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Excercise/diet buddy?

Hi all - I have just done a month on Cambridge diet and gone from size 14 and 11stone to size 12 and 9stone6. I aim to be 8stone10 and a size8-10. I have just ordered my first kettlebell and excited to use this alongside a low carb diet to get go my goal. Would be nice to have another person with similar goals to motivate and update eachother if anyone is interested? Feel free to pm me or reply! X
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You need to log onto Kron's blog. It's all about the bells and they (we) are a nice group (even if i say so myself). Its called the secret to shaping up... come and visit x
Ok on the laptop now :)

Well as you know, I was doing Exante last week. I done the plan as I wanted to get rid of the excess bloat I'd put on over the past few months and wanted quick results. I dont know how much I lost as I was too scared to weigh before I started. Daft I know. However, after 8 days my clothes fit better and I generally felt better in myself.

Stopped on Saturday and have been eating normally, I'm now trying to decide what to do next as I know I will always have to follow a plan. I cant eat like a thin person! I have no off switch. I rarely feel full and when I do, its not long til I feel hungry again!

I'm not very good with low carb but thinking calorie counting is probably the best thing for me. So might just cal count or follow something like weight watchers or scottish slimmers.

I like to exercise now too (never ever thought I'd say that) and missed it while I was on Exante so not sure I want to do a vlcd just now.

Maybe in the new year

Well first of all - when I first tried Cambridge diet in march this year I didn't want to know my start weight either! I got the woman to weigh me and not show me so I can totally understand not knowing the before exante weight! How did u find eating properly after doing that time on exante? I'm one extreme to the other so worry about that! I had a major binge on Sunday and after 4 weeks on shakes and then doing that I am still suffering the consequences!! So what's your start and goal weights? I think you may have said before!
I think my kettlebell may have come today. A friend of mine says that its the only thing u need to be fit n toned! And only need to do it 3 hours a week. I have done so many diets n fitness plans and used to spend 2 hours a day in the gym after work and walk for 2hours then come home And eat vegetables and collapse and do it again. But it's not being smart and exercise should be efficient is what I realise!

I have a party Saturday so I'm currently trying to undo Sundays damage by having Cambridge/slim n save packs only.

I think u may be right with calorie counting being the best way to go - I am very interested by ketosis and the fat burning potential of low carb diets for weight loss but for long term it's just complicated and less realistic. There are so many healthy foods - mainly carbs- that r not at all healthy like cereals - which annoys me though so am going to try to avoid these long term.

Anyway I'm typing this as I'm walking home so excuse the rambling!

I'm a big believer in everything in moderation!

My heaviest weight was 11st3, this was about 3 years ago after an all you can eat/drink holiday. I followed weight watchers for a while getting to 10 stone something.

Is September 08 I done Cambridge for a few weeks which got me to 9st6. Maintained this for a while then moved in with my (now ex) boyfriend. Enjoyed lots if nice dinners and got quite comfy, started this year at 10st1, back to healthy eating and exercise which got me to lowest weight of 8st10(ish) hovered around this weight then put on a few pounds with all the summery parties/events. I think I'm about 9 stone now

I have started running on the treadmill and can manage a 5k, couldn't run for a bus a few months ago ;). Done the 30 day shred which was AMAZING!! Great results for 20 mins a day. Heard good things about kettle bells too, I have a small one but quite fancy a proper one
hey - yea im also a believer in everything in moderation - but most definitely do not practice my beliefs!!! Maybe one day I will crack it and strike that balance... I guess a lot of it is about habits, and new healthy habits can be formed can't they :) and exercising definitely makes this easier too

Ahh yes I remember - our goals were pretty similar... my heaviest is very close to yours - think it was like 11st5 - gross! I look awful at that weight!
You've done pretty similar diets to me too!
Ahhh yea boyfriends can be real killers on the waistline!
9 stone is a pretty good weight though but I understand when you have a certain image in your head of how you want to be, and the weight you look your best at... thats good with the improvement in running- its really not all about the weight, which is the only thing that puts me off VLCDs a little. But I do wanna see the plan im doing through til the end... I think I will take a break on saturday for the party im doing and start again on 4 packs a day for a couple of weeks - by then I might be like 8 stone something so can just up the exercise again!

What size kettlebell do u have? and whats the 30 day shred ive heard of it on herebut wasnt sure?
Oh cool what type of exercises does she use? Might take a look see now!x
Ooo sounds good. I live In a flat tho I wonder if it'll be too noisy jumping around ha! Hope your day is going well x
Hey what's the boxing day plan? It's bad I've done no exercise other than walking! But stuck with slim and save / Cambridge at the moment so still working my way down weight wise!

How are u doing? R u taking a break over Xmas then? I'm out tonight but gonna try not drink much!
Sounds like you got your plan together - I'm using slim and save and some Cambridge products leftover. I had a few slip ups lately but at present am 9s4 and my goal is 8s10 so 8pounds shouldn't take long! Have u dared brave the scales since your return? Hope you've had fun anyway! X

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