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Excercise and hunger?

I'm struggling a bit at the moment - had a bad month last month - my own fault..I went wild at easter and then neighbour had a barbecue and I gave in..consequently I put on a pound..lost a pound..lost 3lbs..stayed the same and then lost 1/2 a pound.

I've upped my excercise by walking to the swimming pool and back, as well as my 30 lengths 3 times a week..so thats an hours walk each time I go.. but I am finding that I am really hungry consequently and wanting to eat a lot more (sticking to allowed stuff though)..won't that defeat the point of the excercise?

It's not even lunchtime and I've laready had 2 weetabix and skim milk, 3 baybybel lights and a big bowl of superspeed soup and I still feel ravenous. :sigh:
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We all have days when we feel like that, just eat as much free food as you need to get rid of those hunger pangs :)
I get like this!! I have been going running before breakfast and then my normal brekkie just isn't enough! I need to sort something out or I will keep picking at crap instead ! Be interested to know your solution x


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I'm the same, on the days I go running I could eat a horse!!
I just eat lots of fruit and veg sticks and have bigger portions.
I think the exercise is so beneficial though that it's worth it, but I know exactly where you are coming from.


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i do a bootcamp style exercise session 3 times per week for an hour and i can eat like a horse now, even on the days inbetween lol, i eat the speed foods etc, loads more fruit than i used to and i also drink loads more, i usually drink first if i know that i shouldn't be hungry. like i did it just now cos i had a huge jacket spud for dinner and knew i couldnt possibly be hungry. now ive had 2 glasses of squash and i feel stuffed....for a little while anyways :)
theres certainly no harm in upping the free food a bit or speed foods even better . keep up the good work


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I often have a great big stir fry after my workout because I'm so hungry afterwards. Loads of veggies and a little bit of meat or egg noodles, and lots of spices and soy sauce.

That's what's great about slimming world. If you're hungry you can eat. I can't think of any other 'diet' where I'd have the energy to exercise as much as I do.
i often get like this after swimming, you know when you get out and you can smell the chips from the pool side cafe! ouch! the water thing is good, have a drink instead. super foods too. but have a google off refuling your body after a workout. you should have plenty of protien after a good workout. hope this helps xxx


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Our Consultant says we're to eat immediately after exercise, a banana/alpen light and to have a proper meal when we get home, for two hours after exercise the body is super charged and burning fat, that requires energy, it's a paradox but you will still lose weight.

Although, I must say that any increase in exercise may result in a TEMPORARY slow down of weight loss, don't be disheartened it'll even out over 4-6 weeks!
Thanks girls, I'm not going to give up.

I ate loads yesterday even though I didn't exercise yesterday so..umm...

I have been taking a banana with me though, so I got that right! LOL

Thanks again xx

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