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  1. imlosingit

    imlosingit Full Member

    Could do with some advice re exercise.

    After my hols in a few weeks I plan on joining the gym (not been for 3 years). My fitness levels have gone up in the last few weeks mainly due to the wi fit and using my stepper etc.

    I'm now ready to do more, ie 3 - 4 times a week, cardio and strength training with the odd swim thrown in.

    I want to SS also, but I feel for the workouts I am going to need a few more carbs for stamina.

    The idea I had was SS 100% on the days I'm not at the gym. But the days I am having a banana 1 hour before working out and also 1 chicken and salad meal for the extra protein along with my 3 shakes. I'm not bothered if this means I lose less each week, I'm more interested in getting fitter.

    What I want to know is, would this be okay? or am I best doing a higher plan?

    The 810 probably wouldn't suit as not enough carbs, and the 1000 plan I don't really fancy doing.

    Anyone got any tips or ideas.

    Cheers x
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  3. imlosingit

    imlosingit Full Member

  4. missmf

    missmf getting slimmer

    cambridge, sole source. (trying!)
    sorry hun, dont know!!
    can you not phone your cdc??
    enjoy your holiday and well done on weight loss so far! x
  5. imlosingit

    imlosingit Full Member

    Thanks for the reply, my cd counsellor wasn't really sure, need advice from someone experienced in exercise/nutrition rather than just the CD. Was hoping someone was about who has exercised whilst being on a VLCD and how they got around the days when they were doing more than light exercise.x
  6. KerrieW

    KerrieW Full Member

    trouble is the banana would probably kick you out of ketosis making you hungry and wanting to eat a lot more. I did exercise on SS no problems, just upped my water.
  7. imlosingit

    imlosingit Full Member

    Hi, yes after the banana I would be out of ketosis, but then after a 1 and 1/2 hour workout, surely I would be back in? The carbs wouldn't even get much time to get stored they would be going straight to my muscles. Confused now over what to do x
  8. wannabslim

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    Hun I did an hour and a half of cardio yesterday on SS and was fine (ran 5k then 3/4 an hr of aquafit!). I sometimes have a protein SS+ meal on days where I work out but there really is no need to add a banana in. It will only make you feel very hungry and slow down your weightloss. I should try it on SS, see how you go, if you struggle, try SS+. You will be fine on that as I am and know others who are too.

    Don't give in on SS unless you absolutely have to, otherwise you will most likely find that you can never do it properly again.
  9. imlosingit

    imlosingit Full Member

    Thanks hun what you have said is very reasurring. Will stick to SS but with probably an extra CD meals on the days I work out. X
  10. Shrinking Nicky

    Shrinking Nicky Cambridge Diet Counsellor

    can I just add listen to your body. I usually tell people they can do excercise after a few weeks SS, but take it easy to start & build up. If your body starts telling you it has had enough step down a level.

    Either have an extra CD product or split your product either side of your workout. Also taking some extra water often helps.

    Good luck
    CDC Swindon
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