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Excess skin question

I realise that excess skin depends on a multitude of factors but I wondered if there is a "standard" weight loss which always results in excess skin? ie, if you have one stone to lose i assume it would be unusual to get excess skin, is it usually if you have 3 stone or more or how many?

i'm not making myself very clear but i hope you get what i mean!
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I don't think there's a specific amount as it would depend on age, condition of skin & whether you moisturise it much, diet, past pregnancies, the amount you lose plus whether you've gained & lost many times in the past.

I know I've lost around 4 stone in the past and no loose skin, but that was 10 years ago when I was younger :rolleyes:

I'm nearly at 3 stone loss and so far the skin's ok ......


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Hi Jodie...about 4yrs ago i lost 7.5st, i've had 3 kids and i had no lose skin, i don't think u can go by age..as i was 48 at the time, i think it's about the individual and maybe how good ur skin is,( i bet this time i'll hang like a birst balloon). lol.
I am also paranoid about lose skin.....and I know it all depends on lots of factors but i know on LL or Cambridge once you know the weight is coming off and you are making positive changes to your life...you start to fixate on the other stuff and now for me is Lose Skin!! I just hope all the water and moisturising helps and the fact I am only 24 :/ ......but i am still worried!!!....especially after watching 10 years younger!


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Bio Oil helps, I use it every day on the 'trouble areas' and all over everyother day. It works out a fortune for the amount I use, but hey it is better and cheaper than surgery...... So far for the weight I have lost, I can not grumble.


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