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Working Solutions Exante Bride to Be

I am going to start a diary as one it will help me and two if there are any other brides to be hopefully I can give them some good advice :D

My start date is 21st May 2011 and my wedding date is 27th September (eeeek) my goals are to shift just over 2stone and to finally tackle my problem with food that causes me to binge eat at weeks at a time then feel sorry for myself and try not to eat much - I know not healthy but thats why I have joined this site the support I see is amazing and I truly believe I will be able to tackle these issues once and for all AND be a small size 10 for my wedding!!!:D

Week One - Day 1:

Well this morning is diet day (YAY) Im envisioning myself in my beautiful mori lee dress with tiny feminin arms instead of the guns I currently have (haha)! Well Ive had a black coffee so far around nine im going to have half a bar , shake around 1, other half of bar around half 3 then my soup around 7 as this would be the time I'd have it on the days that I get in from work (I work 2 days a week).... I will let you know how I get on tomorrow :D
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I'm hungry already - I know after a few days it will pass! Need to stop thinking about food, normally I dont eat till 11am anyway so I know this is more mental thought than genuine hunger - I will not crack though lol. I've read on others posts that the hunger goes after 3 days or so when you hit Ketosis so if your reading this and it dissapoints you dont be its completely normal and will pass lol xx
Ok Had my shake, strawberry flavour and it was nice! It isnt sweet like a conventional milkshake but it was nice and defo doesnt make you gag!!! I slightly caved and sent the OH to the shop to buy me a big bottle of coke zero for some reason this seems to satisfy "sugar" cravings Im having, I think I will also invest in some chicken bullion to sip in the afternoon though im not sure yet cause of the salt intake, anyways will let you know!
Good luck! We have similar weight goals so I'll be cheering you on! :D
I've had my soup Thai Chicken and I have to say it was lovely my favourite!! I'm really hungry at the moment and I have to keep talking myself out of eating a 400cal meal, I mean I've paid the money I'm going to do it!! It is tough though but I also keep telling myself that once this month is over I'll have a bmi under 25 and then I can do simple solution! I also have a slight headache :( grrrrhh this is tough but I just gotta get through it!! I think it's worse because I'm at home alone with the kids today.... Sorry for the semi rant!
Welcome and Good luck! You're doing brilliantly, this site is an amazing support so make sure you use it lots!

I know how tough the first few days are but the hunger does go and you'll have loads more energy in a few days. The first week's weigh in will be your reward! :D
Welcome and Good luck! You're doing brilliantly, this site is an amazing support so make sure you use it lots!

I know how tough the first few days are but the hunger does go and you'll have loads more energy in a few days. The first week's weigh in will be your reward! :D
Thank you Nicky!!! First day was tough but I didnt cheat (I think documenting it on here makes it harder to cheat as you know others are willing you on and its not just yourself your letting down :D) xx
Well Day 1 done!!!! I had a stonking headache from 6pm last night so took myself to bed and had a disturbed sleep at 3am this morning I had to take 2 paracetamol..... I was thinking the diet was the reason for this and I was begining to think how the h*ll am I going to get through this, I dont have the strenght the other ladies seem to have??! WELL this morning is a NEW DAY :D and I did make it through the 1st day so pat on back to me lol. I now know why I had a really bad headache and why the hunger was soooo much worse than I anticipated.... this morning on day 2 I started my TOTM - Duh how could I not remember this?? No wonder I had a headache!

Anyway Day 2 :D - Ok so I had a black coffee anf thought id eat a bar on way bk from dropping DS1 at nursery - nearly fainted at the nursery NB to self eat first thing in the morning to prevent dizziness!!! When got back Ive poured another coffee and had a choco orange bar in full (It is my TOTM so choco defo needed lol) and it was lovely so much better than the toffee nut raisin...mmmmm yum.
Keep going! Seriously i thought day 2 and 3 were going to kill me. But I'm now on day 5 and feel actually rather ok apart from TOTM stomach ache :(

Can't wait to see the wedding pics ;)
When I get to the end of week 4 Im going to do that to document the loss in pics like that, cant wait until we are skinny minnies :D

Just saw your post about being annoyed when people try to discourage you..PAH to them hun we are not stupid we are overweight and we are doing what we need to lose the weight! If we were like 8 stone then fair enough, but we are not!!! Grrrhhhh to them when your all hot and thin then theyll start commenting about how great you look - funny that aint it! x
Well Im not as hungry as yesterday (**Shock Horror**) today I decided to have my soup for lunch, I had the mushroom which was lovely though by the end of it was slightly sickining, I think tomorrow I will make it with 200ml water and not 250! I think with the TOTM happening is making my moods slightly more fiesty lol....anyhoos just saying today so far has been a H*LL of a lot better than yesterday!!!!!!! :D

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