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Total Solution Exante and not loosing

Hello everyone, I am new to the forum and have been doing Exante for 10 days now and as the tittle suggests I have not lost a thing, I started at 11st last monday and weighed in this monday at 11st again... I did weigh in the middle of the first week on my wii and it said I had gained 6lbs, so if that was correct then I possibly lost 6lbs in the first week, but I have been weighing in boots scales so will go by them as to alleviate any confusion... and today I sneakily weighed in and I lost not a single pound ... AAAAARRRRRRRGGGGGHH :(

I have to admit that I am really upset by this, I started with a friend, who weighed 14st 9lb and now 10 days in weighs 13st,13lb ......
I have been actively loosing weight since 2006 when I weighed 14st,2lb and since then have had 2 children so I have been pregnant in between, I started using ww first then biggest loser then calorie counting, 1000 per day , 25g fat, then I moved to Atkins,as you can read here, I am a bit of a serial dieter, EeeeK!!! so I guess in reality I havent been over eating for a long time, so my body is used to low calorie and low fat, but I have been stuck at this plateau for a long time. 4lbs on 4lbs off hovering somewhere around the 11st mark, and its reallly depressing me, I thought a VLCD would help me to combat that plateau and kick start me to actually getting to my goal, which right now feels soo far away, 9st and i am happy to hover around there... I am 5ft 1inch so 9 stone would still look nice and curvy. 8stone would be fantastic but possibly a little too small after being quite chunky moneky for so long!
I am just at the end of my thether today, I am not hungry anymore I am in the zone as it were, nice pink Ketosis, drinking plenty of water, sticking to the plan, bar a bit of cucumber and red pepper last night..... What am I doing wrong

I guess I wanted to put my story out there to see if anyone had any similar experience, or any advice that can help to stop me from throwing in the towel and accepting that this is where i am meant to be,

Thanks in advance a very frustrated Sam xx
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