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Exante after Cambridge?

I don't want to get in to a which diet is better debate, just a couple of simple question for anyone that has moved from Cambridge to Exante.

Was there any difference in weekly losses?

What are your thoughts on the differences between variety of products and the actual taste of the products?

Which one would you choose if they were the same price?
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No debate - neither is better than the other for what they do, weight loss wise

Exante - soups /shakes taste better
CD - bars taste better plus there is porridge (SP?)
But this is personal opinion

Exante cheaper when buying monthly multi pack but more expensive if you pick and choose

CD - lets you choose what you want and has extras such as water flavouring and mix-a-mousse

Good and bad in both - personal choice I guess

If price was the same would choose Exante - for ease as it's delivered

(Just copied and pasted as didn't know which you were keeping track of ;))

Can I also ask....

How far in advance are the use by dates on the shakes please?

Does anyone know if the offer they have of 4 weeks worth of shakes for £99 is just a special offer at the moment? Or is it generally a constant thing?


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I've just ordered a couple of weeks ago- use by July 2011

Offer has been on for quite a while - at least about a year I'd say

Exante soups are a bit better than CD ones. But CD have porridge and the shakes are nicer. I only chose exante because its cheaper and easier having it home-delivered. I plan to switch to CD after my 2 months supply is done
It's personal taste re the products I guess - I personally prefer the Exante ones esp the bars more like a health food/ cereal bar. The shakes are not as sweet (no aspartame) but I find no less palatable - only tried 2 of the soups so far but on balance prefer to CD also.

I guess the main difference is how helpful you find your CD Counsellor re support and motivation or whether you're happy being accountable to yourself

I have done cd previously and would have done it again but found Exante and am delighted with service/ delivery/convenience and support at the end of the phone when I had a query also excellent

I think re losses very little difference

so to answer your question even if they cost same I would still choose Exante
I think I'm going for it. I was thinking about stocking up on 2 months worth, but as the offer seems to be ongoing, I'll order a month and see how it goes.

I quite like the Cambridge porridge, but I think I can do without it. I won't mind if the Exante shakes aren't quite as nice as the CD shakes either, as it'll only be for a few months.

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