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Discussion in 'Exante' started by elaine1991, 15 May 2014 Social URL.

  1. elaine1991

    elaine1991 New Member

    Hi guys!

    Has anyone tried the Exante diet products on VLCD | Exante Diet? I'm two weeks in and have already lost 15 pounds, but wondering if anyone that has tried it has maintained their weight loss when they have finished the plan? I'm getting such great results but I'm worried about putting weight back on when it's finished.

    Thanks :)
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  3. LVR123

    LVR123 Member


    I'm on day 24 and have lost 13lbs. Don't have any success stories but have been worrying about the same thing myself...

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  4. Determinationiskey

    Determinationiskey Full Member

    Maintaining is harder than the weight loss. I failed at it. Have put on a stone in the last 5 months. After keeping most of it off for about 6 months. Now back to trying to achieve ketosis. Ongoing struggle...

    The one thing I did learn this time though is to be aware early and to try to tackle it if the weight starts to creep back on.
  5. LVR123

    LVR123 Member

    A stone in 5 months isnt loads, don't be so hard on yourself :)

    Last year I put 3 stone on in 6 months (and that wasn't after a diet either!)

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  6. Getslimquick

    Getslimquick Been liberated by Exante!

    Hi there. Take heart it's now two and a half years since I lost about six stone. For me it's the best diet in the world.
    Still doing fine, size 12! It's magic

  7. and

    and Silver Member

    I've done a VLCD about 7-8x now. First one was great and I've never put that weight back...

    But the rest of the time I've just been yo-yoing and it's driving me mad. :(
  8. LVR123

    LVR123 Member

    Gsq how do you maintain? Calorie counting or low carb or just exercising? I think I might end up low carbing, it seems to agree with me.

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  9. Getslimquick

    Getslimquick Been liberated by Exante!

    Hi there. It varies. I exercise quite a lot, that helps. I avoid the calorie dense convenience foods.
    Restrict alcohol to week ends.
    Occasionally I do two or three weeks on total solution - but not when it's cold. Or 5:2 is great if it starts to creep on.

    So it's really about watching and not letting any gain settle. Hope this helps.

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