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exercise???? any tips?



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Pre LT I never did any exercise, but since losing the weight have a lot of very problem areas that need fixing, and I also know it helps with the weight loss. So I have now forced myself into a routine, 10 min on vibro plate, 60 x sit ups, 30 x press ups and the exercise bike every day. Try to something extra at weekend such as an exercise dvd, walking or swimming. Would love to do more or join the gym, as I am really quite enjoying it, never believed exercise gave you the feel good factor, but it does! Just haven't got enough hours in the day to fit it in.

Your doing well with yours, anything is better than nothing, carry on the good work
what is a 'vibro plate'?? is it good??
I dont think too much cardio excercise is wise on LT as you may feel faint or your body could go in starvation mode (if its not already!!!) but excercise is very important to prevent any saggy areas. I would suggest toning excercise. Walking and Swimming are great to do at all times.
Ive just started swimming 4 times a week and plan to keep this up after LT to firm up the wobbly bits!!!!
I go to the gym and I absolutely love it. Hated it so much at first but now I need it, as it makes me feel soooooo good.

I go every day. I don't do any cardio as I do enough cardio running around all day. I do toning with the machines, free weights, resistance bands. I do that one day and then do the vibro plate the next. I do a variety of stretch, strength and relaxation exercises on the vibro, I love it! I also have my own vibro at home. I go on that the days I don't use the gym vibro.

You are doing great with what you're doing now. I would go easy on the cardio as remember you're only getting 450 calories a day. I would stick to the toning. Get some resistance bands. I think Argos do some Reebok ones for £15 which are very good, and they come with a chart of instruction exercises. Alternatively you could get some light free weights and use them when on the vibro to increase the intensity. Swimming is also excellent.
I've done nothing. Joined a gym which hasn't opened yet, borrowed a core ball which is sitting blown up doing nothing in my living room. Getting a stretchy band thing from my sister next weekend.

I walk whenever possible and definitely have more energy but in terms of toning, the work hasn't started yet!
Thanks im defo staying away from cardio coz somedays i am very weak so cant imagine wat id be like wen doin cardio. If you guys suggest swimming tink ill try that im off work for a week so want to try it den just in case its too much for me. gym one day then vibro the next is a great idea. I mite do the gym and swimming at the weekends and stick to vibroplate during the week coz i dont get home til half 6 an the gym is a good bit away but i mite find energy at some point to do it a few times a week.
what is a 'vibro plate'?? is it good??
it's brilliant its great for this diet as you dont use much energy. basically its a board dat vibrates. you know the slendertone belts? basically its one of them but must stronger. it was developed as a tool for people who were incapacitated due to illness/injury and ms suffers also swear by it coz it doesnt involve much. There are loads of exercises on youtube to try but you can also just stand on it and do small movements. Most modern gyms have them and alot of places now rent them out. I brought one on ebay i tink they sell them in england for 199 or something but i live in ireland so it was cheaper to buy it on ebay for 250 euro.

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