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Exante and Breastfeeding

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Im almost positive its not allowed, In fact Id say its not. Its a definite no no on Cambridge, nursing mothers arent allowed on their plans. It may differ the fact your baby isnt totally dependant on nursing but dont take any chances. Contact Exante direct and ask them
According to the website, you can only use the Simple Solution if you are breastfeeding a baby under 6 months, but you can use the other programs when baby is having other nutrients like solids.
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Hi there
I'm still breastfeeding and spoke to exante - you can do the diet as you know as long as breastmilk is not babies sole source of nutrition and they are weaned on to solids -they would have preferred it if I'd spoken to my G.p but my practice has an unhelpful blanket policy against VLCD's- or suggest speak to HV. The counsellor I spoke to consulted their medical advisor for me and ultimately suggested doing the diet on the plan with conventional food too - sensible choices as per the plan in the booklet - I still had good losses until recent blip which is entirely my fault -just trying to get back on track - although I'd like to do the diet 100% for me personally I don't think it's a good idea for me or baby at the moment - I also (having done a VLCD before) want to try and acheive some balance in my life/realtionship with food rather than my hitherto all or nothing mentality - good luck


I will never give up
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hi yes i spoke to a lighterlife councillor who said the same as long as baby doesnt solely rely on you then theres no harm in it.
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Abbie the child will be fine,it is more about you. Mine were all breastfed till past 2 years and at 17months they very much differed in how much milk they were having. If your child is eating loads and having little milk all good but if they are are serial muncher on the milk then I think you will find just 3 packs heavy going and you probably need a fourth. (pack ! not child!) You will know yourself. You might find your milk becomes a little bit less tasty and your child decides to go off a bit. Mind you - Only one of mine kind of went of the milk the others had to be physically prised!


I will never give up
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i just received this from exante.

Hello Danielle,

Yes it will be fine for you to continue with the programme but we advise
that you should speak with your health visitor with regards to being on a
Very Low Calorie diet while you are still occasionally breastfeeding baby.

Kind Regards

Customer Care

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