member

  10. shazzy_shaz

    shazzy_shaz Silver Member

    Honestly Rach you will get there! A few weeks in to the plan with weight falling off and you'll be snap snapping at yourself! I still can't believe it myself!
  11. IWillBeAYummyMummy

    IWillBeAYummyMummy Supercalifragilistic

    How much have you lost? You look at goal now!! Amazing and inspirational xx
  12. shazzy_shaz

    shazzy_shaz Silver Member

    I started off at 20:6 and I'm now 13:8lbs today! My BMI Is 26.9 I've for another stone/ stone and 1/2! Been tall is abit if a curse weight wise as people always say 'oh you don't look that fat' blah blah blah! Easy for them to say when they're all super thin!
  13. IWillBeAYummyMummy

    IWillBeAYummyMummy Supercalifragilistic

    You don't look 20 stone in the first pic. How tall are you? i'm 5'7 and a half....when i was last at 15 stone i was in a size 14/16 so i'm hoping when i get to my goal i won't look too thin but i guess i won't know until i get there! x
  14. shazzy_shaz

    shazzy_shaz Silver Member

    I'm 5'11 but I've got a man back so am really broad! I started off a size 20-22 but now I'm a 14-16! I'm going by Josie Gibson from BB as she's the same height as me and has been able to get down a 10 but I think that's slightly too thin for me!
  15. Yvonne in TX

    Yvonne in TX Full Member

    You look fantastic!!! Contrats on you success
  16. IWillBeAYummyMummy

    IWillBeAYummyMummy Supercalifragilistic

    Well, you look amazing either way. well done x
  17. marthacol1988

    marthacol1988 Gold Member

    Amaaaazing :)))
  18. Sugarpuff7

    Sugarpuff7 Member

    Great pics! I'm on day two and says I weigh the same! Grrr
  19. Yvonne in TX

    Yvonne in TX Full Member

    It's hard but stick with it. You'll thank yourself later.
  20. marthacol1988

    marthacol1988 Gold Member

    Did you stick at it 100% shaz? No days off, just the plan for all 6months? I think I remember u sayin about a friend spiking your drink. Not sure if it was you. But apart from that? X
  21. MissJx

    MissJx Member

    Wow welldone you you must be soo proud of yourself xx

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