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Excerises to lose the big bum and thighs!!

Ok so Ive lost 10lb so far but to be honest it seems to have come from my chest, i need it to go from my hips and backside as this is where all the weight seems to be stored, but losing it where i am its making my hips look huge!!
Does anyone know the best exercises to shift weight from these areas?
i want to get into 18 trousers by my hol in September, at the moment im 20 on bottom and 16 on top!!:confused:
id like to be the same size both ends at one point lol

Thanks any advice would be great!!
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There Is NO way to target weight loss. It will come off where it wants to and the only thing you can do is tone the muscles underneath to alter the landscape that the fat sits over.
The reason people are different shapes (apple, pear etc) is to do with hormones and there's no way to change those really so if you're pear shaped you'll always be pear shaped to some extent.

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As ColJack says, you've simply got to work on the landscape.
From things I've read over the years to target bum & thighs, two of the best things you can do are to lunge with alternate legs & go to sit down without actually finishing the job (IYKWIM)! I do the latter every morning whilst I'm stood at the sink doing my teeth - I fit in approx 80 'sits' during the 2 min session.
I think it's deffo worked on my lower landscape & it's something positive to do waiting for the brush to beep :D


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I disagree! I was an hourglass when I was "fat" now I'm skinny and I'm a disappointing "rectangle"... I am like a 7 year old boy with "some" bewbs stuck on for effect.
Oh God, Shrimpy - how did it come off your body during your weight loss? Evenly all over, or from the top down?
I've seen your photos - you're so not a rectangle!


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That's the amazingness of padded plunge bras!

It came off pretty evenly, though always last from my thighs.
Yeah, I've always been an hourglass - 2 stone has now come off my waist and back, with a little off my bust. But my ass is MASSIVE and my thighs too. I've turned into a pear and it's so upsetting. You spend ages accepting a curvy body - and then you go and change it!! Maddness. I'm hoping that as I'm half way through my weight loss that my lower half will catch up. That and the 6 million squats and lunges the personal trainer is making me do....

Ela ine

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Step class and body attack are good for legs!!!

I agree - we cant chose where it comes from :-(
I would chose my awful bingo wings, back and Stomach!
thanks everyone for the advice, i guess i've just got to hope it'll go eventually, i dont mind being hourglass but this is a bit extreme especially if it carries on going from there!! Im going to start doing some lunges and sit down things tomorrow :D, started swimming and also starting Spinning on Friday so il keep fingers crossed it might help, its nice that im not the only person thats got this issue
kettlebell really does a great job at all over toning for the body, but has done wonders for my legs and bum, i combine it with running, spinning and yoga and my body shape is most definetly changing

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