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Exante newbie lots to lose!


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Hi and welcome, you've came to the right place, why don't you try cutting carbs for a f days before you start the shakes? That way you'll already be into/going into ketosis and it's so much easier when your there. Normally takes 3 days. Bob from the biggest loser said don't focus on the challenge ahead focus on today and what you can do today. Hope that helps :) xxx
Ah thanks that sounds good, it's like I really want this more than anything and then I can't face doing it! So will cut out carbs for next few days and then start. Would you as use cutting out fruit as well? Xx


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There is a lot of natural sugars in fruit so I'd lay off them as well, just to make it easier xxx
Ah good luck , I have between 9 and 10 stone to lose but as I've never been slim in my adult life I have no idea really how much I should lose! I'm just gonna see where I feel comfortable. A size 12 would be my ideal. I've started the no carb thing today and all I've had us two eggs, finding it difficult to find things to eat! I think I will start on the shakes on Thursday so I should be entering ketosis then x
hello, i started today, shake, bar and a soup. Been putting it off the last few days due to a family dinner, I also have about 9 stone to lose! I was born bug and stayed that way, tried atkins a year ago and lost 2 stone but never maintained it.
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Im on day 5 and have lost half a stone! The first couple of days were hard ( i felt hungry) but its now easy and I dont feel hungry at all. am drinking 2 - 4 litres of water a day - have a can of coke zero everyday (its my treat). I was skeptical but after reading success stories I decided to take the plunge and so glad I did. Seeing the scales ready half a stone less has really motivated me to carry on!! Good luck xx
Wow half a stone already! That's great! I've done we'll on no carbs today, starting to look forward to starting on the shakes on Thursday now x
im starting tomorrow i have dne c d before and lost 3 half stone i need to loose six stone i put all the 3 stone i lost with cd bk on as i became ill and had to have a few months of steroid injections but am off them now am still poorly but i will deal with it i have to do this as being 18 stone isnt healthy how much does everyone else weigh? my ideal weight is around 10 stone i think i wish u all the luck please keep in tough and let me no how u all getting on ßecause it wud b gd to have a few friends to help me through this xx :)
Princessjojo I hope you are ok to do the diet and not too poorly? I weigh 20stone! I got down to 15 stone with slimming world last year but over the last year I gained 5 stone am currently suffering from ever anxiety and depression which is worse due to my weight so an trying to sort this out. Good luck to you Hun xx
aww misslinky i comp understand where u r coming from i get anxiety with my illness i was diagnosed with ME around a yr ago but they think i have had it for quite a while i often get anxiety because i cant do what i used to b able to do and i panic also sumthing i never really did before. wow u dne excellent with slimming wrld what made u try this vlcd to that? ive dne ww n found the weight loss so slow n i was obsessing bout points lol i much prefer to just stay away from food its not a temptation then i have a very sweet tooth n love to pick especially at night when kids r asleep. r u doing comp food packs? 600 cals in aday? this is heaviest i have ever been n dnt wanna b like it anymore wud b gd to here how u get on on a day to day basis im sure we cud help eachother through it xx
Hello Princessjojo, well into day two and much better than yesterday! Tried a strawberry shake for breakfast and had a thai soup for dinner, added some pepper and thai spices to perk it up. I am also finding adding extra water helps.

Has your pack arrived?
hello oh yes it did so im def startin tomorrow im remembering exactly how i felt last time i did cd lol and i take it that this diet will b the same. day 2 whoo hoo well dne u how much do u weigh currently? ( if u dnt mind me askin? ) have u got a goal to head for and a time u want to do it in? i have to loose at lease 6 stone before july as am going on hols just hope that the days my illness is bad i dnt want food in confort like i do now. gd luck for tomorrow day 3 ur doing excellently once ketosis cums in place u will b flying let me no how u get on :)
yes sounds great, Id love a diet buddy :D
I just couldnt face going back on slimming world, slow weight loss but also the thing that really gets to me is I constantly think about food and it takes up so much of my thoughts and my energy and time! I hope I cant stick to this though as I have so much to lose that Im worried Im gonna get fed up and give up! xx
Misslinky, that's exactly the reason I wouldn't do SW or WW again. I became obsessed with food, everything that passed my lips would have been planned with military precision and it became too much! I think the principles are sound and it obvs does work for some people but it's not for me.

I like exante because as I'm rushing out of the door in the morning I just stick my hand in the box and pull out two sachets! A lucky dip every day! Much easier!
thata great misslinky well i had a crap day yesterday fell off the wagon last night had cheese sweets n crisps soooo peed off but have wiken up this morning thinkin by sat i shud b in ketosis then it will b easier i wasnt doing well yesterday my body was very bad with my ME so i had lots of painkillers n felt quite ill but today im slightly better just cant stand for too long. anyway how r u doing? :)