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Exercise and weight gain


Over half way to target
Does anyone have the definitive answer to this? Some people tell me that you will gain weight when exercising as muscle is heavier than fat - but surely fat is just fat and can't turn into muscle? My SW consultant says its an urban myth and that, if doing normal cardio type exercise and not loads of weights, then the only weight gain would be possibly a pound over a period of about 6-12 months.The reason I ask is that various people I've spoken to have told me their weight loss slowed down when they started exercising, but surely this can't be the case as they would be burning off more calories = weight loss.
I'm really confused.
Any sports folk on here that can put me straight once and for all?
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Hi, have a read of this, it explains much better than I could!
Take note of the header ... :)
Muscle Does Not Weigh More Than Fat (five pounds is five pounds), but it is Much Nicer to Look at

Muscle Weighs More Than Fat Myth



Over half way to target
Aaah - an interesting way of looking at it, but I still want to see the losses on the scales, so I guess what I'm really asking is if I excercise, will it show as a gain on the scales?
I'm so confused!


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I've not GAINED weight whilst weight training as I am not bulking up...I have lost inches rather than pounds though. You can weigh heavier and be smaller than you were once at the same weight with more muscle though...my weight loss did not slow doing more exercise, it continued as normal...although now I am at goal/healthy weight (well I want to lose another stone) the weight loss is slower than before...which is good...you will notice that you will lose inches rather than 'weight' which may be what the weight loss slowing thing may be...don't go by the scales, therefore... go by the fit of your clothes (as you tone they will get baggy)...even the personal trainers will tell you not to obsess about scales...the fit of your clothes and the lean-ness of your body are more important when exercising...if this makes sense?
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Over half way to target
Thanks both for your replies. I think the scales thing is as a result of always measuring weight loss success by the amount lost on the scales, as with SW, WW etc. I'm ruled by the numbers I'm afraid....!
Hi Melanie,
I really do understand where you are coming from, I am still quite obsessed by what the scales tell me...I have a valid reason though.
The dreaded 'totally out of date' BMI chart.
I have to fall in to a certain range so that I can get fertility treatment. So while inch loss is great, toning and strengthing is great...I am led by the scales :(
Im just going to plug at it, I will lose weight ..the healthy way and come out of it the other end with a firm body and a new attitude to eating.
I feel really good at the moment but still had the doctor tell me the other day that I was obese :( I hate that word :(


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muscle is denser than fat, probably what confuses people. A muscular person will weigh more than a "fat" person of the same dress size.

Your body gets used to the same kind of exercise - so keep it fresh by doing new things every week, or upping the intensity.

Chances are if you are exercising and not losing weight, food consumption needs to be looked at. It's really important to eat the right kind of food pre and post workout to help with energy, and muscle recovery.

It is possible to gain weight if you are eating enough so your body has no need to dip into its fat supply, yet you are developing muscles because of said exercise. it's wholly dependant on what energy you give your body.
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i dont know much about it, but i go by body fat.
i may be more close to old weigh but my body fat and clothes size tell me ive improved my fitness and now have a body fat percentage of only 23%.


Les Mills Fitness Freak
Does anyone know what the ideal body fat percentage is for a woman?
an average woman should have about 25 - 31%
fitness is 21 - 24%
athletes is 14 - 20%

i fit into the "fitness" range, but ideally id love to be in the athlete range


Les Mills Fitness Freak
:) i love the athletic look
it's crazy. my body fat % is 30% but i have a very athletic look. i have loads of muscle and also a lot of excess skin which could affect the body fat % read out on my scales.

fat and muscle weight the same. it's just muscle takes up less room in your body than fat so gives you a sleeker look.
weightlifting is an resistance exercise and helps to develop muscle which in turn helps your body to burn cals more easily. you do need a good balance of foods when you work out but many people focus on protein in larger amounts and carbs on lower amounts unless you are running a half to a full marathon. weightlifting is also used by athletes to power certain parts of their bodies. for example a runner might do a lot of lunges and squats as this provides more muscles to the glutes which makes them run better.

skimmed milk is the best thing to drink after exercise.

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